Wednesday, October 31, 2007

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In the nineties it was such a hype that east coast west coast beef. It is tragic that it escalated into violence. Tupac was a main rapper from that era. I was not even paying attention to all those hypes. I thought people claim that Tucac was the next best were just believing the hype.

It is great music, which Tupac made. His lyrics are uplifting. I thought he was one of Gangsta rappers on the band wagon. His lyrics made sense. He was trying to warn the people about the police brutality and gang wars what was going around his neighbourhood.

First song I ever heard of Tupac was I get around. That was a great song with a nice video. He became a legend through his charismatic personality and his way of story telling about the glorious and hard times in the ghetto. He can be labeled as one of the best rappers of all time.



I red this article on the Internet about mobile Internet. I will summarize the article. I do not know if you all know this. There are more than 3 billion mobile phone users. That is more than the amount of auto mobile users, P.C, land line phone connections, t.vs or credit cards. But the mobile Internet is far from gaining massive users, it is seen as a slow loading pages, unoptimized content and poor design do not attract the wireless subscribers to use the mobile Internet on a tiny screen.

The total wireless subscriptions in the US are 237 million, but only 32 million accessed the Internet. That is a small fraction of the total Internet users, which is 210 million in The US. In Japan there are only 100000 less than amount of logins to the Internet with a P.C. It is obvious use of the mobile Internet has not broken through to the mainstream such as in Japan.

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Breakdancing is an element of the hip hop culture. People also call it B-Boying or B-Girling. This artform started amongst Afro-American and Hispanic youth in Bronx, New York. In the '70 the legendary Rock Steady Crew made this element of the hip hop culture get attention from the mainstream.

Some people say that breakdancing has its origin in the Afro-Brazilian dance called Capoeira. Breakdancing is mad famous amongst the youth nowadays. In the '80 it faded from the scene. It came back into the mainstream pop culture.

I love to see people breakdance. In the '80 I was breaking and popping with my cousins on the beach in Sri Lanka. Late '80 breakdance gained fame throughout the whole globe. There are moves called toprock, downrock. There are basic moves, which can be build to more complex dance moves. There are breakdance contests organized over the whole world. It is great how the exciters react to the breakdance moves. Mostly the breakdance move end with a freeze.



Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Jay-Z is one of the most achieved rappers of all time. I think he is not trying to be a role model. We better follow his moves and become tomorrow's leaders. This rapper inspires me a whole lot, because of his moves. He is not claiming to be another cat from the streets, who made it, because he has skills. I see that he works hard to gain progress song after song, this leads to perfection and he stands out in the rap game with his rags to riches stories.

His new album called American Gangster will be released on 6Th of November. Tickets to his American Gangster tour is sold out in three cities in less than a minute.
Tickets sold through the Roc-a-fella website for the concert in Philadelphia was sold out in 30 seconds, For L.A it was sold out in 11 seconds and for Chicago in 8 seconds. The Roc-a-fella said it went so fast those tickets.



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In 1989 Krs-One started the campaign called 'Stop the violence'. There were a bunch of rappers supported him from that era to put a song together called 'Self destruction'. This song contains so much knowledge, it offers guidance to who ever needs it.
This song raise much awareness. With this song Krs-One made a fist against all the black on black crime.

In 2007 there will be a new 'Stop the violence' campaign. 50 Cent, LiL' Wayne, Rick Ross and Cassidy will be part of the up coming 'Stop the violence' campaign. It is great that 'Stop the violence' campaign is going on in 2007. This will make a change for better. Krs-One always been a activist in the hip hop culture. He is one of the pioneers who have influenced the hip hop culture with positivity.

Krs-One said that the violence is increasing and the hip hop community can not afford to stand still. Rick Ross said that it is the time be leaders and not followers, we must stop the violence. We must make a brighter future and make way for truth and greater solutions. Other rappers who have joined Krs-One are Channel Live, Immortal Technique, Doug E Fresh and Lil' Dude. The new 'Stop the violence' is on the way.



