Monday, July 7, 2008

The brag and boaster, most of rappers can not come close to,
anyone oppose get dealt with, the real stuff I kick,
wickeder than black magic, words turn into a tragic,
status of madness, the one guy that can overcome eternal blackness,
the activist with the fist up in the air,
beware my rage liver than a lion,I stare at fine chicks,
that denying who fly a angelic scarface is,
the nappy headed slave with blood of a prince,
my interest in skins and a benz is immense,
set trends even designers of fine lines wanna be on,
I 'll be on a level beyond a rebel can agree on,
see on further then a lens can focus,
eyesight of a eagle, never evil, but treat people equal,
wetting fakers like a regal gear, fakers wanna be the eyes,
in my rear of my head, I got two eye's the third on shine a bright light,
for ones behind me,

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