Friday, November 30, 2007

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Today I went to Germany. It is not more than 20 KM from where I live in Holland. I think Germany is nice. It does not matter when it comes to weather. It terrible today, rainy and dark clouds. These time of the year I have no problem with the weather although it is cold and all that. I have no problem with the weather, because the Christmas is approaching.

I went to a city in Germany to do some shopping. I bought some cake and chicken nuggets. These chicken nuggets are top notch. In Germany they got some nice clothing too. The German people are friendly and just across the border, they speak the dialect of the State I live in Holland. The dialect is called 'Drents'. Me personally think this dialect is similar to the southern US accent. But Drents is of course a dialect, which is part the Dutch language.

It is great that German people just across the border speak the dialect. If you go to a bank you can find a poster on the door saying 'We proat ock platt'. Which means 'We also speak dialect'. I think this way a better understanding can be generated between both nations.



People work hard through the whole year. I can imagine that we need a break and we need to escape our home town and travel or go on vacation. I love to go on vacation. I love to go to the tropics. What I love about the tropics is the Sun, the beaches and the environment. I can really enjoy my self and unwind with a cold glass of Coke sitting by the beach.

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Yes!!! One of the young Brooklyn rappers to set the mic on fire. I think this man Papoose is blazing any track he spit on. The hit single Alphabetical slaughter made a mark for ever in the hip hop scene. With a mean vocabulary this rapper Papoose is a walking dictionary. Papoose is rapping since he was eleven years old.

He is inspired by rappers such as Rakim, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane. The underground heads know him for a long period of time. The mainstream know him from the guest appearance on Busta Rhymes 'Touch it'. The most memorable line of the whole song is dropped by Papoose, which is 'I got the whole New York city in the palm of my hand'.

This rapper is involved in the charity work. This is great, because there always be some people, who will be happy with charity. He has donated to Make-A-Wish foundation. In 2006 Papoose signed a million dollar contract with Jive Records. After 19 mixtapes he is releasing his debut album in 2008. It will be entitled as 'The Nacirema Dream'. American spelled backwards.



Thursday, November 29, 2007

I love to dress fresh. I want to be dressed in the clothing I am comfortable in. For this Christmas I am going to buy a nice hoodie for me self. I am going to save a great deal of money with Rocawear coupons. Please do not think I am selfish and only buying gifts for my self. I want to buy gifts for my family. I think I am going to buy some books for my sisters with a Zooba coupon.. For my parents I am going to buy some music with Musicnotes deals.

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If you live in Holland and you are a hip hop fan you can not go around this rapper called Brainpower. He is one of the cats to break the door for them young cats to rush into the industry. I saw him around 1997 in Amsterdam spitting on open mic.
He was into the underground hip hop scene of Amsterdam. Few years later Brainpower he came with hits. After that he have been hitting the charts with nothing but dope stuff for the hip hop heads.

I can say without a doubt this man is hit machine. Brainpower used to rhyme in English, for a while he only dropped Dutch raps. Now he got a new song with a rock band. The song is called 'The Chosen' this song is in English. Check the new Brainpower track.

Although I am a big fan of Dutch rap, I can not write about Dutch rappers, who are rapping in Dutch, because they are not known beyond the borders. Anyway Brainpower is International known, because he made a guest appearence on Nas' track 'One Mic' on the Godson album.



Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In high school I took art classes. I loved it, I was pretty good at drawing and painting I still paint once in awhile. It is one of my hobbies. I was looking for art galleries online. I found this art gallery, which is called Park West Gallery. On this site you can find lots of artists and their art for sale. Park West Gallery offers these art work for nice prices.

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Sadat X is one of the member of the the legendary hip hop group called Brand Nubian.
Sadat X was known as Derek X. The X is for the unknown factor in mathematics, which was taken by those, who are part of the Nation Of Islam. I really enjoy Sadat X' music. I think he contribute to the hip hop culture by promoting the positive way of life. Sadat X is known for his unique voice and pro-black lyrics. His lyrics are quite controversial. The content of his lyrics are plain to understand. His lyrics are is to the point. He is not scared to speak his mind over the beats.

He was inspired by the teachings of Nation of Islam. He was also inspired by groups such as X-Clan, Public Enemy and poor righteous teachers. These groups are revolutionary. They share the same idea as Sadat X and his group. In 1996 Sadat X released the solo album called 'Wild Cowboys'. It featured some great productions such as productions from Buckwild, Pete Rock, Da Beatminerz and more. In 2000 Sadat X dropped an EP, which was called 'State of New York Vs. Derek Murphy. In 2005 he dropped 'Experience and Education'. In 2006 Sadat X dropped 'Black October'.



Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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I see why your why your mind is narrow,
What ever I spit rain blazing arrows,
I will be like Moses to split the sea,
to lead my peeps and free them, leading towards freedom,
there is lots to achieve, Talk is cheap,
and the walk is not sweet, The Coptic
Asiatic kid is blazing this track,
you are amazingly wack, I phrase to stack,
See God's reflection in me, I won't relax
and max, it takes action to lead,
I will realize every fraction of my dream,
It goes beyond getting cream and my name in neon lights,

I got to supply sight, grip the mic tight,
I got to stay fly and by nature I am higher than a satellite,
My people need food, clothing and shelter to start with,
follow the star from the far east, my heart speaks knowledge, wisdom
and God's peace, at least I got to drop the jewels,
it is doper than trees, my thoughts are flowing like the Nile,
Kid keeps a low profile, the versatile, this is why I shine,
like a pharaoh, the Asiatic child.



I love taking pictures, maybe I take more pictures than a Japanese tourist. Taking photos has become a common thing. I think it is great to capture a moment in a form of a picture. Most people keep the nicest pictures in frames. There are lots of type of frames. My sister bought recently a photo frame. This frame was a bling bling photo frame.

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This young rapper called Jr Writer is a mad talented cat. He is one of the members of the the famous Harlem hip hop crew Diplomatics. Jr Writers is born as Juan Rusty Brito. He grew up listening to rappers like Big Pun and Big L. As a young rapper he was involved in the hip hop scene in New York. He used to spit on every open mic session in Harlem.

At one of the battles. He met Cam'ron and Santana. Cam'ron was impressed by the skills of Jr. Writer. I think anybody would be. If you hear, when JR Writer spits it is on point and furious. JR Writer is not a joke. If all you jokers think that a humble kid can not spit. He is the living proof.

