Sunday, November 25, 2007

It is not easy to find people in the search engines like Yahoo, Google or MSN. I am constantly looking for some information about my favourite artists. I also search for less famous rappers. I was looking for a search engine, which makes it possible to find up to date information about my favourite rapper.

I found this website called This site makes it easy to find your favourite actor, model or rapper. If you like to find a writer, then this site is suitable too. I looked up for information about the east coast rapper called Rakim. I found some great search results. It was very interesting results. I found a link to the official website of Rakim. If you want to search you can search by a name or by tags. Once you type the name Rakim in the search box all the results appear. Then I clicked on the link Rakim. On this site Spock. You can add tags, rakim was tagged as east coast, William Micheal Griffin Jr., Five Percent, From Long Island, Rapper, African-American and more. Any user can vote for or against the tags. I think this is a great site. You can become a contributor as an user. You can add related websites, people and news to the search results. I am sure I do not need any other search engine any more. can simply find any artist I want. I find this site very helpful. Because I am always looking for information about artist. I am thankful to the people behind This way I can blog about all my favourite artist. Spock provides me so much helpful information I need.

Spock is a people search. It is great that Spock offers a free service. Now you can use this site to find your favourite rapper, DJ or fashion model. You only have to sign up for a free account. Then you can become a contributor. This site is not a social network, but it is possible to send messages. The search results are linked to other spots on the web.


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