Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I heard once Krs-One said that rap music is a set up. It depends on how a hip hop fan or rappers view this statement. I think the way Krs-One explain this fact he feels victimize by his own success. This is why he claims that rappers are in danger. I think the listeners and all the fanatics trying to make it are the ones who are in danger. If you stand alone there is no one in your family or in your environment who are familiar with the rap music business, then it can be quite stressful job to make it top to the on your own.

I have seen this too often around me kids who started to sell drugs, because they tried to live up too the examples of the rappers who are blowing up with gimmicks. In this case there are too many kids who do not have a chance in the rap music business, because they get hooked when they start to sell drugs and to their ideals they can say good bye. If they only get hooked there is always rehab for them. It gets even worse than that it can end up in a war. Some of the rappers out nowadays want to be the next Tony Montana or Frank Lucas. Still there is no such thing as a set up. Because it is truly a weakness to have the neighborhood thug appeal or want to be ghetto fabulous. There are plenty of choices for the kids in the urban America. So the media hype and the misogyny lead rappers to act a certain way for the money. This is not a sign of a set up but more of an wrong choice what rappers and the listeners make to love the violence and crime in rhyme. I can say it is quite ridiculous when you see Philippines kids dressed up like Mexican gang members and trying to put a hit on a kid who did nothing wrong to them. This happened in small country town, where they do not play rap music in the clubs or where ever. I witnessed this, as far as I know this kid they tried to put a hit on never touched their girl or called their girls female dogs. Rap music is not a set up, but more of a reflection of the media hype of Hollywood drama. There are only few who are really close to the roots of the hip hop culture and treat this as a blessing and they are not out for fame or the money they want to show the world what work is and dedication is most of all they want to deliver a dope rhyme which can uplift the minds and entertain the people. Even Jay-Z say that rap music is a half of a curse, no this never can not be. I think he is blessed with a special gift that whole lots of kids are dreaming of. There is price to be paid and this comes with this gift. The price of the fame is that media will constantly follow the rappers and fans will come to for a autograph. This price can not be a curse or a set up. To become a famous rapper is a grown mans choice and a young kids dream. I think Krs-One and Jay-Z can not appreciate the gift they are blessed with or they want to make sure that the youth who are willing to make rap music their occupation will get stressed and give up because they are afraid that a kid comes through and take their market by force showing his true dedication and the skills.

When it is a set up there will be quite a few choice left to for the urban kids, thanks to the racist economic wealthy countries one choice is left out which is getting a regular job. The minorities are forced to live up to the media hype and do the typical things what their own ethnicities do, this will make them a part of their community but they are not able to function as a individual. These things got to do with the choices what a person make. I think even in the most racist countries as USA there is room for minorities to find their way if they do not point the finger at someone else instead of looking at their selves. Lacking individuality can be the blame for people blaming the society for their own mistakes. There is a limit for everything if you trying to be the hero and take the justice in your own hand it can look like a plot or set up for the victimized citizens. Let’s say if your colleagues at Burger King throw racist terms at your dome, this can be painful plus and can make you angry. If you trying to play the judge and put sanctions on them with violence. Soon or later this person will get caught by the authorities and will have to do time. This is a classic sample of a setup. That rappers feel victimized by rap music and call rap music a set up sounds like Mel Gibson being paranoid in the movie 'Conspiracy Theory'. This is also a sign of a heroin addiction or Schizophrenic symptoms.


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