Once Cam'ron met JR Writer, Cam'ron promised that he would contact JR Writer after Cam'ron got a deal. Cam'ron got signed to Rocafella. Santana was unsigned at that time. After a month the Diplomats blew Cam'ron contacted JR Writer. In 2006 he dropped the album 'History in the Making'. In early 2008 will the new album come out.
Check out JR Writers



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I recently wrote a post about MC Serch. I would like to blog more about him. MC Serch has a great project going on. He is aware that there are various problems in the society. This project is about helping out the youth to get on the right path.

If your child or your friend's child is is off track and doing drugs, using alcohol, sexually active or involved in a gang. MC Serch can help you. He is mentoring kids to find the true purpose in life. MC Serch can mentor the children who need help. MC Serch advised those who have problems with getting their interracial relationship approved by their family. What MC Serch is really trying to do is flipping the negative picture into a positive one.

I think it is great what he doing to the community. This way he can make the youth get a positive attitude. For anyone who want to contact him to seek help. You can mail MC Serch at Please address the subject as "MC Serch".



Sunday, November 25, 2007

It is not easy to find people in the search engines like Yahoo, Google or MSN. I am constantly looking for some information about my favourite artists. I also search for less famous rappers. I was looking for a search engine, which makes it possible to find up to date information about my favourite rapper.

I found this website called This site makes it easy to find your favourite actor, model or rapper. If you like to find a writer, then this site is suitable too. I looked up for information about the east coast rapper called Rakim. I found some great search results. It was very interesting results. I found a link to the official website of Rakim. If you want to search you can search by a name or by tags. Once you type the name Rakim in the search box all the results appear. Then I clicked on the link Rakim. On this site Spock. You can add tags, rakim was tagged as east coast, William Micheal Griffin Jr., Five Percent, From Long Island, Rapper, African-American and more. Any user can vote for or against the tags. I think this is a great site. You can become a contributor as an user. You can add related websites, people and news to the search results. I am sure I do not need any other search engine any more. can simply find any artist I want. I find this site very helpful. Because I am always looking for information about artist. I am thankful to the people behind This way I can blog about all my favourite artist. Spock provides me so much helpful information I need.

Spock is a people search. It is great that Spock offers a free service. Now you can use this site to find your favourite rapper, DJ or fashion model. You only have to sign up for a free account. Then you can become a contributor. This site is not a social network, but it is possible to send messages. The search results are linked to other spots on the web.



First of all I got to mention that MC Serch is a veteran in the hip hop culture. Being a member of the hip hop group 3rd Bass, he became a true pioneer. This queens rapper is well respected amongst the hip hop fans. The most vital part MC Serach played beside being a rapper him self, is helping out talented rappers out to get record deals. MC Serch was the executive producer of Nas' album Illmatic.

After MC Serch retired from performing he continues to do promotions. MC Serach is a very ambitious person with a sharp vision. He want to continue to contribute to the hip hop community. Now that he got a promotion company, he can give direction to new talents. Serch's promotion company is called Serchlite Music.

If you are into urban business, for example you got a record label and want it promoted. Then MC Serch can hook you up with necessary promotions. If you want to know more about the company of MC Serch



I love the fact that humans are well developed. Not in all aspects, but when it comes to technology we are pretty advanced. In Germany now some people can pay at the supermarket with their finger prints. Since the technology got advanced, everything started to get portable. This is great. Telephones became portable, T.V's became portable, music players became portable, computers became portable. And also the scanners became portable.

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I wrote recently that T.I donated 400 turkeys to people in need for this thanksgiving. This type of initiative is great. I think it is important for rappers to stay close to the people. Simply, because of the people these rappers are on a level they want to be on. I hope there will be more rappers, who are going to be stimulated by the rappers like T.I to become a philanthropist.

I red that Jay-Z donated a so called 'play pump' to a school in Africa. This type of donations are well appreciated by the people in Africa. Jay-Z is not only concerned about the people in Africa, but also with the people from his neighbourhood. Annually he donates Christmas gifts to the children in his neighbourhood Marcy,Brooklyn. This is what I mean by staying close to the people. I think Jay-Z can mean something for the people, because he is financially able to help.

Even though you do not have to be a wealthy person to help out the people in need. My dad for example is not a wealthy man, but he is concerned about the poor people of Sri Lanka. The great thing about him is that he started the Nederland Srilanka Peace foundation to help out the poor people of Sri Lanka. Since 1996 he have been helping out poor people of Sri Lanka with his personal funds. In 2005 he came to the conclusion that he got to expand with helping the poor people of Sri Lanka. He started the Nederland Sri Lanka peace foundation. My father donates to the poor people of Sri Lanka with spectacles, clothing, caps, food for the orphanage, uniforms for sport clubs. He can not fund this all by him self. My father write letters to people in our town. We are living in Alteveer (Dr.) Holland. The people from our neighbourhood is very compassionate about the people in developing countries. So, they help us to help. If you also want to help out the poor people of Sri Lanka, please click on the Paypal donate button. Thanks for reading.



Saturday, November 24, 2007

I love home. It used to be different back in the days. I just was only home for dinner and to sleep. I was not realizing how the family vibe can be. It is also pleasant to live in a house, where it is nicely decorated. To make your self comfortable you got to get the right curtains, furniture, carpet and the other necessary things. I am still living with my parents. I can say they create a nice cosy ambiance at home with candles. My pops and moms they both like to light candles. Especially in the Christmas period. The candle lights creates a great vibe.

