Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I recently wrote a post about MC Serch. I would like to blog more about him. MC Serch has a great project going on. He is aware that there are various problems in the society. This project is about helping out the youth to get on the right path.

If your child or your friend's child is is off track and doing drugs, using alcohol, sexually active or involved in a gang. MC Serch can help you. He is mentoring kids to find the true purpose in life. MC Serch can mentor the children who need help. MC Serch advised those who have problems with getting their interracial relationship approved by their family. What MC Serch is really trying to do is flipping the negative picture into a positive one.

I think it is great what he doing to the community. This way he can make the youth get a positive attitude. For anyone who want to contact him to seek help. You can mail MC Serch at Please address the subject as "MC Serch".


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