Saturday, October 6, 2007

Damon Dash has joined with Magnolia Films. He is presenting a documentary about the Harlem Drug Kingpin called Nickey Barnes. This documentary is filled with interviews with Nickey Barnes ex-wife. She helped to convict him and eventually put him behind the bars. Nickey Barnes had raped the neighbourhood in those days, but he was giving back to the community.

Damon Dash is presenting this movie. Music will be composed by DJ Hi-Tek.
We all know Damon Dash as one of the founders of Roc-a-fella records. He is a great entrepreneur, not only that he had contribute to the hip hop community a lot. These were the guys I want to be like, when I was a teenager.

He help to build the Roc-a-fella empire and he is one of the driving forces to make Jay-Z big. He also made Cam'ron and the whole dipset crew blow. Damon Dash is a true musical genius. We can expect more work from him.


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