I wanted to give something nice to my parents as a gift, because they take great care of me. I was wondering what I could give them as an appreciation. I thought they love candles, so I started to search for candle holders. I found this great site, this site so pleasant to visit and it is very user friendly. I found some nice candle holders on this site. Before I go any further I want to share this secret with you if you want a discount go to and scroll down till the middle of the page. You will read a sentence “Our Store now has over 1,300 home & garden items for you to choose from!” click on the comma in that sentence. You will get a discount code to buy products fro this site.
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Back again, Blend words with the pen,
ink something dope so, you can link again,
Nothing complex, my text are nothing your brain,
can not get, I do not sweat, my challenge is to,
stay ahead the rest, I am so blessed with more than,
one talent, do not test, the kid might flip,
I will pull out pens and leave your crew tight lipped,
Constantly equipped,the average skip the heart beat,
One of kind, you could not find another one like this Asiatic child,
Breathing with a heart of the iron lion of Juda,
the original man, the maker and the owner,
controlling every corner of my soul,

The Asiatic child, the brown skin ruler, the children schooler,
A big dreamer like Dr. Martin Luther King, more shine than Jacob the Jeweler,
Use knowledge as a tool, keep it cooler than the breeze,
in the tropics, kid is out get props kid, nod to my hits,
more underground than bottomless pit, I pitch heat,
with lyrics it would not hurt you, the brown skin Hebrew
the Abyssinian, peace to my people, nothing I wouldn't do to lead you,
Yes indeed, for all the people in need for the truth,
I present what I have been invented, I can not wait till I am in the booth,
I get inspired by the fact, that I can take you higher,
Like Kanye I spit through the wire,



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Nasir Jones also known as Nasty Nas. Nowadays known as Nas. The invulnerable lyricist with a mean versatile content about the streets. Nas really inspired me to think about my Asiatic heritage. I can hear in his rhymes how close he stays with the people. That is how I got inspired to build close contacts with people around me. I think when it comes to rhyming he is one of the top lyricist. I saw him once as the support act for Fugees. It was in 1996 in Rotterdam, Holland. The crowd went wild. Then you feel how influential a rap artist can be. I think if Arnold Swarzchnegger can become a Governor. An American Born rapper like Nas should become the president. And he will get support from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

Without a doubt Illmatic is a classic album, which he dropped in 1994. In 1996 he dropped the album, which was called 'It was written'. This album got attention from the mainstream audience, it could not measure up to the profound lyrics of Illmatic.
Me personally found the album 'It was written' a step in the right direction to take the hip hop music to a more commercial level. I mean rappers got to eat. This album laid a foundation for a whole league of rappers to get accepted by the mainstream music fans.

New Nas album is coming this December. I am looking out for that. I think the Title is quite inappropriate, but hey... that is what I think. The album is going to be named as 'Ni@#er'. I think this album title has much racial impact. Def Jam has no problem with it.



Friday, November 23, 2007

My dream is to buy a house one day. The reason is simple, because it is one of nicest investments. Renting a house is not very rewarding on the long term. The biggest advantage of buying a home is, it becomes your property once the mortgage is payed off. I am a big dreamer. I am dreaming about living in Manhattan. I am working on realizing my dreams. I would love to buy some property one day in Manhattan.

I am big fan of New York, because of the variety of the cultures, which makes it great.If you want to know for example about real estate in Denver, click on the linkDenver real estate. If you are looking for some real estate. This site is great for you.



He got some real guts, he battled a well established artist like LL Cool J. That is not a easy task to complete. I think he is really a grimy rapper. I think battling is not LL Cool J's thing. MC of Canibus caliber can challenge anybody to a battle.
For LL Cool J he is a worthy opponent. With the diss track against LL Cool J, Canibus got mega success. After the album was released people were disappointed, because of the weak beats of Wyclef Jean.

I was disappointed too. I think this type of lyrical cat must not get weak productions like this. However the productions were weak on the first album of Canibus. I thought that the lyrics were tight. Songs as I honour you was really meaningful. Check this new track of Braves feat. Canibus this joint is dope. I think it is great canibus spit tight on this track. He still shows, who is the most ferocious. I got another track, which Canibus features. click here to listen.



At the time I was studying I was mega busy. I could not find any time to go the gym or go for a jog. No wonder why I gained couple of pounds. I was too busy doing school assignments. Now I do not want you all go to the same trouble as me. If you do not have any time to write your research papers. I have the solutions. Click on the link Essay Help to find out for your self, how you can get your assignments written by professionals. Get your essays written now.



He is one of the hip hop moguls. Not only a musical genius, but also a mega talented entrepreneur. I am talking about P.Diddy. He is a record producer, CEO, Clothing Designer and an actor. He was known as Puff Daddy, later his name became P.Diddy. Now he goes by the name Diddy.

He had a record company to his name, which is called Bad Boy Records, Diddy has a movie company to his name, a clothing line and two restaurants. This man is unstoppable. Diddy started as an intern at Uptown records. I think this been a essential step towards to get him where he is right now. He was responsible for marketing and promotions. Quickly after he launched his record label Bad Boy Records, Diddy signed Craig Mack and Biggie Smalls to his record label. After that there were lots of acts signed such as Mary J. Blige, Usher, Boyz II Men and much more. One of the favourite hip hop acts he signed was Lox. I love the album, which they released on Bad Boy. Diddy raises 2,000,000 dollars for educational system for children of New York. This is great, this way Diddy gives back to the community.

In 2005 Diddy sold his record company to Warner Music Group. He is still the C.E.O of Bad Boy.Check out the Official site of Diddy.



Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don’t you love it? Hip hop music. What do you think about downloading your favourite hip hop music for free? You do not have to worry, because it is legal to download hip hop music from this site. I am happy to share this site with you. This site is called For all your hip hop music this is the place to be. It does not matter, either you’re a new school or an old school fan EZ-Tracks offers you the most blazing tracks.

If you are a Kanye West fan you can download his latest hits all for free. If you rather prefer the newest Sean Kingston track you can easily download this at EZ-Tracks . You might wonder, how this site can offer hip hop music for free? The answer is simple. This site pays royalties to artists. Music of those artists are featured on this site. Hip hop music has been changed through the years. More styles have been created by the rappers, who were not scared to bring hip hop music outside the traditional boundaries. No matter what kind of hip hop style you want to download you can get it here. If you like west coast rap, east coast rap, underground hip hop, gangsta rap, Hardcore rap, British rap or political rap. It is here all for you. Feel free to download all your favourite hip hop music for free. I have been downloading my favourite tracks from this site for some time now.



The one and only Mega Montana, you all know. One of the Q.B's finest lyricists. He maintain to entertain us constantly. He is able to get mad graphical with his lyrics.
I think he is talented. Who are we talking about here? I am talking about nobody, but Cormega.

There is no doubt he is able to describe the vibe of the inner city life as it is.
He grew up in the projects of Queens Bridge, New York. He is a childhood friend of Nas. They settled a feud, which was going on between these 2 rappers.

