Friday, May 30, 2008

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The host with the nicest brag and boast techniques,
ghost your rags and I focus on riches, the cold flaim,
scorching, aiming at your soul, punch lines burned your frame,
into ashes, you try to slam, *ish do not dashes,
supreme math blaster, I watch my rhymes stashes like gold in fort Knox,
I the hard rock, even a gigant can knock me off my feet,
You are a fool if you think I would bleed for your cony weed,
I see a whole fleet upon my D, the blood of the lamb, so scram, outta my face
the Asiatic original man child, is here to erase, the mediocre taste,
I blaze, the nappy headed kid with the dope,
hymens, dwell in the garden eden before Adam and Eve had a skin.



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yo!!!! the biggest hip hop fan, sling vocals like grams,
others can scram,cause they are filth like cow meat,
for real the deal, I make the globe go around like the sun and the moon,
I assume, you'll turn into fume like a cigarette after the lunch in the afternoon,
I am flyer than Alladin, or a witch on a broom, I animate you moves like a cartoon,
I am a goon, check the assassin in action like Genghis Khan,
while you are with your feet up maxing, I am busting down facts,
on wax to make more tracks, you just after me like a tail behind a rat,

Who is the one hard like a rock? Who do not give F**k?
My lines make you star struck like angel dust,
why you wanna touch my hair is plain to see!!!
Is it because I am your wife's favorite MC?
or is it because your sister wanna give her vertical lips to me?
anyway, your money ain't worth *ish to me? you poof, parrot ass MC.
Pauly better be off with a craker, you can't touch my breed,
you ain't even in my league, 5 foot MC, stand taller than, B-ball player on a Benzy,
I am humble like a servant, I know how to serve it, you all do not deserve it.



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I just checked out the Big Pun track 'Beware'. This track is flaming. The beat of this track is unique, it remind me of a watching a horror flick when I was 7 and getting the creeps and makes me some how mad nervous. This track is banging, why this is the base line and the sample of Prodigy. Which is "I gave you a fare warning beware". This sample adds mad flavor to this track.

The there is rare tone, or I'd rather say sample, that is a guitar loop from a synthesizer, I think. The baseline is heavy and this track is a classic. if you are into hip hop music from the nineties, this album inevitable. The whole "Capital Punishment" is a great album with original rhymes and the flow is mean. Like I said in a previous post. My Favorites are the debut albums of the east coast gangsta rap from the nineties. If you want to check out the song of Big Pun "Beware". Click here to check out the video on Youtube.com.

How this song end is dope, which is "you are facing a whole Army". I can remember 1998 was heck of a year for me. There were lots of dope rappers coming out. I even couldn't afford to cop those rappers.



Monday, May 26, 2008

I just checked out the song of Prodigy called 'Keep it Thoro'. This song is crazy phat. I think the beat is rather unique. This beat has a quite tight piano loop. This goes on and on like the one and two's. The best song of the H.N.I.C album. The lyrics are mad dope. He spits his clout quite tight. This song reps the Queensbridge, NY vibe to the fullest.

I just checked out the song The Bridge 2001, this track is blazing. The topnotch rappers from QueensBrige is represented on this track. From Prodigy to MC Shan. The best song for 2001, my favorite vocalist on this track got to be Tradegy Khadfi. His vocals sounds ruff on this track. The beat is not that impressive, although the drum is dope. The brass is a real old school sample. The vocals are dope. I do not know most of the times I think the first album are the dopest. I still can not seems to grow with the artists. The Mobb Deep's first album is a jewel. And the other albums are certainly not whack, but the first album was a preview of what is about to come. And the second album also contained dope songs, but there were not enough classic hip hop samples on it. It were filled with keyboard sounds. I think the first album has more AKAI MPC sounds on it.

Anyway Mobb Deep is one of the nicest rappers form New York and they became even larger after signing with G-Unit.



