Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Breakdancing is an element of the hip hop culture. People also call it B-Boying or B-Girling. This artform started amongst Afro-American and Hispanic youth in Bronx, New York. In the '70 the legendary Rock Steady Crew made this element of the hip hop culture get attention from the mainstream.

Some people say that breakdancing has its origin in the Afro-Brazilian dance called Capoeira. Breakdancing is mad famous amongst the youth nowadays. In the '80 it faded from the scene. It came back into the mainstream pop culture.

I love to see people breakdance. In the '80 I was breaking and popping with my cousins on the beach in Sri Lanka. Late '80 breakdance gained fame throughout the whole globe. There are moves called toprock, downrock. There are basic moves, which can be build to more complex dance moves. There are breakdance contests organized over the whole world. It is great how the exciters react to the breakdance moves. Mostly the breakdance move end with a freeze.


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