The albums Cormega dropped are The realness, The true meaning, Legal Hustle, The Testament, Who Am I (Soundtrack and DVD). I see his work as classics. I think he has a unique voice. Cormega got street cred. Since the late eighties he has been active in the hip hop scene.



Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back in the days, when I was in high school I never had clear vision about my career. I was absolutely not thinking about it, because I was not concerned about my career. My youngest sister is 16 and already knows that she wants to study hotel management.
I wish I knew at that age what I wanted to study.

Now I am 29 years, I finally know what I want to study. I think this is too late to go to school full time. I never can sit all day in a class room and listen to a six different teachers everyday. I got to work in order to put food on the table.
There is always the possibility to study part time. I want to study economics, I want to get my MBA. I know I can. I was looking for universities. I found this great website, it is called This site offers great resources about getting an online degree. I think studying online is something, which offers some advantages. Getting a degree can make your opportunities increase on the job market.

I think it is never too late to study. I have made my decision. I am going to study online and get my degree. I love studying. Only I never knew what to study. Now that I know I want to study economics. I am going to give 100% of my best shot. If you also want to know more about studying online click here



As a teenager I was crazy about buying the newest Tommy Hilfiger or South Pole. Now I hardly buy brand name clothes. It seems like I was thinking rocking a certain brand name gives me status as a hip hop fan. It is true that wearing a over sized clothes were typically some thing for the hip hop fans.

I am not typically dressed like a hip hop fan. I dress once and awhile in over seized pants, but not all the time. I am not caring about the brand name clothes. I think I do not have to dress in certain brand names to feel hip hop or been recognized as a b-boy.

I am not saying, rocking brand name clothes is wrong. I am saying I can be dressed fresh and feel comfortable in no brand name clothes. I think we got to dress in clothes, where we are comfortable in. Either brand name or no brand name it is all good. Man makes the clothes, clothes do not make the man.



I have been discussing with one of relatives about buying a house. I was summing up all the advantages and the disadvantages about buying a house. The most convincing advantage of buying a house is, once you finish paying the mortgage the house becomes your property. It is a great investment. If you renting a house you keep paying, but the property will never become yours.

The interest rates have gone up again. This circumstance made the house owners face problems. The house owners are finding hard to repay their mortgage. The banks have lend money too easily to those, who find it hard to pay back their mortgages, when the interest increase.

I personally would not find any problem. When I would appeal for a mortgage, because I have a fulltime job. I would like to share this site with you. It is called For a poor credit remortage you can click here. As we all know getting a mortgage is a long time financial commitment. You never know what the future brings. To protect your self against unpredictable circumstances you can get a mortgage payment protection. This insurance covers your mortgage repayments till you are back on your feet after a injury or sickness. This insurance can give you a secure feeling. This insurance will cover the mortgage repayments for a certain period. It is essential to read all the details in the policy. This will give you a idea for how long the mortgage repayments are covered.



As you know T.I is the undisputed king of the south. I think he is a very talented rapper. His lyrics flow dope on the beats. He is not only a great rapper. As a human being he understands the true meaning of the social responsibility. He is giving back to the community by donating 400 turkeys for this thanksgiving. This is great, because those who are in need can have a traditional thanksgiving holiday with turkey.

That is not the only thing T.I is giving back to the community. T.I will host a thanksgiving dinner at the Club Crucial in Atlanta. Since age of seven T.I got into hip hop. He stared to rap at a very young age. T.I signed his first deal at age of 19.

What I admire about T.I is that he is a philanthropist. I think because of the people, are artists like T.I are on top. It is great that he gives back to those people, who are in need. As we all know it is better to give than receive.



Monday, November 19, 2007

If you are looking for back gammon sites, just look no further. If you want to play back gammon, then the site for backgammon download is here for you. Or if you want to play blackjack this is the site for you. So if you are a blackjack fan, then this site is worth checking out.

This site got so much traffic lately to their All-In-One Game Lobby. The people at decided to launch a live customer support. This means that the players can get live support, when they need it. With the new software the customers can easily log into the platform and they can ask for help on several subjects.

When a customer wants support the customer can click on the live support button. Then the customer can be connected with the operator or the customer can answer few short questions, then the customer can be connected with the relevant operator.

At this time the live support is only available in English. After the software is fully tested. It will be launched in other languages. The traffic started to flood to the All-In-One Game Lobby, because the software is available in 12 different languages. The spokesperson of this company announced that it is essential to have a healthy relationship with the customers to build a loyal customer base.



The way I see it is like this. There are rappers rapping about lots of negative things. I think it is easy to be negative when a rapper is writing rhymes. I think these rappers are not inspired by the positive things. It is easy to start a beef with someone, when you are a rapper. Do you really think this stimulate the other rapper to come up with more artistically developed verses.

NO!!!!!!!!. The other rapper start to write a battle verse to attack harder. The rhymes will get more rougher, but the content is not getting hotter. Back in the days I thought that beefs in the rap game really could stimulate rappers to write better, because of the challenge.

Nowadays the beef is ending up in fist fights, gun fights and murder scenes. If these rappers think that, this is what hip hop music is about. They need to reprogramme their thoughts and go back to day one. I think some rappers are lazy, when it comes to writing something positive for the hip hop heads.



Saturday, November 17, 2007

Rawkus Records are now known as a hip hop label. Before they became a hip hop label. They were into drum & bass and house. I think it was a smart move to release hip hop music than other music genres. Rawkus played an important part in the careers of Talib Kweli and Mos Def. Label owners Brian Brater and Jarret Mayer was noticed the local talents in New York such as Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Company Flow and others.
In the initial state of the careers of this artists, Rawkus offered them a home to show the world what they got.

Since the mid nineties they released typical east coast hip hop. The hip hop heads labeled the releases of Rawkus as underground classics. Rawkus was claimed by the hip hop fans as the top independent record label. Since the hip hop community found out that Rawkus was not entirely independent, some artist took other directions in their careers.Some of the former artists are Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Cocoa Brovaz, Smut Peddlers, Skillz, Pharaohe Monch and more. Check out the official site of Rawkus.



