Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I heard once Krs-One said that rap music is a set up. It depends on how a hip hop fan or rappers view this statement. I think the way Krs-One explain this fact he feels victimize by his own success. This is why he claims that rappers are in danger. I think the listeners and all the fanatics trying to make it are the ones who are in danger. If you stand alone there is no one in your family or in your environment who are familiar with the rap music business, then it can be quite stressful job to make it top to the on your own.

I have seen this too often around me kids who started to sell drugs, because they tried to live up too the examples of the rappers who are blowing up with gimmicks. In this case there are too many kids who do not have a chance in the rap music business, because they get hooked when they start to sell drugs and to their ideals they can say good bye. If they only get hooked there is always rehab for them. It gets even worse than that it can end up in a war. Some of the rappers out nowadays want to be the next Tony Montana or Frank Lucas. Still there is no such thing as a set up. Because it is truly a weakness to have the neighborhood thug appeal or want to be ghetto fabulous. There are plenty of choices for the kids in the urban America. So the media hype and the misogyny lead rappers to act a certain way for the money. This is not a sign of a set up but more of an wrong choice what rappers and the listeners make to love the violence and crime in rhyme. I can say it is quite ridiculous when you see Philippines kids dressed up like Mexican gang members and trying to put a hit on a kid who did nothing wrong to them. This happened in small country town, where they do not play rap music in the clubs or where ever. I witnessed this, as far as I know this kid they tried to put a hit on never touched their girl or called their girls female dogs. Rap music is not a set up, but more of a reflection of the media hype of Hollywood drama. There are only few who are really close to the roots of the hip hop culture and treat this as a blessing and they are not out for fame or the money they want to show the world what work is and dedication is most of all they want to deliver a dope rhyme which can uplift the minds and entertain the people. Even Jay-Z say that rap music is a half of a curse, no this never can not be. I think he is blessed with a special gift that whole lots of kids are dreaming of. There is price to be paid and this comes with this gift. The price of the fame is that media will constantly follow the rappers and fans will come to for a autograph. This price can not be a curse or a set up. To become a famous rapper is a grown mans choice and a young kids dream. I think Krs-One and Jay-Z can not appreciate the gift they are blessed with or they want to make sure that the youth who are willing to make rap music their occupation will get stressed and give up because they are afraid that a kid comes through and take their market by force showing his true dedication and the skills.

When it is a set up there will be quite a few choice left to for the urban kids, thanks to the racist economic wealthy countries one choice is left out which is getting a regular job. The minorities are forced to live up to the media hype and do the typical things what their own ethnicities do, this will make them a part of their community but they are not able to function as a individual. These things got to do with the choices what a person make. I think even in the most racist countries as USA there is room for minorities to find their way if they do not point the finger at someone else instead of looking at their selves. Lacking individuality can be the blame for people blaming the society for their own mistakes. There is a limit for everything if you trying to be the hero and take the justice in your own hand it can look like a plot or set up for the victimized citizens. Let’s say if your colleagues at Burger King throw racist terms at your dome, this can be painful plus and can make you angry. If you trying to play the judge and put sanctions on them with violence. Soon or later this person will get caught by the authorities and will have to do time. This is a classic sample of a setup. That rappers feel victimized by rap music and call rap music a set up sounds like Mel Gibson being paranoid in the movie 'Conspiracy Theory'. This is also a sign of a heroin addiction or Schizophrenic symptoms.



Sunday, July 27, 2008

I heard from some old school fans that Wu-Tang Clan is heavily inspired by X-Clan. Anyway why Wu-Tang Clan is my favorite rap group of all time can be explained. In the nineties when I was crazy about the west coast hip hop culture. The east coast struck with a live influence of the Shaolin martial arts and the five percent teachings. This gave me a whole another meaning and this was a major turn point to my flavor of rap music.

