Thursday, May 29, 2008

The host with the nicest brag and boast techniques,
ghost your rags and I focus on riches, the cold flaim,
scorching, aiming at your soul, punch lines burned your frame,
into ashes, you try to slam, *ish do not dashes,
supreme math blaster, I watch my rhymes stashes like gold in fort Knox,
I the hard rock, even a gigant can knock me off my feet,
You are a fool if you think I would bleed for your cony weed,
I see a whole fleet upon my D, the blood of the lamb, so scram, outta my face
the Asiatic original man child, is here to erase, the mediocre taste,
I blaze, the nappy headed kid with the dope,
hymens, dwell in the garden eden before Adam and Eve had a skin.


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