Saturday, May 24, 2008

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I was just checking out the movie Belly. It kind of liked the script. This seems to be more than reality. It is how it's going down in the projects. I think the acting is kind of whack. I liked that Jamaican Scarface figure. He is the nicest actor in this movie. And the issue about rappers acting is really whack.

I do not know why rappers wanna act. The money is the main motivation I think. There are actors who are way better than rappers can act. Rappers should be rappers and not actors. DMX and Nas can not seems to get the job done when it comes to acting. Most of the time is Nas telling a story. That seems to be all right, better than his acting. This movie remind me of a Scarface scene. When the Jamaican drug lord goes up in smoke is similar to a Scarface scene. I can not understand that Hype Williams is getting involved in this kind of scripts. I find the originality is lacking in the script. Rap music is now all about drugs, money and other vulgar stuff. While the true essence of the hip hop music dying. On the other hand hip hop music is becoming more of a reflection of the streets than having a good time. The fun part of rap music is missing nowadays.

I rather stick to Kung Fu movies from the '70 and '80 than watching movies of rappers playing a role of a gangsta. I like gangsta rap. But I do not like gangsta rappers acting in movies as a gangsta.



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Outkast one of my favorite groups from the south. This group set trend and influenced whole new generation of rappers from the south. I can remember when I heard the song
Southernplayalisticadillacmusic. It was in a summer in the early nineties. It was truly giving me a good mood and what a vibe. That moment I will never forget.

The group outkast is from Atlanta, Georgia. They were formerly known as OKB(OutKast Brothers). Later on they took the name OutKast. Music style of this group Outkast can be called mix of Dirty South and G-Funk. later on they added more influence to their music style such as electronic music, pop, jazz, rock, soul, funk and blues. The duo's name are Big Boi and Andre 3000. These rappers are not the average rappers, they received 6 Grammy's. Over 25 million copies have been sold of their 8 albums all over the world. Speaker boxxx/ love below has gone diamond. Outkast is getting props from people from all over the world for the great artistic work they put in.

Their first album Southerplayalisticadillacmusic was released in 1994. In 1996 Outkast released the album ATLiens. In 1998 Outkast released the album AQuemini.
Stankonia in 2000, even in darkness and the greatest hits in 2001. Speakerboxxx/ love below in 2003.



Friday, May 23, 2008

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Youtube is the greatest, why? any new video out you can find it on it. From the newest hip hop video to '70 kung fu flick. It is great I love it. I was checking out a old Kung fu movie called 5 deadly venom's. This was a great movie. The fighting scenes are real tight.

I was also checking out the the video of Jay-Z "off your shoulder". This is a dope song with hell of a beat. This remind me of a trumpet sound. Although I think it is not a sample of a live trumpet. The beat is dope. I never heard it in a club or what ever. I played it im my DVD player, but I think the nicest would be pumping it im my car or home stereo system. I think the beats of all the Jay-Z albums are quite new type of sounds. I would even label it as new school hip hop. It is very different from the traditional beats from DJ Premier or from Dr.Dre. I think the beat of the song 'Big Pimpin' has a Asiatic influence into it. I red that this video cost more than million Dollars. Man that is quite a budget, there are not many artist nowadays or in the past who could afford this type of a budget to shoot a video. This video is shot on a yacht and that is impressive and fits into the title of the song. I saw this song on YouTube.com. Not only for hip hop videos is Youtube the greatest.

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Wanna rhyme check this out, the slang slinger,
the dope poems ring bells like a postman, of course fam,
you peeps are off course man, I never slung a gram,
I ain't down with the rat race, I flow raps at a pace,
my vocals tight, frighten hero's, with a sight of a hawk,
I walk a talk on path, talk slang and ready to drop rapid raps,
on beats, put my songs on wax, my tracks rotate and shine like a gold plate,

off the dome or pre writing, my style lit up the space,
like the moon, I come like a goon strapped with vocals like a harpoon,
soulful like soul food, flavor major like fine dining,
give direction to rappers to take action, freeze the moment like a fraction,
of the momentum, so hold my raps in your mind like a thought,
I sum up the brag and boast *ish, most kids do not know what dope is,
so wrote this to show, glow with tactics and center your mental,

not that sentimental, tough like Teflon, not that warm,
my poems can heat my enemies, short the stuff they snorting,
ain't no bluff, I am doper than that crap, step back child,
I never act wild, I wrote your script, the gifted kid, who kicks,
grimy wisdom and uplift like a holy scroll, in motion like flick,
I rhyme slick.



Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yo!!!! I cook up mad flavors, the essence is blessed,
I need less words to make you taste, erase your face,
off the scene, I mean I need less words to paint a vivid picture,
that will rip ya weak scripture, and flip ya like a burger,
while I glean like a crown, watch you clowns trying fit,
and spit the words of a originator, I please eardrums,
for real, the deal, lead with vocals got the globe spinning like a wheel,
my third eye open, scoping my meal, heal a sick mind with slick rhymes,
spit lines, known to grind for my mines.

Yo!!!! I flow with tactics, the ill strategist,
the illustrious, magnificent, the bragadist,
serving rappers with clout, they do know what,
I am about, the raw vocalist, never heard non,
dope as this, supreme lyricist the king,
the crown holder, ruler, the Asiatic mathematics,
I sling, bring the linguistics into a vivid motion,
I am like magic, known to play with marbles,
got game and a steady aim, the icy flame,
burn so cold, I am such a quantum lyricist,
travel back and forth, seen the past,
never talk trash, stash is what a kid is after,
I am so sweet like candy, float on tracks like navy,
the pragmatic at this craft, this way I get paid see.



Monday, May 19, 2008

I am just begun, to run and grind for fun,
I get the job done, never talk the talk,
If I can't walk it, I spark like a laser sword,
the new hope for the future, there were none,
to teach me the craft of I strike the fake with the wrath,
like a thunder, the freestyle fan, about the drop the dope,
uncut like a pure dosage or should I say the serum,
play the back like a cerebellum, my eyes hurt from watching,
how weak rappers popping, kind of sloppy.

Do not even try to copy the thoro one son,
I come with lyrical scuds get shot like a Cannon, if you fly,
the world will witness the momentum, It doesn't matter if you are camera shy,
I stay in motion like a propeller, I use to drop poems of my dome,
to get my name known, in a plain form, slinging grammer,
check the format, dope raps, make you all clap,
so phat, and you know that, I never claimed I am all that,
dead somber, I come with tight raps, the quite hype brag and boaster,
I got enough reason to explain why rappers are laim,
and wanna claim the styles I got, the props keep a kid on the top,
no one can stop the flavor, I lace it, outcome is live and major,
the math I own got snakes slivering, flow like a wild river,



Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wu-tang Clan is one of my all time favorite rap groups, why this is I can explain. This group has the most realistic rhyme styles ever. It shows a vivid picture of the streets of New York is about. From the album "Enter the 36 Chambers of Death" to the album "8 Diagram" all the songs contains nothing but the 5% universal wisdom. I think the blend of martial art, Maffia mind state and the 5% wisdom shows the youth to maintain and keep a healthy mind.

I was checking the Internet for the Wu-Tang stuff and found something called Wu-Bible.
This explains all the slang words. If you are a Wu-Tang fan just check out the Wu-Bible for supreme slang of Wu-Tang. I think this group is one of the most memorable groups in Hip Hop. I think that Ghost Face Killah and Reakwon got kind of complicated rhyme styles. I do not know why they call it the WU-Tang bible it is more like a dictionary to me. I am a Christian and using the word Bible is a Holy scroll. No one should use that word unless is truly the Bible.

Check out the newest Wu-Tang album for more raw styles and pure lyrics. I think it is great to listen to WU-Tang clan. The beats are raw and non of that synthetic beats.



Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back in the days I was kind of not materialistic. I thought I had enough, while I had nothing but a dream. I thought that money couldn't make me happy. I thought I was under the spell of those whack rappers, who were broke and were jealous of rappers who are getting money steady.