Monday, October 29, 2007

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Brick City's nicest is without a doubt Redman. Wicked lyrics and he remains undisputed, because there are not many rappers to beat him with funky type of lyrics with a funny twist he is kicking. The first Redman song I ever heard was in the early nineties. I heard the rugged slang he was kicking and he represents New Jersey well.

In 1992 he dropped his debut album, which was titled as 'Whut? Thee Album' This is a great album. This album went gold. In the early nineties hip hop was starting to gain world's attention. Rappers like Redman made this happen. Redman's debut album made up to 49Th spot on the Billboard 200. This named him the 'Rap artist of the year' by The Source.

Redman dropped 'Dare iz a darkside' in 1994. After that he came with a album in 1996 which was called 'Muddy Waters'. He is part of the crew Def Squad. He also made a album with Methodman, which was called 'Blackout'. In March of 2007 he released the an album called 'Red gone wild'. In November he will be releasing the album 'Muddy Waters 2'



I can not wait till the holiday season. I love it, although it is cold. I love the whole Christmas spirit. The smell of the Christmas tree get me in a certain vibe. I hardly can explain this with words. The whole idea of sharing is great. I wish that people would be this way through the whole year.

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A lots of people ask me what kind of music I like. I do not have to think about that. I always answer hip hop music. The people that do not know much about it asks me, Is is the same as rap music? Then I have to explain what the difference is.

There is a differance between hip hop culture and Rap music. Rap music is a element of the hip hop culture. Hip hop culture is a way of living. As the rap music starting to separate it self from the hip hop culture, because most of the mainstream rappers forget what the true purpose of the hip hop culture is. Hip hop culture is a way we live. It is all about unity, peace, love and having fun. Some rappers have no idea what that is. It is also about expressing your self and showing the world what you stand for.

Anyway as I see it there are a majority of rap listeners that never heard about Rakim, Public Enemy or Brand Nubian. I want to encourage the young rap listeners to explore their horizon about the pioneers of the hip hop culture. And find out for them self what the difference is between hip hop culture and rap music.



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Last Saturday I met a young rapper/producer. I was so surprised how well developed this kid's mind state and his production skills are. He is only 15 and already on the move and perform with his crew. I got to give it up to him, because when I was 15 my vision was so blur, that I never thought about rapping. I enjoyed listening to rap music.

This kid has the advantage of the access to the latest software. Becoming a producer became less complex, because of the software. I think it is great that young kids can take advantage of the advanced technology. It is great that young kids get into the hip hop culture and make a fist and drop rhymes and have fun.

Five years from now this 15 years old kid is going to take the hip hop music to a whole new plateau. If he keeps up the good work, he can gain national attention, because he is rapping in Dutch. To reach the hip hop heads outside the borders, he has to rap in English.



Sunday, October 28, 2007

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One of my favourite rappers is Talib Kweli. He made a whole league of rappers wake up and think deeper about the current state of hip hop.The current state of hip hop, especially the mainstream hip hop is on commercial plateau. Which is not bad, but the artistic quality is decreasing. The mainstream rap music is filled with paradigms.

This is about to change. Talib Kweli is bringing back originality and creativity. He stimulates the new rap artists to drop raps with positive content. If you are also a rap artist or a singer you can submit your video clip to The best videos will be shown on the site.

I think the new Talib Kweli album is great. The production is mad tight. The lyrics are dope. This album 'Ear Drum' is a jewel. You can easily label this as a classic. Krs-One does a guest appearence on the album. Talib Kweli is now a label owner, his label is called Blacksmith Records. Check out the man and his advanced plans on



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Yesterday 27Th of October, I stayed up till 02:00 watching this programme on Dutch television. This programme was about the hip hop culture in Holland. There were old school artists, new school artists, now school artists and next school artists invited into the studio. There were discussions about how hip hop music has effected the youth in Holland. The development of hip hop music in Holland has also been discussed. The pioneer, who started rapping in Dutch, who is called Def. P said that it is a learning process when you first start out with rapping. You grow with your fans.

