Friday, November 9, 2007

I heard lot of memorable lines in rap songs, there are so much creative rappers out there that come up with original lines. The most memorable line I ever heard was what Nas once said in one of his songs. He said 'Darker you are realer your problems'. I couldn't agree more. This have been going on for ages.

Do you ever wonder why the citizens of the poor countries in the world are dark skin. And why the citizens of the worlds most richest countries are white. And even dark skin people, who lives in the rich countries are missing out so much opportunities. I think this is not going to change for in the next couple of hundred of years. Nas made me think about why dark skin people are the poorest of the world.
Although the world's greatest civilizations have started in Asia and Africa. Most the people in these continents can hardly make 5 dollars a day.

I think the most of these poor countries are dealing with corruption, war, economical mismanagement and much more. The rich countries are offering aid, but that is not enough. Recently I red that European community want to give 5 billion euros to the poor countries in the world. This is not enough to help those people out. Once these countries get this money. It disappear into the pocket of the corrupt politicians. So I have no hope for the poor countries in this world. And the majority of the dark skin people on this globe will continue to struggle.


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