Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nasir Jones also known as Nasty Nas. Nowadays known as Nas. The invulnerable lyricist with a mean versatile content about the streets. Nas really inspired me to think about my Asiatic heritage. I can hear in his rhymes how close he stays with the people. That is how I got inspired to build close contacts with people around me. I think when it comes to rhyming he is one of the top lyricist. I saw him once as the support act for Fugees. It was in 1996 in Rotterdam, Holland. The crowd went wild. Then you feel how influential a rap artist can be. I think if Arnold Swarzchnegger can become a Governor. An American Born rapper like Nas should become the president. And he will get support from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Without a doubt Illmatic is a classic album, which he dropped in 1994. In 1996 he dropped the album, which was called 'It was written'. This album got attention from the mainstream audience, it could not measure up to the profound lyrics of Illmatic.
Me personally found the album 'It was written' a step in the right direction to take the hip hop music to a more commercial level. I mean rappers got to eat. This album laid a foundation for a whole league of rappers to get accepted by the mainstream music fans.

New Nas album is coming this December. I am looking out for that. I think the Title is quite inappropriate, but hey... that is what I think. The album is going to be named as 'Ni@#er'. I think this album title has much racial impact. Def Jam has no problem with it.


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