Thursday, November 15, 2007

Do you have any dreams? I think without no dream, there is no goal to reach. As a hip hop fan I always dreamed of becoming a rapper.Back in days I was fascinated by the lifestyle of rappers. I was inspired by rappers, who claimed that they were living life of luxury. Now I realize that should not be my motivation to become a rapper. Now I want to become a rapper, because I have something positive to contribute to the world. I want to share my vision with the world. I would like to guide the youth with making them aware of the opportunities in the western world.

Anyway if you have dreams or you are working on your dreams to become a rapper. You want to be heard, then I want to share this site with you. It is called Unsigned.com. This site offers you a chance to spread your music globally on the Internet. Either you are a rapper, producer or you are a bunch of reggae artists. It does not matter. You are all welcome at this site. If you want a new revenue and a distribution model for your music, then you can click here to find out more.
If you are looking for independent bands you can browse this site. As a artist you can create a profile and upload your songs to the site. Your music will be heard by millions of people. This is a great site, if you are a fan you can find your favourite music genre on this site. I explored this site and found out about this artist called "JP" beatz. He is fresh.


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