In the studio were mostly rappers who rap in Dutch language. This domestic hip hop scene has grown and since Def. P started rapping in Dutch, kids saw that it is really fresh and there were some heads who want to hear this. So a market was created for Dutch hip hop. Lots of rappers changed from rapping in English into rapping in Dutch.

There were discussions going on in the studio about the influences from USA. Most rappers said that they were influenced by groups like Public Enemy and rappers like Ice Cube, Ice-T and Tupac. Brainpower was also in the studio, maybe you all know him, he did a track with Queensbridge, New York rapper called Nas. The song was called 'One Mic'.

There were also a rapper called Deams in the studio. He is a veteran, one of the first Dutch rappers, who gained international success. One of the prominent hip hop labels in Holland is Topnotch. There are some dope artists signed on this label. Hip hop in Holland is growing it is great to see some cats made it. I really can not forgive those non believers who said that hip hop music in Holland has no future. You all know what you all can get. Without a doubt the finger.



Saturday, October 27, 2007

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This is one of the best rap acts from the west coasts. I think Zion I represent the underground hip hop in very artistic manner. The lyrical content is so uplifting the hip hop fans can do something with it. Zion I is from Oakland, Calfornia. The duo, AMP Live and Zion form the group called Zion I.

This crew brings back memories, when Liks were doiminating the underground hip hop from the west coast. I get the whole vibe back, when I hear Zion I. It is not suprising why this underground hip hop duo is well respected in the hip hop community. The positive lyrics of Zion and Futuristic productions of AMP Live they are a household name in the underground hip hop scene.

In 2000 they released the album 'Mind over matter'
In 2003 Zion I released the album 'Deep water slang'
In 2005 they released the album 'True and living'
In 2006 they released a album exclusive for Japan, which was called 'Break A Dawn'
In 2006 Zion I came out with album in collabration with The Grouch, which is called 'Heroes in the city of dope'



If there are two birthdays within our family. I can not find a suitable gifts to give. In December both of my sisters are getting a year older. I got to make them happy with something special, because they are special to me. I was looking around the net for something nice for them.

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Recently Nas announced that his upcoming album is going to be named 'N@##ER'. Lots of prominant black leaders has reacted, that this word is used for people of color to dehumanize for ages. Universal is asking Nas to change the title of his new upcoming album or lose $84 million in investments. A major pension fund, who has invested in Universal want to withdrawl their investments if Universal going to release Nas' album.

I think Nas is getting media attention by coming with this type of contraversial title. I think Nas should, change his album title into 'Brother'. Why not? this will promote the brother hood amongst the hip hop listeners. Why should this title have a racial impact?

The hip hop listners are not only of black or white. If Nas would change the title into brother this would be more positive and would appeal to all the hip hop heads. Anyway On December 11 the new Nas album will be released.



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Friday, October 26, 2007

Back in the days, when I first heard Missy Elliot on Timbaland beats. I was impressed. They came with a whole new vibe for the clubs. In those days Timbaland was making hip hop music. He has worked with some great artists such as Aliyah, Genuwine, Magoo and much more.

Songs such as Indian Flute was great. Very melodic song. I think last couple of years, Timbaland is not working with hip hop or R&B artists. This makes him a lost soul. He is off track. He gets much commercial success.

His beef with Scott Scorch is settled with a dis song called 'Piano Man'. I am not impressed with this kind of marketing methods. Scott Scorch reacted with a song,but I think Scott Scorch is a terrible rapper. He is on top, because of his productions. Anyway Timbaland got to get back to the lab and make some hip hop beats.



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I am a big fan of Nas. Nas constantly drops classics. Every album nas dropped since Illmatic is a classic , Illmatic is my favourite. What I love the most about the Nas' album is the tight production and Nas just knows how to flow on those beats. With this album Nas gave birth to a whole new era.

There were a league of rappers influenced by his style of rhyming and his flow. Nas is one of the great story tellers there is. He knows how to get the point across and he paints a clear picture about the streets for everyone to understand.

