Friday, February 29, 2008

It can be horrible if you get your self injured and the consequences can be a lifetime trauma. The accidents happen unexpected. We never know when it is going to happen. You can stay out of the high way, but this is one of the best ways to travel.
You can say I am not going to get on my bike, because some reckless driver might hit you. You never know what can happen.

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I brag for fun, flow is like liquid,
but I wouldn't sip it, I am more on some slick stuff,
which is my natual high, take you higher than la,
I continue to reign, you lames can not mess with a kid,
I drop the best of the hits, don't test no matter who ever you with,
I rip crazy mics, call me psychotic clepto,
doper then narcotics, the death is appraoching like when a bomb ticks,
the calm kid to more wild styles than a poetic savage,
the flow be tighter than a skin on a teen,
I am bragging and bagging readers like a dealer bagging fiends,
my pen set the scene,

I kick the raw raps you can relate to,
my pen ink thoughts, I spit it while the plate rotate, dude
I do not talk trash, and trash rappers can't walk my path,
it is blood stained, I got aim and that is to shine through,
the rainy clouds, got clouts to drop, peeps crowd me,
they know I am real and I glow or should I say I am flaming,
with anothers I am hot, you are not, that why you plot,
bragging about what the little dough you got,
my props comes first, the blood of the lamb,
the son of man strike your ignorant mind,
to wise you, now that the scripts are fliped,
and tables will turn for me to earn,



I am a big fan of the tv show called Kung-Fu which was shot in the early '70. In the '80 as a young kid. I was watching this show with my cousins on every Friday night. Although I am big fan of this show I wasn't able to buy all the episodes on dvd.

I was looking for Kung-Fu collection on dvd. I came across the whole Kung-Fu collection on the net for 80 USD. I was happy like a child and this show brings me so much childhood memories. One of my favourite scenes is that one of the actors can change his face with one wave of his hand. He changes from human being to a pig. This is the most memorable scene I have of this tv show called Kung-Fu. I am also a fan of Star Wars. I am not much into the old episodes, so I ordered the Starwars trilogy. I have been looking for some hip hop cd's. I have bought the new Jay-Z album. This album is great. I think the beats and rhymes are dope. I am constantly looking for stuff online to buy. I found this site where you can buy the latest iPod offerings with discounts for Apple Store,,, and

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This fast pace lifestyle of the modern day society can give the human being lots of stress and that cause you serious health problems. In the big cities is the lifestyle fast. Everyone is busy with their careers and there is no time for family and not for even for them selves. Most people are so busy to keep up with their schedule and they do not even have 5 minutes to unwind.

Rap music can provide me that therapeutic vibe to relief that stress of the hectic lifestyle. To bring more comfort and taste to your life can rap music offer you the solution. It actually the hip hop music that keeps things flowing smoothly like the way I want it to go. Without rap music my life would be dull and crazy boring. Rap music gives my life the extra boost and add much shine to it like the sun. Without rap music my life would be empty and some sort of a ghost town. Rap music keeps my life bubbling. To fill up this empty space I need hip hop music in my life. Some of the best hip hop songs can be the best memories for life.

Rap music can gives me the best way to relax my mind after working all day. There are researchers proving that that music is the number one stress killer. For me the beats are the main source of the relaxation. I can sit down and listen to music so that my mind, soul and body can relax. Almost everyone has a certain choice of music.



Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rap music is driving college students towards sexism, but it is not certain that it causes sexism. The conclusion is that rap music causes sexism amongst the college students. It is examined the effects of rap music on college students. Many critics of rap music say that it causes sexist beliefs, but the researchers say that the link found between rap music and sexism is not a direct cause and an effect.

It can be explained like 'If you hear the word chocolate and you are in desperate need for a candy bar'. The study manifest those students that were asked to listen to rap were more likely to be sexist, thus they have a higher level of sexism. The students those who listen to rap once and a while use less sexist language than those who listen rap more often. It was the same for the females, the females who listened rap music with less sexist language were less sexist than those listen to rap music with more sexist rhymes. The sexist believes are part of the modern day culture and sexist rhymes are activate the pre-existing awareness of sexist beliefs.

