Saturday, October 13, 2007

If you are looking for a spot to download the dopest albums. I got to share this site with you all. It is a great site very professionally build. You can download a lot of hip hop music at this site. Now you do not have to bumrush the store, but you can easily get all the tracks you want online.

You can download new full lengths. New EP's, full lengths, EP's, Digi-12's.
All these products are easy to download. The site also offers a forum, news, interviews. Most of the artist are not mainstream artists. This site has a lot to offer to the hip hop community, because they are selling underground hip hop.

This way these upcoming MCees get a chance to expose their work to a braod audience on the internet. Hip hop music is getting more famous all over the globe, but the most people will never get to know about the underground artists. They only hear the mainstream hip hop. So check out this site HIPHOPSITE.COM this site will give you a flavour what the underground hip hop artists have to offer.


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