The song called 'New York State of mind' is a song so graphical.
I really enjoy listening to this track. The baseline is banging. I think it is hard for young rappers to come up with such originality as the undisputed rapper from Queens, New York.



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Thursday, October 25, 2007

One of the grimiest cats in the rap game is Killa Cam aka Cam'ron. Since I heard him on the album of Big L. I knew that he is coming to put Harlem on the map. Cam'ron has very grimy, New York street rhyming style. Cam'ron is the founder of the crew diplomats. Cam'ron was introduced to Biggie Smalls by Mase. Biggie Smalls introduced Cam'ron to his manager Un Rivera. Cam'ron dropped his first album, which was called 'Confession of fire' on Untertainment records.

In 2000 Cam'ron dropped his second album, which was called 'S.D.E' on Sony Records. After some trouble with the Sony Records people Cam'ron left Sony Records. In 2002 Killa Cam released his third album, which was called 'Come Home with me'. It gained a lot of success, because of the Roc-a-fella marketing methods. There after Cam'ron crew Diplomats dropped a album called 'Diplomatic Immunity'

There after Diplomats dropped their second album called 'Diplomatic Immunity 2'.
Cam'ron dropped a album called 'Purple Haze' and 'Killa Season' on Warner Music Group. Till now my favourite album is S.D.E. This is real grimy album with raw lyrics. Killa Cam is coming with a mixtape called Public Enemy #1.



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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It is been a long time, I should drop a dope rhyme,
which flow in form a line, fine designed, blow you mind,
getting my name known online, my poems are written in a tone,
banging stuff, I do not bluff, I drop a proper rap, so what's up?
I got to come up with something rough, You guppies wanna swim with the sharks,
I spark the mic, I represent the true art, While haters bite,

While you talk all day, I get put my knowledge into work,
I am out to get a degree and more, I want all the fine things,
I rhymes will flow, I take time to write, stakes are high like sky scrapers,
papers will be stacked in due time, my mind state is major, I ain't got no time
for you foolish discussions, I am moving on, my groovy poems flowing on these loops, give it all up like a groupie homes,

Peace to all the heads in the game, It ain't about money or the fame,
you lames are insane, while I maintain, deal with everyday issues,
I am not concerned about dissing you. You ain't even got nothing to do with hip hop,
your mind state is flop, My breed is the cream of the crop. That why heads fiend till I drop, dope lyrics with no gimmicks.



Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

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Since 'Enter the 36 chambers' I was real curious for the solo work of this slang lord called Tony Starks. This man has a extra large vocabulary. He is dropping lyrics like a waterfall. This Wu-Tang member is no joke. Ghost's real name is Dennis Coles. In 1996 he dropped his debut album called 'Ironman'. This album contained some real phat songs. For example 'Daytona 500' is one of my favourites.

Before that he worked with his close counterpart called Reakwon also a Wu-Tang member. They dropped in 1995 Reakwon's debut album which was called 'Only build 4 cuban linxs' Ghost and Reakwon were really successful with their albums.

Around 2000 Ghost face killah dropped a album called 'Supreme Clientele' This album contains some classic hip hop hits such as 'childs play'. Once again Tony was back with another Wu Banger. A year after he came with a new album Called 'Bulletproof Wallets' songs such as 'Maxine' was real dope. He proved that he is still one of the best with the art of story telling. In 2004 GFK dropped his Def Jam album which was called 'The Pretty Toney album'. Ghost Face Killah also released a album called '718'. In 2006 Ghost dropped a album which was 'Fishscale'. That is not the end of the word waterfall of the rap game. Ghost Face Killah is coming with a new album which will be released on 4Th of December this year. The album title is 'Big Dough Rehab'



Friday, October 19, 2007

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I got to give it up to this fresh trio from Portland, Oregon. They are changing the tide of mainstream rap music. I think the Lifesavas trio has a lot to offer to the underground hip hop scene. I really enjoy their music. They are challenging the hip hop heads to think about the social, political and racial issues. I think they are revolutionary.