The affiliation with Shaolin martial arts meant discipline and control of the mind, body and soul. The Wu tang clan members could explain the game of chess like it was a sword fight. I interpret this like free style rapping off top of the head. Although I never practiced this art. Untill couple of months ago. I happen to get hang of it within 3 months. It is really a challenge. I do not practice this art no more it is no more challenging when you master the art of free styling of top of the head. The sample ‘Game of chess is like a sword fight’ This was the most memorable sample of the debut album of Wu-tang clan. The whole concept knowledge wisdom and understanding is put in a bright light and explained through parables and metaphors with rhymes on beats by Wu-Tang Clan. It is my own habit to appreciate the debut albums more than the follow ups. In Wu-Tang Clans case it is the also like that. Wu tang clan set trend with their wally shoes, hoodies and the PLO style. I think except for Masta Killa and GZA all the Wu members got their own style which is unique. If I have to pick my favorite Wu Member it would be a tough choice because they can not be compared with one and another. I think the rhyme style of Reakwon is the nicest. Because this is typical New York ghetto slang. He can tell a story without exaggerating and without emphasizing the drama of the people of the ghetto's. It is very realistic and has much flavor.

The debut album contain samples from the Shoalin movies and even from a Jackie Chan movie. The beats are mega tough and only Wu-Tang Members are able to rhyme over those beats. This album contains hip hop classics like 'Can it be all so simple man'. This song is laced with dope piano loops and the base line is deeper than the Ocean it self. Above all the solo projects of the Wu-Tang clan members I appreciate the whole clan's work more. They form a chemistry which is never heard before in the history of the hip hop culture. RZA is multi talented person with much preciseness and he knows what fans want to hear. One of the most influential rappers of the Wu-Tang Clan is Killah Priest. Although was not featured on the most Wu-Tang albums, but his solo debut album is truly an underground classic. The productions are tight and the vocals are deep. For me the most memorable line is 'Watch hell freeze over....'.

Wu-Tang Clan has gave birth to other groups which are spin offs such as Killa Army, Sunz of Men, Royal Fam, Gravediggaz, American Cream Team and Theodore Unit as far as I know. These groups are all a great contribution to the hip hop culture. The second album of the Wu-Tang Clan is not so raw as the first one because there were too much synthesizer beats on it. However the song 'It is yours' contains a beat which is dope as uncut raw stuff.



Thursday, July 24, 2008

I have been listening to Mobb Deep since they came out with their second album. This album is the most nicest album. The other albums are straight whack. The beats are produced sloppy and it has too much of the synthetic beats and it need more depths. The metaphors are really simple they do not offer anything to think about and the whole allure they got on their second album and the magic is lost.

Prodigy really chose the wrong name, because he is the most mediocre rapper coming out of Queens. His affiliate Big Noyd seems to be way head of his time only he is young. If it wasn't for the beats he would not a sell any unit. I can not imagine that Big Noyd waited since 1996 to year 2002 or something to drop his solo album. This affiliation with Mobb Deep shows his weakness for money. I think he is depending from Mobb Deep to pave his way. I had some respect for him. If he came out as a solo artist with out any affiliation with Mobb Deep. Anyway Prodigy seems not be a lyrical wonder child at all. There is only one king coming out of Queens that is Phife. I hate the fact that he call him self a Dog. I really can not see any resemblance of a dog in him. I knew a friend of my eldest cousin he used to rap. His name is Sam and this guy got skills. I think Prodigy wished that he could rhyme like this dude. Anyway he gave up rapping for a business in insurance. I am saying I know kids from hood who have way better skills that cony as rappers like Necro, Kill Bill or Prodigy. I am thinking that Mobb Deep is kind of selling out. I copped their album 'Amerikkka's nightmare'. This album also contains synthetic sounds and too much garbage kind of rock influences. I am starting to get irritated by some of the rap artists who blow up and forget the right ingredients and lose their original fan base who copped their first albums so that they can buy a Lexus.

