Monday, November 5, 2007

I got to share my life experience you hip hop heads, because I would like you all to see the light just like me if you are not seeing it yet. I have been a trouble maker, since I got into high school. I do not understand why my behavior was so bad. I have no excuses for that. I was a friendly and social, but I had serious issues with the school rules and the law. Since I got into high school the first year I was not causing any trouble, but the last three years I did not much of home work. In really had no future vision. I only knew I want to become a rapper since I won my first talent show.

I was so focused on practising my rap songs. The school, the social life my family was totally neglected by me. I was almost in a situation that I lost the sense of reality. I could not see if I would get good grades that I had better chances to get into a college. Although my teachers told my parents that I should get more home work, because they had the feeling that I was missing the challenge at high school. I could not care. I had a pen and a pad. My rhymes was flowing and I was having fun. My father told me "if you want to make music you got to have a job to support your self". He was right. I had plenty of part time jobs, but I was always broke.

See the lifestyle I was living was the lifestyle of a lost one. As I look back, it was caused by the fact that there was no structure in my lifestyle, I was blinded by my passion to make music. I can not blame anybody for my behavior, not my neighbourhood nobody. I only blame my self for my ignorance and the misjudgement about the fact how important a education is. A good education can create you a plenty of chances. That is what I feel, because there are plenty of jobs. I only have a vocational diploma and I feel like I should have got at least a college degree, this will increase my chances a big time.

Anyway you got to realize as a hip hop head you can be anything you want in this world, so long you create chances and grab it. If you have dreams to become a rapper, let nobody shatter your dreams. Just make sure that you make your self easy to reach your goals. You do not have to struggle. There are plenty of chances in the western world. We only need to grab those chances. Getting a good education can create you great opportunities. Then your dreams can be reality.


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