They are liberated from that mainstream gangsta rap. The live shows are real energetic. I see the future of the underground hip hop in a positive perspective when I see crews like Lifesavas perform. Their lyrics are one of a kind.

In April 2007 the Lifesavas released their second album which is called 'Gutterfly'
It is obvious that this is only the beginning of this trio. Check out the website of these heads



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I hear often rappers claim that other rappers got to be original. So I wonder what originality is? According to me originality is that rappers dare to cross borders and add something extra to their lyrical content. What I mean by crossing borders is actually that they are not sticking to the traditional frame of mind only rap about macking honeys and making money. They got to come up with revolutionary ideas to set trend and contribute to the hip hop culture with those ideas.

It is not only up to rappers to be original, it is also up to producers. Everybody involved in the hip hop culture must be aware of that we got to improve the positive image and promote positivity by supporting the creative and the most original artists.

Artists like RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan is the best example of this original kind of rappers/producers I mean. He influenced lot of producers to be original and come up with dope sounds.



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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I just love it. No music genre out there promote so much leadership than the hip hop culture. The hip hop fans love to hear about the stories how rappers make money. I simply love the fact that rappers motivate the listeners to make money too. Although it is not always legal. All these stories put me to think deeper about my financial situation. Although I hear how fast these rappers make money with selling crack, robbing or whatever. I can not say it motivates me to do the same.

I like money. I love the facts there are enough ways to make it and I am not talking about the illegal methods. Since a year my whole world changed. My whole mind state is now is like keep a open mind and think positive and whatever I do I got to reach beyond the average level.

Thanks to lot of rappers I realize I got to strive. I can not be stuck in the mediocre financial state. I got to admit, it is going to take some time that I am going to reach that level. I am taking the essential steps towards those goals. I am not much of a talker. You would not hear me talk about it. Action is louder than words. So if you hear Jay-Z brag about his millions. You know that it is no crap. You would not catch me bragging on short term.



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Monday, October 15, 2007

Is hip hop has been changed? Yes. I think so because, it is almost 30 years ago that Sugar Hill Gang dropped 'Rappers delight'. A music stream which is started to making the crowd move to the groove has become a music stream with a protestant nature. Mostly the rappers started to relief they frustration on the beats and this was well received by the hip hop crowd. The early hip hop fans could identify them self with those rebelling rappers.

Later on the gangsta rap era made it's entrance at this period I got introduced to rap music. It was the era that gangsta rap was dominating the hip hop scene. I actually grew up with gangsta rap. But I was looking for more depth in hip hop music.
I found rap groups like Public Enemy and Brand Nubian, who were writing social conscious raps and waking up the sleepy heads to fight the power. This way I also got to know more positive rappers like Rakim and Krs-One who were contributing a lot to the hip hop community. They changed the hip hop music. Hip hop changed from dance music to a rebelling art form.

It is obvious that hip hop has been changed. Hip hop music has a lot of sub streams such as christian rap music, hardcore rap, east coast rap, west coast rap there is even a stream called nerdcore rap. Hip hop is one of the most diverse sub culture there is. But the mainstream hip hop music is filled with paradigms. It is becoming more one dimensional. The rappers are copying each other to sell more records and the mainstream hip hop has not much depth. Although mainstream hip hop is getting more commercialized there are a league of underground rappers coming with more original and creative material. They will change the norm of the hip hop music too.



Saturday, October 13, 2007

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who ever heard about Mobb Deep must have heard of Big Noyd. Big Noyd is affiliated with Mobb Deep. Big Noyd is from Queensbridge. He is born as Tajuan Perry. Big Noyd had worked on almost all albums of Mobb deep. I think that Big Noyd is a very talented rapper, he can describe his life as a hustler very well. I find the lyrics are well wrote and it has a sharp edge to it. I think he represent Queensbridge vibe very well. Big Noyd is out to get his name known. Prodigy and Havoc have helped him through Big Noyd's journey to get his name known by the hip hop audience.