I think there are still rappers who rhymes dope and still get nice beats from the producers, because they got their heart in the right place for the hip hop crowd. I dare that Mobb Deep make another album similar to Infamous. I think even a white girl would rap better than Prodigy on the third album called 'Murda Muzik'. I heard a song song called 'We Are The Truth' on Tradegy Khadafi's album. The hook of this song is rapped by Mobb Deep. That song spoiled the whole Khadafi's album. It sounds like a 5 years old children trying to be serious at a birthday party while Homie the clown is around. I think I need to go and cop rappers like Paul Wall and Eminem to feel Prodigy and Havoc nowadays. Then it would not be fair to compare Prodigy and Havoc with those garbage rappers. Mobb Deep really need to find more inspiration from the Infamous album. This album contains beats such as 'Give up your goods' and these are classics. Maybe Scott Free saw it all falling down through his crystal ball. That is why he would not produce another song for them on no album after.



Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I woke up this morning and checked out some topnotch stuff. Back in 1997 I heard the first Capone and Noreaga album. This album remains a classic. The rhymes are real street rhymes and much depth about the struggle. The song called T.O.N.Y is one of the dope songs on this album 'War Report'. Back in 2000 when I was kind of lost and wonder how to make some money. Thanks to this album I found my way.

I realized that I do not have to do what these kids go through. I realized that I have plenty of chances in this society. I did not have to sell dope. I do not have to car jack or any crime stuff these kids have to go through. Unlike other kids that use the rappers as they role models. I never did that. I only had to fight the rappers lyrically to get my name known. I am from the sub urbs. Thanks to God there is no crack, crime or anything else in my neighborhood. I am crazy about rap music. Simply I can relate to rappers from the ghetto's, because they seems to have to deal with lots of dirt. Even for the Ghetto kids they are responsible for their own destiny. I think even planets and stars can not decide for these kids to succeed in anything they do.
I compare my self with the most fortunate people on this planet and realize that I am not doing bad. I think money can make the things lot easier. First of all making it easy to make money can get you any where you want.

Back in the days people like Calvin Broadus and Minister Farrahkan was trying to band rap, because the rappers have a bad influence on the kids. I can remember that there was a bulldozer running over a bunch of cd's. This is really ridiculous, because they can not stop all the violence in the streets. They need to take the crime out of the streets, before anything. Rap is a music stream which portrait a vivid picture liver than Rembrandt about the streets. I never heard that rappers like Kool G Rap smuggled ship full of China white into States. So are these hypocrites going to stop the Hollywood producers putting out movies like Reservoir Dogs and Usual Suspects. I think rap music is not only entertainment, but also a education. For me it is like hearing the things what I do not have to do. Hearing the law books over and over again. If I hear

I have to face 7 long years in prison
that means for me that this rapper done the wrong thing and the consequence is loosing his freedom from the crime he done. I take the struggle of some rappers as examples what can happen if making the wrong choice. Even the most negative rappers can mean some sort of positive message for me. The positive thing can be the getting not involved in the crime stuff they are into. I you listen to a 'Onyx' album and do all the things they do you will be end up in prison without a doubt. What I mean is the whole responsibility is in the hand of the listener. Do not expect your parents to watch everything you do. Rather blame your self for the mistakes you made and learn form some of the rappers what to do and what not to do



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

I think hip hop music is the ultimate lifestyle for the youth of the inner city to the sub urbs. I think all that fashion does not got to do anything with the lifestyle of a hip hop fan. I have never been a fan of the fashion part of he hip hop culture. I think having a pair of Timberlands does not make me more or less hip hop then wearing 20 Dollar Dunlop shoes.