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Back again is the original man, the son of Sem,
Think you can link with my plans?, I am not with slinging grams,
I put in hard work, I get back satisfaction,
every fraction of my action is going to influence you,
ask around who keeps it true and speak the truth for
my brown skin Hebrew people, I ain't too deep to peep through,
what I speak dude, I represent the poor people of this planet,
God's guidance supplies me future vision, that is how God planned it,
It demands soul to be a scientist on the microphone,
This Asiatic child flows like the Nile, so listen up pal,
While I drop this, I get props, Who is the cream of the crop kid?

I am deeper into this hip hop thing, my rhymes flows on the drum beats,
Once a lost sheep, from a ancient tongue of gold I speak, Sanskrit
scripts I flip into modern day online chips, my physical frame saw the
light of this world in the pearl of the Indian Ocean,
The Islander brings the poetry in motion, The chosen people
from the promised land, burning like desert sand,
to reach freedom, so I have to free them,
from greed, corruption and war, my people are suffering from abduction
and more, the mental revolution will free them from confusion,
no wonder why we keep losing, the conclusion we need a solution,
while hollow minds keep following, I got to sweat to get the Dollars in,
It ain't that hard, my optimism and the lyricism got me in a position
to continue God's mission, just wake up, now.



Friday, November 16, 2007

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Trackmasters are world wide known as the dopest production duo ever. They are known for their work with Nas. They produced the track 'Ill street blues' for Kool G Rap.
I think their work is smooth and at the same time it has very modern edge to it.
They have worked with big names in the hip hop game.

Tone and Poke make hip hop beats since the '80. I think they are not going anywhere.
My favourite Trackmasters joint is a track of LL Cool J's album, Mr.Smith. The track is called 'I sh*t ya'. The piano loop is mad dope. Trackmasters got skills and they are serving everybody with flavours, which is hotter than a pot of curry.

I think these rappers came a long way. They have too much hits to their name to mention, which Trackmasters produced. They continue to give us quality tracks. I can hear they effort in the tracks. It is not just loops put together by Tone and Poke. These loops are selected with care. They are well connected to provide the hot artists the
dopest beats to make hits for the hip hop heads.



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Oukast is still my favourite rap group form the Dirty south. I think they brought hip hop music beyond the boundaries. I love the pioneering mind state of these rappers. At that time I first heard Outkast I was very surprised to hear that the beats was not traditional hip hop music. It was not that grimy and dark as the hip hop beats I used to.

These beats were mixture of G-funk, funk,soul,pop,rock,electro. It is obvious that Outkast is an open minded crew. They are not afraid to put out the music they like.
Big Boi and Andre 3000 are not regular artists. They have released six studio albums. They are artistically overwhelming, when it comes to delivering an original product to their listeners.

After being each others rival for sometime, Andre 3000 and Big Boi have teamed up and formed the hip hop group called Outkast. Team of producers teamed up with Outkast and Goodie Mob and formed the organization called 'Dungeon Family'
Although hip hop charts were dominated by the west coast and east coast rap artists.
Outkast started to make experimental formatted hip hop music with a fresh twist. My favourite album of OutKast is without a doubt is their debut album.



Thursday, November 15, 2007

My favourite time of the year is the Christmas season. It is so cosy. I am very thankful to have my family around me to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Everybody are full of the Christmas spirit. The fresh Christmas tree spreads a very nice smell, the ambiance is so lively. Going to the church with my family is great and we all can enjoy each others presence in the Christmas period.

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Only Elvis Presly had more no.1 albums than Jay-Z. Jay-Z is on the no.1 spot after beating Chris Brown and Cassidy, on the Billboard 200.
Although this man never claimed to the black Elvis, I think he can beat him soon with most no.1 albums. I think it is great, that a rap artist has this much success.

Hip hop music has always been known as a sub culture. It is just great that hip hop artist can walk shoulder to shoulder with pop icons. This charismatic rapper called Jay-Z went from rag to riches. All you other rappers do not be jealous let this man inspire you instead.

Even the beatles are on the nineteenth spot, when it comes to having this much no.1 albums. I think Jay-Z artisticly creates state of the art rap music. He is way head of his time. If he comes with a cetain flow, there are lots of rappers, who are going to immitate him. When it comes to dressing classy, he is the man. When it comes to supplying the hip hop heads with the raw and uncut, he is the man.



Do you have any dreams? I think without no dream, there is no goal to reach. As a hip hop fan I always dreamed of becoming a rapper.Back in days I was fascinated by the lifestyle of rappers. I was inspired by rappers, who claimed that they were living life of luxury. Now I realize that should not be my motivation to become a rapper. Now I want to become a rapper, because I have something positive to contribute to the world. I want to share my vision with the world. I would like to guide the youth with making them aware of the opportunities in the western world.

Anyway if you have dreams or you are working on your dreams to become a rapper. You want to be heard, then I want to share this site with you. It is called This site offers you a chance to spread your music globally on the Internet. Either you are a rapper, producer or you are a bunch of reggae artists. It does not matter. You are all welcome at this site. If you want a new revenue and a distribution model for your music, then you can click here to find out more.
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His name is self explanatory, GZA also know as Genius is one the members of the hip hop's super group called Wu-Tang Clan. He is one of the founders of the Wu-Tang Clan.
You hear that he is a Genius, his lyrics are profound, he doesn't need the beats from the most famous producers to make hits. He has been battling since the early stage of rap music and the hip hop culture.

You can hear through his lyrics that his lyrics are intellectual. GZA dropped his first album in 1990, which was called 'Words from the genius'. The album was produced by Easy Mo Bee. The album sales were not impressive enough for the label so Cold Chillin' records dropped GZA from it. His cousin, who we now know as RZA was also dropped from his label. This situation did not stop them from making dope music. Along with the Ol' Dirty Basterd they formed the ultimate hip hop group of all time called Wu-Tang Clan they were inspired by Kung-Fu movies.

These three rappers teamed up with some of the dope underground rappers from New York and started to make music under the name Wu-Tang Clan. In 1995 GZA dropped a album, which was called 'Liquid Swords'. This album was produced by the RZA, contains guest appearences of the fellow Wu-Tang Clan members. This album went gold. It can be labeled as a classic.In 1999 GZA dropped an album, which was called 'beneath the surface'. In 2002 GZA dropped an album, which was called 'Legend of the liquid sword'. In 2005 GZA and DJ Muggs dropped an album, which was called 'Grandmasters'. This was well received by the hip hip heads. The new GZA album will be released before end of this year.



Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blogging is getting very famous. There are millions of blogs on the net. If you are thinking about starting a blog. I would like to share this site with you. This site is called This site offers effective blog hosting. This blog hosting site got a special offer running for this Christmas. If you want to win a life time hosting plan reply before the end of this year.

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I can imagine when you are young, you get fascinated by some rappers reputations. Do you realize that some rappers are just playing a part. They claimed to be a thugs, but that is only on tracks. You got to realize that these rappers are not really robbing people or selling drugs.

They also tell that they use to do that. You must not think that you should do it. I got to tell you, once you get on the streets and get involved in the street life there is no way back. Unless you give up those habits such as selling drugs and other nasty things.

I think you should realize that there are enough rappers kicking the facts to guide you through these modern mess. To become a strong individual you must focus on the positive things in this life. Listen to young rappers such as Talib Kweli and Mos Def. I personally let my self inspire by these rappers, because they contribute to the hip hop culture by letting the youth hear about the truth.



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The word smith here to pitch the lines, I am
heavenly inspired the God's design, walk the planet
with the Asiatic state of mind, my task is to uplift
the dumb, def and blind, I am not one of kind,
in God's eye's no one come close to the style of my rhymes,
you childish lame cats, repeating the same facts about your gat,
whip and crack, I expose those who lacks, I rip the mic on tracks,
show love to my people and my people love me back,
I am about to show the world, where the true hip hop heads are at,
the Asiatic state of mind I shine in my raps,
peace to Rakim, the true leader matter of fact,

Strictly dope lyrics, I have to brag and boast,
the most cats, who oppose, talk behind my back,
in my face they brown nose, from head to my toes,
I stay fresh and clean, take care of the temple,
my name is MeanGreen, bite my lines, put down your nine,
you do not want no pine box, I rather eat lachs,
hit my peeps with jewels, that glean like rocks,
Soon to get stocks, no moonshine, just a coke,
I used to be broke, hanging with clowns, who
claimed to be down, you lames are wack jokes,
stay out my lane, I always been bright in my brains,
but I am no genius, because you cats are fools, you will
never get a clue of what I am up to, for now just enough dude!!!



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Ice-T is the one and only Original Gangster. In the nineties and the late eighties Ice-T was dominating the streets with rough Gangster Rap. He is a pioneer when it comes to gangster rap. In the mid nineties his career was climaxing. He is born in 1958 and one of the oldest rappers.

Without Ice-T there would be such thing as Gangster rap. He is a veteran. He laid the foundation for rappers such as The Game, 50 Cent and many current Gangster rappers. They heard how Ice-T was rapping about the streets of Los Angels.
After Ice-T's parents died he moved with his aunt in California. In high school he was always rapping front of his classmates. After the high school he joined the US army.
After he left the army. He was on the streets. The major tuning point in his life was that he got an car accident, this made him think deeper and made out of the street scene to focus on rapping. Ice-T never left the streets really, because he kept rapping about the streets.

In 1987 he dropped his debut album, which was called 'Rhyme pays'. This was a bonafide album, he was establishing his name in the pre historic era of gangster rap as a dominating factor. All the hip hop heads was curious, because this rapper called Ice-T was one of the few rappers, who was rapping a reflective image of the streets in his raps. Ice-T was also making the youth aware that they had a choice. Ice-T released the album, which was called 'Power' in 1988. This album went gold just like his debut album. In 1989, The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say was released. This made him a house hold name in the hip hop scene. In 1991 he released the album 'Original Gangster'. This album is one of my favourite albums. Since then he released few other albums.



Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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There are lots of rappers I respect, because they are pioneers. No one can come close to Rakim, when it comes to dropping raps. I heard a lot of rappers bragging about their millions, but these rappers could not gain 5% of the respect, which Rakim deserves. Rakim changed the hip hop music for good. He has been able to give light to a league of rappers. These rappers continue to build based on the ideas, blueprints and theories of Rakim.

Rakim is part of 5% Nation also known as Nation of gods and the earths. His believes reflect in his rhymes. This way he can lead the masses. I think he is still one of the most original rappers ever. He is great with words. He is a true word smith.
I can not imagine, why rappers are so cheesy nowadays. With pioneers like Rakim the young rappers should be highly inspired to be original.

There are only a few rappers acknowledging that Rakim is the greatest of all time. Nas wrote a tribute this incredible rhyme flower. Also Reakwon dedicated a song to Rakim. 50 Cent mention Rakim as his favourite rapper in a song. Rakim has much to offer. He will continue to lead the dumb, deaf and blind rappers, who need to see the light.



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Monday, November 12, 2007

I think there are plenty of situations that we need help from others. No matter how often we think that we can do it all by our selves. We continue to depend on one and other even in these modern day society. I think it is alright to be that way, this way we as human beings can mean something for one and other.

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The greatest female rapper that I ever heard is Foxy Brown. She have started rapping very young. She won a talent show. She got involved in the hip hop culture. The fame spread through New York city. LL Cool J approached her for a remix of the track 'I shot Ya'. This track is a classic. One of the nicest guest appearances she did was on Nas' album 'It was written'.

She delivered some great material along with Nas, AZ and Nature. They released the The Firm album on Aftermath records. This album gained a great commercial success.
It contains productions of Dr.Dre, Trackmasters and Steve Stout.

Foxy Brown released a album called Ill Na Na in 1996. This album contains some great guest appearances. The strong sales made her dominate the hip hop scene as a female rapper. I got to admit she is one of a kind with her classy flow. She is the black Madonna. She is a icon in rap. In 1999 she released a album, which was called 'Chyna Doll'. In 2001 she dropped a album called 'Broken Silence'. The last album she released was named 'Black Roses'.



Sunday, November 11, 2007

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Souls of Mischiefs are one of the greatest underground hip hop acts from the west coast. This crew had the underground hip hop heads in the frenzy in the nineties. Especially the track '93 til infinity' was the anthem. They came in shocked the underground with dope beats and lyrics. Hyroglyphics, they were trademarking the west coast underground hip hop. They started very young with rhyming. I think these rappers were way head of their time. With the beats and lyrics.

Hyrogliphics influenced a lot of rappers. They were not jumping on the band wagon, while the rappers from that era was all into gangster rap. They were rapping about, that they do not have to rap to make money. They rap, because they love to make music. They are happy to get rewarded for that. The hip hop heads were appreciating the realness of this crew called 'Souls of Mischief'.