Rappers like money, I like money, Do you like money? should I say do you like rappers who are getting money?. I think rap music blew up in the early nineties with rapper going major and becoming more commercial. This is great for all the new comers who were trying to get money and fame. The most original ones were still making it big, because they were separating their self from the herd that were following. I think after the rappers from the west coast were getting large making songs to hit the charts, the rap music changed drastically. I can not claim that gangsta rap started in the west. There were rappers like Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane that were also trend setting. Their music can be labeled as gangsta rap music. What gangsta rap can be categorized is that the lust for money. I think it is not a bad thing getting money with rapping. Most gangsta rappers rap about how they were getting money before they had a record deal. The worst thing about the gangsta rap music is that there are listeners who are taking these stories for granted and trying to follow these rappers as a role models. I think if you like money then I would try to become a rapper rather then becoming a stick up kid or drug dealer. Because rappers like money they started to rap. If you like money then I would become a rapper and rhyme about the streets as a person who reflect the street scene through the rhymes. If you never lived the streets you can not rhyme vivid about it like the kids who truly lived it.

If you want to become a rapper you do not have to become a rapper who rhyme about the streets. There are so much genres you can label your raps into. You can become who just brag and boast, or a Christian rapper, what ever you like. No matter what kind of rapper your are make sure you are dope rapper then you can shine and make money.



Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Awhile ago I wrote that Swissbeats were one of the weakest producers in the game of rap music. I got to say that is not totally true, because I was checking out the track Blackout on DMX album.

This track is flaming. This beat is the dopiest on the whole album. If you hitting the highway on a Saturday night on your way to the club or anywhere. This song will get you in the right mood to party all night. I think this track represents the ultra modern type of hip hop music. This is not that synthetic type of hip hop more like the blend of true essence of the raw types of hip hop what I to heard from RZA on the 'Only build for Cuban links' or the beat on the Nas' first album the song called
'Represent'. I think this song 'Represent' sounds the best on the cold winter day when you take a walk through the countryside.

There are lots of beats what I like. That is too much to mention. I think the beat of the song called 'Time is up' is great. The baseline is dope. I do not know, O.C sounds like a dietitian how he start this song. Anyway it is a song with a dope beat and lyrics.



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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I know this album is out for few years now. I have listened to it quite some times. I think there are some dope beats on it and some less dope ones. Anyway this album gives me a wall street corporate type of vibe than raw street stuff. The first song "A Dream" make me think of the A Tribe Called Quest song. I can not remember the title.

The song the "The Watcher 2" is a great song, I think that is because of the guest appearance of the legendary rap artist Rakim. I think it is great that this hip hop icon is willing to work with the new rap artists like Jay-Z. This album has a lots of guest appearances of commercial artists. The song Guns and Roses with Lenny Kravitz is rather a weird song. I do not think that rock artists fit in with these Gangsta rappers like Jay-Z. I think Lenny Kravitz has made great songs. He is a known name in the pop industry. I think he got nothing to do with the hip hop culture.

All the other artists who are featured on the album is either R&B artists or rappers.
This two disc album is has a great titles. The one is called "The Curse" and the other is called "The Gift". That is what the rap music is nowadays is about. The song "some people hate" has a great hook. This hook is Mad soulful I can enjoy this type of vibe.



Tuesday, May 6, 2008

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I can remember that Afrika Bambatta once said that God was rapping when he gave the ten commandments to Mozes. This statement remains in my mind for ever. I think letters to form words and words to form sentences and sentences to form a whole story is one of the great inventions for the mankind. This way the people can communicate with one and other.