It is more of the essence of the hip hop culture what I am after not the glitter and glamour. I think it is great for the artist who set up their own clothing lines and become well known entrepreneurs like Tommy Hilfiger or Armani. But I am glad to have the newest album out rather than having the newest Air Force ones. This fashion aspect is something of a media hype and sometimes I think it is like following the heard like a sheep to wear the latest fashion. Psychologically speaking maybe it got to be something of a inferiority complex to follow the latest fashion. Those who feel the need to dress like the stars they are afraid to be left out. The way I set trend is not even not to kept up by the stars. I wore my printed T-shirts outside the sweater back in 1993. It took 8 years Jay-Z to dress this way. So I think I am not a follower of these fashion trends, but rather a trend setter. No matter how much money I get I still would not follow the fashion trends in the hip hop music.

I worked at a street ware store back in 1997 and I could ware the latest fashion from Fubu, Pelle Pelle or Tommy Hilfiger. Even the not-hip hop fans were wearing these brands to belong with the heard. This really can not impress me. I worked to make money to buy the latest album not for the fashion issues. Because Flava Flave was wearing a clock on his chain does mean I am going to where a clock. Or if LL Cool J wears FuBu doesn't mean that I have to dress in FuBu. I think the fashion stuff is all media hype and it really does not got to do anything with the hip hop culture.


Grimy rhyme

Friday, July 18, 2008

Grimy rhyme analyist, grinding all the time the rebel is,
the dopiest since them old school rappers, not the gun clapper,
the illest making you chill with philly,
making heads nod drop rough raps,
I never stop getting pros, the topnotch intoxicant like scotch,
wise and woke, got you tripping and flipping, cause I wrote,
the vocals to rock the globe,

the known name aim at a lame one and rain on them like they are the blame son,
Got lady's on jock like a head on frame, I entertain, burn like petroleum,
not like a aero plain, the therow one here to explain the unseen,
I glow like a sun ray, I get not played, I display the weakness of rappers,
through my raps, why all that gun clap, I never run my mouth,
for the fast buck, got people stuck with a dream and no hope,
no joke the sorrow seems deeper than drama,



Thursday, July 17, 2008

I have been watching the movie Malcolm X for the third time and this movie leaves permanent memories. It is the most impressive work of Spike Lee who plays a role in this movie as shorty. This movies is incredible, the script is very detailed and shows the visions of Honorable Elijah Mohamed very well. I believe these teachings of the leader of the Nation Of Islam is true to a certain level. The indoctrination is to save the people, the dark skin or the black people out the social imprisonment.

I really can appreciate these teachings, because these teachings are meant to uplift the people out of the gutter. I think some rappers nowadays needs to go check the teachings, because I think they are lacking the knowledge of it self. There are lots of hypocrisy in the rap music. And to sort out those contradicting state of mind of the rappers nowadays need a good lesson in the history of rap music and they beliefs need to put on a higher level. This can be reached by reading the wisdom of Nation Of Islam. I think the claiming that one race is superior to another is not dealing with equality. I believe that Nation Of Islam is explaining this into fine details to understand for us. Click here to check out what the Five Percent Teachings are about. I checked out the site of Five Percent Nation and read the disclaimer of the the site and it says "That the Five Percent Nation is not Pro-Black nor Anti-White". I believe as a hip hop fan dealing with equality is one of the corner stones of the hip hop culture. I think only in rap music we got the chance to express our selves about any racial issues any other social issues. I feel a great connection with the Five Percent Teachings.

Due to my beliefs I do not claim that I am Pro-Black or Anti White.



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I think hip hop music fans are an minority, I see these people as select few who are chosen to hear the truth. I think most rebellion rappers are enslaved to major labels by signing deals to work for petty cash relatively speaking. The major companies like Sony and other white owned music labels are making big cake and while rappers end up in war and blessed and cursed with a slice of the pie and messed up life style of materialism and most of all drug abuse