In 1996 his debut album was released. It contains 11 songs. Although it is not much, but I think quality weighs heavier than quantity. I can say without a doubt that it is a quality product. At that time I was pumping Mobb Deep tracks constantly. Big Noyd was back once again with another jewel for the hip hop heads. He once again showed the hip hop community that Queensbridge still got it, when it comes to kicking the realities of the streets of New York. It was nothing new what he was kicking. It was filled with original lines and very smooth beats, he know how to rock these beats. Big Noyd have also released 'On the Grind' in 2005. In 2006 he released the album 'The Stick up kid'.



Monday, October 8, 2007

This rapper is really one of kind. He is a legend. Every young rapper want to be like him. He is born as Christopher Wallace. He took over the world of rap music after he dropped the all time classic called 'Ready to Die'. He put New York on the map during his short career. Since Biggie's album 'Ready to Die' came out he have been telling about the hard knock life of the streets of New York.

He was a great story teller. B.I.G aka Biggie aka Frank White aka Big Poppa was born in Brooklyn, New York. He started to hustle on the streets at a young age. After he hooked up with Puff Daddy. They made name with Puff Daddy's label called Bad Boy.
He formed a group called Junior M.A.F.I.A, he took his childhood friends to success.
Notorious B.I.G was killed in drive-by shooting in 1997. The hip hop community was shocked to lose of a such great rapper. My favourite Biggie Smalls song is 'Juicy'.



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Sunday, October 7, 2007

This west coast rapper is not the average rapper with a deal. Defari is educated as a teacher. He had actually worked as a teacher. I feel the lyrics and beats, especially his debut album. There are a lots of good hip hop music coming out of the west. Defari forms a duo with D.J Babu of Dilated Peoples it is called 'Likwit Junkies'
Defari's debut album was released on Tommy Boy records in 1999. My favourite joint is 'Never lose touch'. E-Swift and Evidence made possible to put Defari's debut album together.

You can feel the love amongst the hip hop community in the west. It is great that the hip hop crews from west working with each other. The songs that DJ Babu and Defari have been putting out as the Likwit Junkies are hot. The song called 'One day away' is real soulful. I think Defari is putting the underground hip hop on the map. The wild wild west is rising, when it comes to hip hop music. Defari and Dilated peoples are one the move. It is great that Defari and DJ Babu have formed this duo, it is obvious that hip hop culture is all about the unity.

In 2003 Defari released his second album called 'Odds & Evens'. This album showed that Defari have grown artistically and he kept the fans curious and hit them with some flavour, which will get your mouth watering. This album was released on High Times Records. Street Music was the album, which Defari dropped in 2006.



Saturday, October 6, 2007

Damon Dash has joined with Magnolia Films. He is presenting a documentary about the Harlem Drug Kingpin called Nickey Barnes. This documentary is filled with interviews with Nickey Barnes ex-wife. She helped to convict him and eventually put him behind the bars. Nickey Barnes had raped the neighbourhood in those days, but he was giving back to the community.

Damon Dash is presenting this movie. Music will be composed by DJ Hi-Tek.
We all know Damon Dash as one of the founders of Roc-a-fella records. He is a great entrepreneur, not only that he had contribute to the hip hop community a lot. These were the guys I want to be like, when I was a teenager.

He help to build the Roc-a-fella empire and he is one of the driving forces to make Jay-Z big. He also made Cam'ron and the whole dipset crew blow. Damon Dash is a true musical genius. We can expect more work from him.



Friday, October 5, 2007

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Prodigy is recently went to the court for the trail, because of gun possession. Two plainclothes cops searched the Mobb Deeps rapper's car and found a gun. Prodigy has been convicted before for gun possession. He is possibly facing 15 years in jail.
It is looking bad for Prodigy.

Prodigy is a great rapper. He is one of the Queens finest rappers. Mobb Deep put Queens Bridge on the map. It is sad that talented cats such as Prodigy is facing this type of trouble. Me personally want to hear more raps for him and his counterpart Havoc. It is obvious that rappers like Prodigy is not only talking about a certain lifestyle they are living it.