Few months ago the Souls of Mischief came to a town near where I live. I couldn't go to check them out. It is too bad I missed it. I heard they teared the roof off the joint,where they were at. It is great that they are performing and entertaining the hip hop fans even at sweat boxes. It is obvious that major rappers such as Kanye is influenced by the Souls of Mischief, Kanye West used the beat '93 til infinity' for his song '03 til infinity. I am waiting on the new stuff of Souls of Mischiefs.



Saturday, November 10, 2007

I recently brought a car. It is quite a old one, but it is in great condition. I need it to go to my new job. It is quite a good investment to buy a car. This is very important if you want to save time. I have saved money for a year to buy this car.

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Yo! kid you off track and you brag about your dope raps,
while the fiends give me soul claps, I do not want a gold plaque,
I want more stacks, more stacks of wisdom, more stacks of knowledge,
more stacks of understanding, I pray ,so I know my prayers will be answered,
to trick the system you need no weed, indeed, the I feed my Asiatic brothers
if others want I can lead you right, Bless the track with supreme mathematics,
who cares about status, You wish you had this, to free minds out the madness,'
My lines shine like a golden child, I speak ancient tongues, the amazing one,
yo I am blazing son, the brown skin Asiatic one, One!!!

If you blinded by the money, car and honeys,
you got to rewind your mind and realize greed ain't nothing funny,
Brother bleed and triggers squeezed for cheese, soldiers go to war to
bring the peace, I remain calm and grip the mic like Malcolm grips the Uzi,
my insights ignite your brain cells and I flex texts, you all do not move me,
while you poison your brothers and sling on the corner, I groove smooth on these loops B,

I am just a brave kid, speak the truth without being rude, dude,
Let me feed the fool, lead the troop, league of phaoro's,
once we used to be civilized, please.. bro open your eye's,
you are brain washed by the lies, I am not suprised
why your rhymes are artisticly underdeveloped, just be wise,
say something to uplift the kids in the mic device,
show some class and style, then you will be rich like soil
on the bank of the Nile.



I love travelling. I learn a lot from visiting other countries. The first country I ever visited was India. I think this country is very colourful with a rich culture.
I want to go to Israel, because there is the roots of my religious believes. The most impressive country is my own country of birth, which is Sri Lanka. I think this country has beautiful beaches, the weather is nice and the people are friendly.

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I got to share this with you all. The most grimy artist of this century is back again with another banger. The hardcore hip hop kid is going to blaze the streets with hottest tracks on his new double disk mixtape, which is called Public Enemy.
You know this rapper is known for his to the point lyrics. You do not have to expect anything subtle from him.

The first time I ever heard Cam'ron's lyrics was on a Big L. record. That was fresh. Since he came out with his debut album, the hip hop heads got real curious. At that time I was working at a record store, I was pumping Cam'ron's album. Peeps that came in was like 'Yo that album is banging'. I sold a few units right away.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

We all got to pay our bills and we have lots of needs. it seems like we have so much needs to reach goals. There are lots of people with goals. They only dream about reaching those goals, they do not translate those dreams into reality. Mostly the money is a big issue. Let's say you always dreamed about starting your own business. You simply can not get it done, because you have no money.

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I heard lot of memorable lines in rap songs, there are so much creative rappers out there that come up with original lines. The most memorable line I ever heard was what Nas once said in one of his songs. He said 'Darker you are realer your problems'. I couldn't agree more. This have been going on for ages.

Do you ever wonder why the citizens of the poor countries in the world are dark skin. And why the citizens of the worlds most richest countries are white. And even dark skin people, who lives in the rich countries are missing out so much opportunities. I think this is not going to change for in the next couple of hundred of years. Nas made me think about why dark skin people are the poorest of the world.
Although the world's greatest civilizations have started in Asia and Africa. Most the people in these continents can hardly make 5 dollars a day.

I think the most of these poor countries are dealing with corruption, war, economical mismanagement and much more. The rich countries are offering aid, but that is not enough. Recently I red that European community want to give 5 billion euros to the poor countries in the world. This is not enough to help those people out. Once these countries get this money. It disappear into the pocket of the corrupt politicians. So I have no hope for the poor countries in this world. And the majority of the dark skin people on this globe will continue to struggle.



Thursday, November 8, 2007

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Jadakiss, one of the Lox members. He came along way with his fellow Lox members. I think you can hear that this man is no joke. I hear very original rhymes, when ever Jadakiss drops it. In 2001 Jadakiss released the album, which was called 'Kiss the game goodbye'. I think this album has not much of that Lox styled stuff. Before Lox was Lox, the group carried the name Warlox.

I think the second album is better. It contains more dope beats than the first one. I rather listen to Lox than a whole Jadakiss album, because Lox is one of the best groups ever. Those three rappers make a completely a charismatic formation. I think it is great that they got solo projects.

Jadakiss had some beef with Beenie Siegel. Jay-Z was also involved, but he backed down from it soon after. Russell Simmons tried to create a truce between both rappers. After a while they continued the beef. Jadakiss also got beef with 50 Cent, they made several songs to diss each other. I think one of the best songs Jadakiss made is with Lox is the song 'All about the Benjamins'



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I do not know why, in the past I didn't have no problem with rappers cursing. Mostly the F word is used often in rap songs. I think this word add a certain power to the sentence. I grew up in a neighbourhood, where it is pretty common to curse. In Negombo where I use to live, there was 3 times a week a fight. Mostly cursing each other out. I was pretty used to this. So I didn't bother much about the F word or any type of cursing in the rap song.

For example the intro of the Cam'ron's second album is a typical example of abusing the F word, I got to admit he is bringing it nice and he gets his point across. Now I realize it is not adding any intelectual value. Maybe I am getting older. I think that is very immature way of dealing with a conflict.

Another typical example of mutiple use of the F word in a rap song is committed by the rapper Jedi Mind Tricks. In the song called 'Heavy Metal Kings' he uses the F word often. I think this make the song flow dope to the rhythem. I prefer less cursing in a song. I can not take rappers serious if they curse so much, because it makes a childish impression. To express your feelings you have words.



Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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I am a big fan of Krs-One. Krs stands for Krishna, which is given by fellow group home members, where Krs-One was living for a while. He is one of the pioneers of the hip hop culture. Lyrically there are only few rappers, who can measure with him.
I love the versatile formats of this Bronx, New York rapper.