In the hip hop culture there are 4 elements that forms the hip hop culture. First element is Break dancing, DJing, Rapping, graffiti. I think break dancing is one of the great ways to amuse people with the skills you own. Along with Djing, rapping, breaking and graffiti the hip hop culture is gone global since it is beginning. I can remember that I was in the eighties trying to learn break dancing. It was not quite simple. I also tried to master the art of Djing. Which seems to be quite complicated and which actually is. I can not imagine that anyone who try to master the skills of Djing who can do this within a week or month. Scratching is simple, but beat juggling is complicated. I also wrote graffiti, I think this is not that tough as DJing. I did not spend much time spraying graffiti on the walls, but I wrote it on the paper.

I have more fun with rapping, back in the days it was the only element of hip hop I spend my whole time to master. I think this is the most effective element of the hip hop culture. Why I think this is you can get your thoughts in form of a poem on the rhythm through to people who is enjoying this. I think the impact on the listeners can be huge, it is simple to influence the listeners with their opinion. Either the impact of the rappers' opinion can be positive or negative. I know that rappers like Chuck D was saying in a song to 'put the Buddah down'. This can be a statement to get rid of bad habits for those who is on that stuff. The hip hop culture is nowadays filled with the stereotypes who claim to be the next narc shipper or the next Frank Lucas. I think this is weak to take these rappers as an example and go on the streets and do that kind of stuff. I have been listening to rap music since the beginning of the nineties, but these rappers couldn't influence me to deal drugs or what ever. I was enjoying the rap music as a source of amusement and living the hip hop culture as a lifestyle. I did not follow any rappers with a negative message. I think rappers who do not have to contribute something positive to the hip hop culture need to shut their mouth up. Rapping remains to be the most effective element of the hip hop culture. This element can inspire the new rappers to influence the next school of rappers to be the leaders of tomorrow. Rappers can play a part of a role model to those who are looking for any direction. And for those who knows why some of the rappers are just playing a role and not writing the truth, then you can be every thing there are not, being original and creative.

I think rappers with positive massages are still the poorest ones. The masses are still ignorant, they do not want to see any good happen. They want a hear how the guns blow and further more. I think the rapping can be great to wise up the listeners or destroy the young minds. However you as the new rapper with a deal you can make a difference with your raps on the beats. I know there can be no good with out evil, but it seems like nowadays every rapper is evil or wicked.



Sunday, May 4, 2008

When it comes to writing about one of the rappers who went from rags to riches. The hip hop fans can not afford to not to mention Jay-Z. He was growing up in the projects of Marcy, Brooklyn and became a hip hop mogul. Jay-Z was selling drugs and dreaming about a hip hop career. He is one of the most successful rappers of now.

He is not only a rapper, but also a great entrepreneurial master mind. He started the hip hop record label Roc-a-Fella records with his childhood friends Damon Dash and Kareem 'Biggs' Burke . He dropped some hip hop classics and his latest album was 'The American Gangster'. I think he is one of the greatest examples of rags to riches stories of nowadays. People in France call it Nouveau Riche. This means the new riches. He was also the president of the major hip hop record label Def Jam.



Back in the days I couldn't come up with one line of freestyle rhyme. I do not know why?. I think it was, because I drank too much and my mind was wasted. I looked up to rapers like Supernatural, that was an extraordinary talent in free styling. He was one of the crown holders. The rappers like Supernatural only making battle rap songs and seems not to come up with one targeted topic. I can enjoy free style rap music. I think it is more of an art to stick to a topic in a song. I tried this is it was quite a challenge. The great thing about the hip hop culture is the diversity of the sub genres in the hip hop culture. So it doesn't matter that a rapper can not stick to a topic. They can write freestyle rhymes, there still will be people that would enjoy free style raps.

Awhile ago I was trying to learn to freestyle off top of my head. On my way from work and visa verse I was trying to free style. This was just bragging about how dope I can rap and the other rappers can't. I was getting a hang of it and I found my self slipping over words like Yo! and the Microphone. I was constantly repeating these words after every 5 lines. I decide to practice harder and harder to not to get stuck on these words. I think rap is the greatest element of the hip hop culture.
And free styling is a art and a skill you got to develop to become a dope performing artist. If you want to impress the crowd with something extra then off top of the dome rapping is a great way. I can remember a Dutch rapper named Def P. He was communicating with the crowd and asking if anybody can come up with a word for him to free style about. So someone in the crowd screamed two words dildo and peanut butter.
He stared to freestyle about these words. It was funny.