One if my favourite Mobb Deep songs is 'give up your goods'. This beat is so banging. I still pump the album 'Infomous Mobb Deep' this album is a all time classic. I actually hoped that Prodigy and Havoc would drop more of these jewels, instead of getting locked up.



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For all the Jay-Z fans I got great news. Jay-Z is coming out with a new album, which is inspired by the movie called 'American Gangster'. The title of this new Jay-Z album is going to be the same title as the movie. Denzel Washington is starring in this movie. The movie is about the Manhattan kingpin. He is a heroin smuggler. In the '70 he smuggled heroin in coffins of dead soldiers, who are returning from Vietnam.

Jay-Z dropped great albums, which can be labeled as classics. My favourite Jay-Z song got to be ' dirt off your shoulder'. Jay-Z always gets the best beats made by the nicest producers in the game. He is a great entrepreneur. I see him as Donald Trump of the hip hop game. Rappers like Jay-Z is also giving back to the community.

The album will be released on 6 November. Rolling Stone reveals the song titles of the new Jay-Z album.

1. “Amen”
2. “Blue Magic”
3. “Untitled”
4. “Alright, Alright”
5. “You Don’t Know”
6. “And the Winner Is”
7. “American Gangster”
8. “Welcome”
9. “Ignorant Shit”
10. “The Demise”
11. “I Get Money” (Remix)



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The word on the streets is that Jim Jones signed a multi-million dollar deal with Sony Records. Radio personality Miss Info claimed that Jim Jones said "I just signed a multi million deal with Sony" that is what she wrote on her blog. We know Jim Jones as one of the members of Dipset crew. He is known for his rough street verses. Jim Jones claims that Rick Ruben and Kyombo "hiphop" Joshua are doing a album with him.

This is going to be banging I just checked out the track 'emotionless' that is really nice. Since he started working with Cam'ron his career has been going up like a rocket. I think he is going to shock the globe with thunderous raps, the media is going to be on him like sirup on pancakes. I can not wait till Jim Jones' new album drops.

No doubt he is going to put it down with Julez Santana and the whole Dipset click. When you got a deal with Sony Records, than you know you made it in the game of rap.
I wonder what Jay-Z is going to think about the fact that Jim Jones signed with Sony Records.



Wednesday, October 3, 2007

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

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Monday, October 1, 2007

I am born in Sri Lanka. I live in Holland since 1990, so I feel a strong connection with the Sri Lankan culture, people, music and not to forget to mention the food. I will not start talking about the food, then I probably will drool over the keyboard.
I love Sri Lanka. I am watching satellite tv called Neth Srilanka , which is broadcasted from Italy. This channel pay attention to the young artists. I recently have seen a interview with a young singer. I think hip hop in Sri Lanka is getting more attention from the mainstream crowd. Hip Hop in Sri Lanka is blended with Indian Bollywood type of music with R&B beats. This way the hip hop artists are trying to get their foot in the door of the music industry in Sri Lanka.

I see lots of creativity in these rappers. I just was checking out Youtube found a rapper called Delon, climbing the billboard charts. He is now on the #36 spot of the Billboard with his single called 'Nasty Girl'. I got to give him my props for getting into the Billboard charts. This means that he got skills. Delon is born and raised in L.A. For the fact his roots are in Sri Lanka, it is obvious Sri Lankans are not only good at eating three times a day rice and singing Biala, but also rocking the mic. Now Sri Lanka is getting international attention, because of the cats like Delon. Delon is nice on the mic. He flows slow and fast. I can hear that he is walking shoulder to shoulder with all the big names in the Game.

Delon is describing the lifestyle of the average Sri Lankan, the day to day struggle. It is all about survival, when there is a enormous political and economical mismanagement going on in Sri Lanka, rappers can rap about it. The harsh realities of life can be hardly bearable for a Asiatic brown skin kid in Sri Lanka. I think it is great that Delon let the world know that average Sri Lankans are struggling. I hope that Sri Lankans in the western countries realize that they got plenty of chances to succeed with anything they do. Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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