Sunday, October 7, 2007

This west coast rapper is not the average rapper with a deal. Defari is educated as a teacher. He had actually worked as a teacher. I feel the lyrics and beats, especially his debut album. There are a lots of good hip hop music coming out of the west. Defari forms a duo with D.J Babu of Dilated Peoples it is called 'Likwit Junkies'
Defari's debut album was released on Tommy Boy records in 1999. My favourite joint is 'Never lose touch'. E-Swift and Evidence made possible to put Defari's debut album together.

You can feel the love amongst the hip hop community in the west. It is great that the hip hop crews from west working with each other. The songs that DJ Babu and Defari have been putting out as the Likwit Junkies are hot. The song called 'One day away' is real soulful. I think Defari is putting the underground hip hop on the map. The wild wild west is rising, when it comes to hip hop music. Defari and Dilated peoples are one the move. It is great that Defari and DJ Babu have formed this duo, it is obvious that hip hop culture is all about the unity.

In 2003 Defari released his second album called 'Odds & Evens'. This album showed that Defari have grown artistically and he kept the fans curious and hit them with some flavour, which will get your mouth watering. This album was released on High Times Records. Street Music was the album, which Defari dropped in 2006.


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