I have been trying to free style for awhile and I am getting a hang of this. As more as I get to develop the skills of off the dome rhyming less impressive it becomes for me. And the rappers who battle each other can not impress me that much with their skills of off the dome rhyming. Few months ago I saw a battle between Wordsworth and a unknown rapper. This unknown rappers was cursing the whole time. It was nothing but negativity in his lyrics. I thought that Wordsworth was kind of standing above the lyrics of this unknown cat.

Right now I am more into rap songs with targeted content. The song such as 'The investigated report' of GZA's album is a good example. This song is a true hip hop classic. So I am not going to practice to rhyme off top of the dome anymore.



Saturday, May 3, 2008

I think NWA is one of the greatest rap groups ever. I was heavily influenced by the ideology behind this revolutionary way of rhyming of this rap group. I still think that there are still no other hip hop groups that was so out of the box thinking than them. Mostly I liked the idea of that anti house N****r state of mind.

I think they was making a true statement with those raps. I think being a slave is not good, but being a house slave is even worse. It is like dieing on your knees. Even Public Enemy was to subtle comparing to N.W.A. Public Enemy was kind of preaching and NWA was rapping. I think they represent the true street vibe of Los Angels. What I like about the Gangsta rap of N.W.A is the cause and the effect of this modern society. I think the minorities are not welcome in the land of the American Dream. Although there are people there for centuries they are still isolated. That is what the N.W.A is trying to saying with their rhymes.

The song F**K The Police is one of the most memorable songs of N.W.A. I think this shook up the whole world and placed fear in the heart of FBI, CIA and the other government authorities. The reason why N.W.A wrote this song is plain to see. They did not write this song to hit the charts and make a quick buck. But they did made good money and got the attention of the whole world. I think the reason is that the police brutality is real. Every member of a minority group in America is a suspect of dealing drugs or any other crime. It is a fact that the most of the people are convicted are minorities. The main reason is that these people are seeing no other outcome to make a living. When if you go out to the get a job and there are people calling you names like N****r or what ever. They expect you to bow your head. Some say that they wouldn't be racial in America and that the institution says all people are created equal. What kind of hypocrite has come up with that.

N.W.A remains great. Only for few years after they had some solo success. Dr.Dre did a good thing making Snoop Doggy Dogg a big name. I think he showed a whole different side of his the rap game by signing Marshall Mathars. Once again he chose the side of the minority by signing him, why the white people are a minority in rap music. I bought the first two albums of him and the other ones were not worth it. The beats of the first album was minimalistic, although it was produced by Dr.Dre. N.W.A made a firm foundation for the next school of rappers to build on.



Friday, May 2, 2008

I was never a fan of cartoons, even when I was about five I'd rather play with my pretty niece house than watch crap like Spiderman. I can remember once I was playing with my niece one of my cousins want to play with us. I refused he played with us. Because I am the one my niece want to play with and no one else. So I told my cousin to go to hell. Find someone else to play with. Then I was about five or six. Now I am about thirty I think he still hates me for that.

Two years ago I was in my homeland for a wedding of one of my cousins. That cousin that I want let play with my niece was there too. He asked if I would sit with his ex-girlfriend and few of his friends. I do not care, although his friends are not my type of people. I just sat down with them and drank few of that Danish brews. I tried to start with this cousin I mentioned before. He ignored me. That was all right I do not get mad though except when it comes to women.

Weeks later there was the annual feast of our church in our old neighborhood. I was walking alone towards the church. I came across my cousin that I mentioned before again. Although I had curly hair when I was young, I am getting bolder. I asked my cousin, why one of his cousins had shaved his head? Is it because he is also getting bolder? He ignored my question for the second time. I thought it is all right man. That is it. I decide to not to ask him nothing anymore. I am a big fan of Godfather movies. I can remember that Micheal Corleone was saying in a scene never underestimate the power of forgiveness. These are words of wisdom. I think my cousin need to go watch that movie and he need to forgive me if I did something wrong. I still think he is mad of that fact that I would not let him play with me and my niece.