These rappers such as NWA is a group that end up in war with each other. I can remember that NWA was together and they called Ice Cube Benedict Arnold. This assault was kind of a weak one, because after years it seems to be Dr.Dre. I can say that he feels like we got a give chance to the minorities in the society, but signing a white rapper is the most Uncle Tom move ever in the history of rap music. I think rap music is something of the minorities in the whole world. And rappers like Eminem is only a minority in rap music and not a minority in the racist wealthy countries. And rap music is not a white music stream and there are plenty other chances for white kids to succeed in and they are the most economically fortunate ones and there are plenty of kids who do have way better skills than Eminem they are not having a chance in the hip hop music business, because the white owned labels are looking for the light skin puppy to sell the most records and the kids who do have the skills are taking their own weight up and set their own labels and become moguls in the game of rap music although not succesful they do not become the next Bill Gates or who ever. I consider these rappers as the true ones. And the thorough ones.

In Dr.Dre's case I think he is a sellout signing a white rapper. I think this was a commercial move, because this was the chance for mediocre majority to buy a mediocre artist. I think Eminem is not an extraordinary rapper with much impressive skills. I think his music is just another Elvis clone rap stuff. I am waiting till the next rhyme prophet comes to deliver the message. Not a another Primus Fan coming to act like he has worn his cousins second hand clothes and lived off food coupons and had to do dirt to get his money up and get his name known. What Eminem has to rap about is how he got drunk at the prom night and acting funny with his rhymes and brag about how bad he is. This is something for the punk fans than for the supreme order of the hip hop fans. That even Nas has worked with Eminem is a major disappointment for me. Who through up his fist do not work with artist with such a minimalistic skills and a corny persona.



Monday, July 14, 2008

One of the influential rappers I respect is Ice-T. He brought the west coast rap to a major level. The term O.G was instantly blown even for the people who never read Ice Berg Slim. I think he could even label him self as Rakim of west coast. I think the statement he made on one of his songs 'Black men we all related'. This was the whackest statement ever. I rather go for a statement Killah Priest made 'we all have the same skin? we all have the same king?. I never called anyone my brother, because I do not have one.

Anyway what I do not understand is the hip hop artists constantly trying to break the fundamental values through starting to make rock music. For Ice-T's case is that he started to make rock music with the Body Count. This means a major downfall for his image as a hardcore rapper. He set trend with his album called Original Gangster. Since he started to make Rock music, His original fan base felt like he is trying to gain broader attention from the mainstream audience. I think he was already a commercial rapper and making moves to make rock music really can harm his status and the respect from the hip hop fans. This is also the case with Mos Def. His first album contains dope tracks such as a collabo with Busta Rhymes. His second album was the worst hip hop album I ever heard. Even Vanilla Ice can be labeled more hip hop than Mos Def, who I started to respect as a major underground idol.

Another rapper who chose the side of the rock music. I am a true hip hop fundamentalist I rather not have the true essence of the hip hop culture goes up in flames and rather not listen to rap music with rock backgrounds. Why I have so much respect for rappers like Rakim, Nas and Blu and Exile is these rappers make hits to preserve the hip hop culture in it's authentic form and I think there should be space for rap music to expand out it's boundaries through influences of black music. Soul, Jazz, B-bop, Doo Wop, R&B, Gospel, funk and there is enough new sub genres that can be created without breaking the fundamental values of the hip hop culture.



Saturday, July 12, 2008

I think Phife Dog and Snoop Doggy Dogg and DMX are great rappers. The thing I can not understand why they call their selfs dogs. I am not scared of dogs in general. My father was a dog lover, he had a few dogs. You might expect having dogs around your house would make me love them too. No matter how cute these animals were I never touched those animals no matter what.

I did not this consciously, I think there are filthy. The way they smell. I think even cats are animals no matter how clean they are. I think it is not something for the civilized rappers to call them selfs dogs. Yesterday I bought the documentary planet earth. The first animal I saw was the polar bear. I had to puke when I saw these animals, maybe it was the energy drink I drank. I do not know why I am not a much of a animal lover.



