Thursday, October 25, 2007

One of the grimiest cats in the rap game is Killa Cam aka Cam'ron. Since I heard him on the album of Big L. I knew that he is coming to put Harlem on the map. Cam'ron has very grimy, New York street rhyming style. Cam'ron is the founder of the crew diplomats. Cam'ron was introduced to Biggie Smalls by Mase. Biggie Smalls introduced Cam'ron to his manager Un Rivera. Cam'ron dropped his first album, which was called 'Confession of fire' on Untertainment records.

In 2000 Cam'ron dropped his second album, which was called 'S.D.E' on Sony Records. After some trouble with the Sony Records people Cam'ron left Sony Records. In 2002 Killa Cam released his third album, which was called 'Come Home with me'. It gained a lot of success, because of the Roc-a-fella marketing methods. There after Cam'ron crew Diplomats dropped a album called 'Diplomatic Immunity'

There after Diplomats dropped their second album called 'Diplomatic Immunity 2'.
Cam'ron dropped a album called 'Purple Haze' and 'Killa Season' on Warner Music Group. Till now my favourite album is S.D.E. This is real grimy album with raw lyrics. Killa Cam is coming with a mixtape called Public Enemy #1.


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