I was not missing anyone one form my homeland since I got here in the nineties. I was having a good time here where I live. I listened to the song of Micheal Jackson "I'll be there". Then I realized that I was not there for my niece or anybody. I now starting to feel alone. Although I have my parents and sisters few miles away from me. I do not care either. I had a youth with no worries and mad fun. Till one of my friends committed suicide. It took my years to get over it. I think family is important, but there are moments that they can get into your nerves. I had six cousins from my fathers side and except for one I smacked all of them. That was how we use to play. I think those childhood memories remain for ever. In my old neighborhood there are good times and bad times.

I have family in Germany I can visit them. I do not want it. With those ones that lives in Germany and Italy are excepting me to come visit them. I think it always got to come form one side. I was thinking for a while to go to Italy for work. I have overgrown of the culture of my people form my homeland is living even they are abroad. I think they are refusing to assimilate to the culture of the country they are living in. I see me self as a assimilated European. I think even if I would go to Italy I would not fit in with the people of my home country. The way some of my people speak their language can really annoy me.



Thursday, May 1, 2008

I was kind of overlooking the pop culture. I was just checking out the music of Micheal Jackson. It is not the dance moves that impress me. It is the hard to get lyrics with a unique kind of accent. I think if you are true dedicated fan of Micheal Jackson you can get the lyrics what he is singing if the listeners listen to it over and over again.
I think this pop icon has inspired hell of a lot pop artists.

I think anyone who is trying to live up his standard is failing or rather say falling into a commercial shit hole. He has been inspiring the new pop generation. As a hip hop fan I would not even think about becoming another rapper who is trying to major like Micheal Jackson. I think the R&B singers are heavily inspired by Micheal Jackson. The Most new artists are straight garbage. I think the commercial influence is dominating the true essence of R&B. I am not trying to sound like my grand pa. Can you name a new R&B singer that has soul like Minnie Ripperton. I am not a Minnie Riperton Fan. I just heard of her through a song of Kanye West. What I am saying is, is the word love to be sold out by these weak artist who is trying to make a quick buck?

In the nineties there was a trend that almost every rap song in the charts had a R&b guest appearance on it. This type of moves was kind of attractive to the commercial rap artists with minor originality and those was started out from the core of the hip hop music, they were kind of forced to move along with the stream of mainstream artists. I still think it is kind of selling your soul to the devil. Those rap artists were the ones that forgot about the true purpose of the hip hop music. As far as I know the kids in the seventies were sick of hearing the same old song. Peeps like Double Trouble started to rhyme and come with new stuff. They were sick of the stuff on the radio.

I think only a few can hold the crown when it comes to rocking the charts in the pop culture. I do not know in what kind of environment this type of extraordinary talent grows. That is so far as the pop culture goes. All I know is that rap music nowadays is born form the dirt of the inner city. With dirt I mean drugs, guns and violence.
I can not say that beatles were starving in the slums of Liverpool or what ever they are from. I can say that rap music is alternative way to succeed for the inner city youth. These people are suffering a social isolation. The majority is driving these people towards to this kind of lifestyle. I mean the drugs, guns and violence. From these types of environment the talents brew up. I can not imagine that bunch of rich kids from Beverly Hills can come up with original street stuff like kids for Jackson Heights.

Anyway I think I need to go buy the whole collection of Micheal Jackson. That would not inspire me to make a pop record, but that will definitely contribute to my common knowledge of the pop culture. Don't you think the carp artist like R. Kelly is killing the fans with whack love songs. I really do not care how ghetto fabulous his image is I think he is not making any original songs. I can go on naming names but, that would not stop the record labels form signing these carp artists.


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