Thursday, July 10, 2008




Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I red few years ago an article that hip hop music alienate the youth from the society. I think this can not be true, because hip hop community is a society. It can be true that people can lose the sense of reality, when they are in touch with an art and they are living for that art and willing to do anything to keep that art authentic and preserve it from the vultures who are willing to destroy it and abuse it for their own wealth.

So far as the alienation consider, when it comes to the hip hop music no one can alienate me from this culture. I am an one man movement and although my budget is not large I still can contribute to the hip hop culture in other ways than buying albums daily. I think my mother thinks that hip hop is another name for having sex. She wonder why I call my blog I feel quite alienated from the society there are no people who I can relate to. Only I can relate to are the rappers, because they are born into the dirt just like me. If you know hunger you will feel the struggle. And born into a racist society people judge you by the background and racial ethnicity can cost you lots of hair and health. I have been chasing a dream having a job and live like the working class people. This is not even possible, when the cocky white kids at your work call me a Ni**er in my face and gossip about me behind my back, gossiping is a habit that every society got to deal with, but throwing racial terms at your dome can hurt my soul. The bosses are looking for someone to do the dirty job. I am really a humble kid, that is my nature. I can not seems to take all the racial terms all the way long from the cocky Caucasians.

I feel like I'd rather be alienated than being a modern house slave for this society who thinks that I only deserve the minimum wage. In my case I know some people who gets alienated in the hip hop culture, since they have no friends. These kinds of people always needs someone around them to show them the way. I never had that kind of cousin or brothers to show me the way. That way I feel that I failed comparing the mediocre standers the majority set. I made lots of mistakes like skipping classes and even passing my math exams drunk. I never knew how to choose the right friends, if they were hip hop fans I was willing to hang out with them. Some kids I knew they only were after the money and their older cousin or brother were cooking for them and they ran studios from houses. I feel like these studio rappers were the alienated ones, they never come out hanging and getting drunk in public with the regular kids like us. They truly got the house slave mentality and they never felt how much stressful it gets and how it feels one of your friends throw him self front of the train. These studio gangstas only know happy times. They do not know what it is like to grow up with no family around you.

And then you have these upper class brothers talking black supremacy, while their label owner is white. They never talked to a kid from the ghetto and they do not have the spine to set up their own labels to make a start of their career. Once this reminds me of the song of Gravediggaz song '12 Jewels'. It said the "old man from Sudan didn't knew the basic principles of the economy". Being your own boss that is the major economical achievement is about. Working for the white man and calling your self black activists and pumping your fist is just lack of awareness and political consciousness. In this modern society rappers are almost doomed to sell their soul to the labels, when a rappers is hungry he will be easily convinced by the A&R's and other record label people. I think the true potential of a socially, economically and politically aware artists does not where the money is running, but where the hearts of the hip hop fans are running. That is preserving of the hip hop culture as an authentic culture and reminding the fans what the true purpose of the hip hop culture is about, which is peace, love and unity. With these three keywords there is no alienation possible for the hip hop fans not even the majority alienates them.



Monday, July 7, 2008

The brag and boaster, most of rappers can not come close to,
anyone oppose get dealt with, the real stuff I kick,
wickeder than black magic, words turn into a tragic,
status of madness, the one guy that can overcome eternal blackness,
the activist with the fist up in the air,
beware my rage liver than a lion,I stare at fine chicks,
that denying who fly a angelic scarface is,
the nappy headed slave with blood of a prince,
my interest in skins and a benz is immense,
set trends even designers of fine lines wanna be on,
I 'll be on a level beyond a rebel can agree on,
see on further then a lens can focus,
eyesight of a eagle, never evil, but treat people equal,
wetting fakers like a regal gear, fakers wanna be the eyes,
in my rear of my head, I got two eye's the third on shine a bright light,
for ones behind me,

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

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Gravediggaz Twelve Jewelz

Friday, July 4, 2008

What I like about this song is this song ends with the line 'He works like a slave and eats like a king'. Really only a small percentage of the world population is free, and that freedom can be achieved by if you obtain the twelve jewels like RZA raps in this song. This song contains a story about a old man from Sudan. That he didn't have no knowledge of the basic knowledge of the economy. I can relate to this old man. If you work like a slave only thing you can do is eat like a king.

