Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It is been a long time, I should drop a dope rhyme,
which flow in form a line, fine designed, blow you mind,
getting my name known online, my poems are written in a tone,
banging stuff, I do not bluff, I drop a proper rap, so what's up?
I got to come up with something rough, You guppies wanna swim with the sharks,
I spark the mic, I represent the true art, While haters bite,

While you talk all day, I get put my knowledge into work,
I am out to get a degree and more, I want all the fine things,
I rhymes will flow, I take time to write, stakes are high like sky scrapers,
papers will be stacked in due time, my mind state is major, I ain't got no time
for you foolish discussions, I am moving on, my groovy poems flowing on these loops, give it all up like a groupie homes,

Peace to all the heads in the game, It ain't about money or the fame,
you lames are insane, while I maintain, deal with everyday issues,
I am not concerned about dissing you. You ain't even got nothing to do with hip hop,
your mind state is flop, My breed is the cream of the crop. That why heads fiend till I drop, dope lyrics with no gimmicks.


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