Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who ever heard about Mobb Deep must have heard of Big Noyd. Big Noyd is affiliated with Mobb Deep. Big Noyd is from Queensbridge. He is born as Tajuan Perry. Big Noyd had worked on almost all albums of Mobb deep. I think that Big Noyd is a very talented rapper, he can describe his life as a hustler very well. I find the lyrics are well wrote and it has a sharp edge to it. I think he represent Queensbridge vibe very well. Big Noyd is out to get his name known. Prodigy and Havoc have helped him through Big Noyd's journey to get his name known by the hip hop audience.

In 1996 his debut album was released. It contains 11 songs. Although it is not much, but I think quality weighs heavier than quantity. I can say without a doubt that it is a quality product. At that time I was pumping Mobb Deep tracks constantly. Big Noyd was back once again with another jewel for the hip hop heads. He once again showed the hip hop community that Queensbridge still got it, when it comes to kicking the realities of the streets of New York. It was nothing new what he was kicking. It was filled with original lines and very smooth beats, he know how to rock these beats. Big Noyd have also released 'On the Grind' in 2005. In 2006 he released the album 'The Stick up kid'.


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