In the modern society there are other things we want to obtain and those are material things. This can truly cause chest pain from stress chasing these material stuff. I think there is no need to know anything about the world economy to obtain these twelve jewels. The knowledge of it self can get you there. This song is a jewel this song let you know what you need to obtain to achieve happiness. Gravediggaz always spread love and wisdom to uplift the people. This song is a great example.


My new laptop

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Today I drove about 300 km to get an ipod touch, first I wanted an Iphone, but it is not available yet in holland not the 16gb version. So I decide to Eindhoven to get a Ipod touch. I had the map printed out, but I was lost. I saw a computer shop on the corner and I went there asked if they sell Ipod touch 32 GB version. No was the answer. I was not mad though, I saw this mini laptop and I was looking for a one. This is really a fun thing. The brand is called ASUS. I never knew what country manufactured these kinds of laptops. It seems to be Taiwan. I was hoping to get an Ipod although I got now a mini laptop. My main purpose to buy this mini laptop was to blog from my car when I have time. I have trouble finding the right internet service.

I have fun blogging on this mini laptop. This gives me more comfort and I can blog sitting on the bed. I hope to get a wireless internet connection soon, this will makes it able to set a up internet connection from Holland, Belgium or Luxemburg. I think I am glad that I have not bought the Ipod though although this Ipod has 32 gb and this mini laptop has only 4 gb. I was in this shop for a inernet sevice I kind of felt like acting funny so I started to act like I am from USA and started to talk english. The most people speak English so it is great to act like a foreigner. My english is not advanced so almost everybody can get what I am saying. The accent of english want betrail that I am from Holland. Listening to rap music I hsve learned to speak the New York type of accent. I once in a while rhyme of the dome and practice the pronounce quite well. I think only a native New Yorker can hear I am not from New York. I am tired now after driving 300 km and I am thinking about some grub and a shower. I think sitting on the bed is even more comfortable than sitting on my recline leather chair. The greatness of the Ipod touch is the touch screen. The zoom in function and this is a fun gadget I guess.



Wednesday, July 2, 2008

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Nineteen's ultimate street vibe rap music

I am not that familiar with 80's rap music.In this is a era, I was more into break dancing than rap music. In the 80's when Big Daddy Kane was ruling and Rakim dropped knowledge and blessed the mic still remains a golden era of the hip hop music. This was more in the mid eighties. I am glad I know something about this era. Though it is not much.

In the nineties west coast was dominating the charts with G-Funk vibe and they had it going on. I think since the album Illmatic of Nas came out in 1994. Things got different for the rappers from New York. This album is a blue print for a new generation of rappers. This album of Nas is mos def a trademark of the nineteen's ultimate street vibe rap music. You can hear that Nas took basement rap music to a major level. It was focused on the streets how it is going down in his hood. This album inspired a whole legion of rappers from Queens such a Prodigy, Capone and Noreaga, Tradegy Khadafi formerly known as Intelligent hoodlum. These rappers do not sound like Nas, but surely they show some resemblance when it comes to rap music, because they rap about the streets. The streets fascinated me since I was a teen and even on the Christmas night I hung on the streets with my homiez. I think it was around this time the street vibe rap music was flourishing. This was a beginning of a glamor lifestyle oriented rap scene. Jay-Z started to pop Chrystal and made it big in the hip hop scene.

