Saturday, October 27, 2007

Recently Nas announced that his upcoming album is going to be named 'N@##ER'. Lots of prominant black leaders has reacted, that this word is used for people of color to dehumanize for ages. Universal is asking Nas to change the title of his new upcoming album or lose $84 million in investments. A major pension fund, who has invested in Universal want to withdrawl their investments if Universal going to release Nas' album.

I think Nas is getting media attention by coming with this type of contraversial title. I think Nas should, change his album title into 'Brother'. Why not? this will promote the brother hood amongst the hip hop listeners. Why should this title have a racial impact?

The hip hop listners are not only of black or white. If Nas would change the title into brother this would be more positive and would appeal to all the hip hop heads. Anyway On December 11 the new Nas album will be released.


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