Krs-one released several albums they are all classic to me. It is obvious that a conscious rapper such as him self can gain mega respect from the hip hop heads, than some artist, who focus on broader audience, which is other than the hip hop crowd.

I went to a concert of Krs-One in 1995. Too bad for me it was cancelled. He didn't came, because he didn't want to fly for some reason. I thought ,I got all his records, I go home and pump it the whole day. I did it. His battle with MC Shan made him famous for his battle lyrics. My favourite Krs-one album is 'I got next'



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I think this rapper called Method Man is the most rugged Wu-Tang member. Method Man's flow is real nice. He is known to rock a party. Method Man and Red Man was the hype around 2000, when they released the album called 'Blackout'. This album contains some dope beats. I think Method Man and Red Man make a great duo. They really show us through their rhymes that it is all about having fun. I really enjoy the album 'Blackout'. This album was recorded when Method Man, Red Man, Jay-Z and DMX was doing the 'Hard knock life tour'. This album also contains previously recorded tracks of the duo.

Before that Method Man released his debut album, which was called 'Tical'. This album gained much success, not only in the U.S, but all over the globe. This album was released on the most famous hip hop label called Def Jam. Method Man was one of the first class artists, who made into this major hip hop label.

Method Man dropped his second album in 1998, which was called Tical 2000: Judgement Day. This album contains guest appearances of Mobb Deep, Left Eye, D'Angelo and Chris Rock. He also got some support from his fellow Wu-Tang Clan members. This album was even more successful than the first one. This album was well received by the underground hip hop fans. In 2004 Method Man dropped the album, which was called 'Tical 0: the prequel. This album was certified gold. This album could not go platinum. This album is more of party rap album with guest appearances of mainstream artists. Method Man's fourth album was 4:21: The Day After. This album was also certified gold and was not commercially successful.



Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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One of the true soldiers of the hip hop culture. I am talking about Talib Kweli's counterpart. They form the one of the most conscious rap group of this time. I love the beats, which Hi-Tek makes. He exactly knows which ambiance the crowd prefer. He supplies it. The beats get your mouth watering, because these beats has so much flavour.

Hi-Tek is from Cincinnati, he started producing for Mood. After signing to Rawkus he have produced for several projects, such as Sound Bombing compilations. The Sound Bombing joints are classics. I was pumping these jewels a lot in the nineties. In 2001 Hi-Tek dropped a solo album called Hi-Teknology.

Shortly after this album was released Hi-Tek left Rawkus, because he felt his solo album was not promoted properly. He signed to MCA. Hi-Tek also works as a staff producer for Aftermath. In 2006 he released a album called Hi-Teknology 2. Hi-Tek will be releasing his third album, which is called Hi-Teknology 3 in December this year. He has linked teamed up with Ghostface Killah, Reakwon, Little Brother, Kurrupt and Young Buck. This album is going to be banging.



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Fat Joe is without a doubt one my favourite rappers from the Bronx. He have been rapping for 14 years. The first song I ever heard of him was 'flow Joe'.
That was one of the trend setting joints. This song was so phat, you could hear the aggressive tone of Fat Joe's lyrics. He is a house hold name in the east coast hip hop scene. Fat Joe was one of the members of D.I.T.C. This stands for Diggin' In The Crates. He played a vital part in this crew. He took D.I.T.C to a major plateau along with other members such as Lord Finesse, Show Biz & A.G, Diamond D, Big L. and O.C.

Fat Joe is the C.E.O of the rap label called Terror Squad Entertainment. Fat Joe says that he is successful, because he is not egotistical. Which is crystal clear, because he brought Big Pun to the scene. Big Pun was also a Terror Squad member.
Fat Joe have worked with big names in the game such as Nas, Ja Rule, Krs-One, Jadakiss, Nelly and many more.

The first album Fat Joe dropped was Represent in 1993. The main hit song of this album is 'Flow Joe'. Fat Joe's debut album is a classic, despite of its less commercial success. The album contains guest appearances of D.I.T.C members. I think he was one of the first rappers to start a own label, his label Terror Squad Entertainment is signed with Relativity.
Fat Joe dropped his second album in 1995. It was called 'Jealous one's envy'.
In 1998 he dropped a album called 'Don Cartagena'
In 2001 he released the album called 'Jealous one's still envy'
In 2002 Fat Joe dropped a album called 'Loyalty, In 2005 Fat Joe also released a album called 'All or Nothing'. In 2006 Fat Joe came with another banger, which was called 'Me, My Self & I.



Monday, November 5, 2007

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I got to share my life experience you hip hop heads, because I would like you all to see the light just like me if you are not seeing it yet. I have been a trouble maker, since I got into high school. I do not understand why my behavior was so bad. I have no excuses for that. I was a friendly and social, but I had serious issues with the school rules and the law. Since I got into high school the first year I was not causing any trouble, but the last three years I did not much of home work. In really had no future vision. I only knew I want to become a rapper since I won my first talent show.

I was so focused on practising my rap songs. The school, the social life my family was totally neglected by me. I was almost in a situation that I lost the sense of reality. I could not see if I would get good grades that I had better chances to get into a college. Although my teachers told my parents that I should get more home work, because they had the feeling that I was missing the challenge at high school. I could not care. I had a pen and a pad. My rhymes was flowing and I was having fun. My father told me "if you want to make music you got to have a job to support your self". He was right. I had plenty of part time jobs, but I was always broke.

See the lifestyle I was living was the lifestyle of a lost one. As I look back, it was caused by the fact that there was no structure in my lifestyle, I was blinded by my passion to make music. I can not blame anybody for my behavior, not my neighbourhood nobody. I only blame my self for my ignorance and the misjudgement about the fact how important a education is. A good education can create you a plenty of chances. That is what I feel, because there are plenty of jobs. I only have a vocational diploma and I feel like I should have got at least a college degree, this will increase my chances a big time.

Anyway you got to realize as a hip hop head you can be anything you want in this world, so long you create chances and grab it. If you have dreams to become a rapper, let nobody shatter your dreams. Just make sure that you make your self easy to reach your goals. You do not have to struggle. There are plenty of chances in the western world. We only need to grab those chances. Getting a good education can create you great opportunities. Then your dreams can be reality.


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