What I like about the rap music from Queens is the street vibe and the rappers shine on every track. Since the album of Mobb Deep came out the whole Queens Bridge rap scene got more fame. They still seems to rule the street vibe of Queens Bridge, but since they are signed to G-Unit it they got a whole another twist, which is more commercial. The authentic aura, which surrounded the duo was gone. The trademark this duo set with their second album should remain as a foundation. For me it is like they have overgrown their own style and the new Mobb Deep does not have the vibe they use to set with first few albums. The second contains some great samples. These are the hip hop classics. The song 'give up your goods' is a great example. In 1998 also a rapper named Cam'ron dropped his first album. This album is also crazy street, the beats seems to be not produced with Akai 500 or what ever. Beats of Cam'ron's first album contains keyboard sounds. Lyrically he can do tricks on the mic and he is funny in his raps. The song on the first album called 'confession of fire' is funny.

Above mentioned rappers seems to rule the street vibe hip hop nowadays. Although rap music does not originates from the streets. It surely can not be taken out of the streets nowadays. This is good, because rap music is a reflection of the streets and this art form will forever painting pictures about the streets, because most us only know the streets. It is also good for today's youth to make their own choice. Through rap music they can decide that streets are not the only way to do anything you want. Everybody is free to choose which way they want to go. It can be the streets or even the Wall street. Blaming rap music for the failures in someones life is not correct. Your responsibility does not lies in the rappers hands of these rappers


What I like about hip hop music.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I like almost about everything in the hip hop culture, this is the lifestyle and having dreams and the most important one being able to reach it. I think I have it all, because of rap music, of course not the money and the fame, but the true essence. That is able to express my feelings and being able to say what ever I like.

I am aware that sometimes it can hurt people, but I think it is good to hear the truth. If I think someone is too blunt, I say that. If I think if someone is too funny I say that. I am ware that I can not say everything what is on my mind, because saying the wrong thing can cause a huge conflict. It might cause a riot that is why I think these types of matters are deep hidden rules, that is how I see it. You might think this is only something for the Christian rappers, but there are ways to get the stuff said and done. I do not prefer a blunt tone or rude ways, I like subtle and deep and abstract poetic rhyme styles. I think it is easy to be negative and rude. A way to tell a story on the microphone it needs more than a comic book story to get the point across. I think telling a actual facts even through parables like Jesus is more closer to the reality than to rhyme like the life is a whole cartoon. I think rap music can contain a whole prophecy. Hip hop music is most close to my reality. Which are hunger, poverty and much more social factors. I think this has being my fate. Who can change it, only I can change this reality into a dream and this dream into a reality in the future. That means that I am not underprivileged. Now that I am on my own I realize there is a way.

I think the word love for something can solve the problem, before you learn to love someone. When I was seven I found a gray feather, I saw kids around me looking like. Now that is the world's eight wonder. I think they couldn't appreciate that feather like me. I thought the feather was wonderful, holding this feather is like feeling that you have wings. Just like learning to look towards the sun with your naked eyes. Those are few of the moments I can never forget. That is starting to love things. I think love for someone is a whole another story.

Anyway hip hop music is a thing I love because of it is allure and it is falls and rises, the failure in the hip hop culture is the violence, the massive bloodbaths and even fist fights at freestyle battles. This is not the school I am from. I think that alcohol and drug abuse is a major problem in the hip hop culture. There are few rappers who do not promote these kinds of things. I think the most rappers use getting high as a gimmick to show how bad they are. I remember few of the cats I knew back in the days swore that they can rhyme better when they were tipsy or what ever.
I heard them recording a track dead sober, then I knew what state they sound better, the tipsy or sober one? Some rappers are invited to promote famous beer brands. These are the issues what famous rappers deal with and say yes and amen to the commercial entities who want even a more blown up name.

Through the growth of the hip hop culture to a mainstream music genre only created more expansion of the wealth of the rappers. I think even actors are turning rappers and vice a verse. I think some of the actors who pick up rapping turned into a total flop. It lacks soul only a good sample can save them from the clutches of the critics. They can not put their whole soul into rapping like acting. Rapper who gets things mixed up they never be able to master non of the arts. This is sad this way a whole market will be created for mediocre rappers to enter. There will be a mediocre market who are willing to buy this type of rap music.


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