The association between rap music and sexism is researched by studying a group after listing to rap music with sexist content, they also listened to raps with non sexist content and explicit content. There after the students sexism were measured, but they were not aware of the true purpose of the study. The students were asked to listen to a song of Eminem which was 'Kill You'. And the students were asked to listen to the raps of Beastie Boys. The group who listened to the song of Eminem was more sexist than the other group.

The females who listened to the song of Eminem rejected sexism, because they were the target of this song. Like the study says that rap music has a negative influence on the society. I think that some rap music is just stimulation to be sexist. Sexism is deep rooted in the society. Just take for example cooking and cleaning these task are outsourced to women, while these tasks don't require any skills that only females posses. Even these studies are not a support for an argument. I think the rap music only reflects the realities of life and the life is full of sexism and violence. I think a censorship can only a decrease a sexism only in a little part of the society. There is only a little percentage of the world population who listen to rap. Maybe decreasing sexism amongst these people can not influence the sexist beliefs of rest of the world.



Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I think a loan can be a great outcome. There are lots of people finding their self in a financial crisis. Then it can be quite uncomfortable to deal with financial crisis. If you want to start your own business then it can make things easier if you have a loan.

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Since the internet arrived and has grown to a major revolutionary info highway. The things have got easier for artist to get attention from the records labels. The early hip hop artist have not got this chance as the new generation rappers and producers.
In the early days you got to shop a demo and press dozens of copies to get attention from the record label.

Nowadays you can record a high quality demo tape at home and upload it in a digital format to the site of the record label. You can get attention from talent scout to give you that Jay-Z type of record deal, because you stand out from the other artists. There are enough sites where you can upload you music too. If you are an upcoming artist and you are looking for a record deal check this site out. Click here to go to the site.

The modern day tech stuff has taken over the globe. So the hard working artist have to focus on putting they effort to deliver good music and the technology have made things easier.



If there are one of the things I feel comfortable about is having an health insurance. If you do not have a health insurance than having one can take a load off your back financially. It means if you might need medical attention you do not have to pay those bills your self.

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I would like to introduce this site to you. It is the site of LOX. This is a great website with lots of information about the LOX and the Ruff Ryders. On the home page you can read the info about that they were fighting for freedom in 1999 and Ruff riding into an another direction leaving Bad Boys. They were disappointed at Bad Boy and got them self their own label RuffRyders/Interscope.

While Badboy were more focused on getting commercial success Ruff Ryders were more into the raw street type of rhymes. LOX didn't feel that comfi in those shiny suits that found that they would not cheat their true identity. There are videos featured on this site you can check out. Famous Jadakiss track such as 'Put your hands up'.
There is a track called 'Wild out' of LOX. You can check out the photos of LOX.

You can join the fan forum and discuss the issues about LOX with fellow fans. If you want to hear the dope street rhymes than you know you got to pump the music of LOX. click here to go to the LOX website.



I would love to go on vacation to Italy. I have family in Italy, but I'd rather not stay with them. I would rent a holiday property. I think this provide some sort of privacy and comfort. I would like to go on vacation to Milano. I was searaching for property to stay during the vacation to Milano.

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I got to drop this rhymes, and get my shine on,
my poems are flowing in form of line,
and I grind like I supposed to, brag and boast,
and ghost weak artists, they can not compete,
with a kid who got mad soul, I got goals to achieve,
talks is just the way I walk , no joke,
stimulate your lobe with a pure rhyme,
the real hip hop stuff, I drop kid...!!!,

Nobody can mess with a kid who got enough raps to pitch,
They rather see me gone, I'd rather perform and hold my own,
I gotta flow like a space shuttle, The raw line spitter,
I do my thing while the plates rotate, I am out to get
whole cake and nothing less, I bless the mic with bomb,
techniques, my rap sheets is focused on delivering flavour,
out to live major, my thoughts I am putting it down,

I got to go on, It never can be the same song,
I remain calm and spit rhymes off the dome,
From daylight to the early morning,
I get busy, just keep reading on, I end them clones,
and I strike with hype type of hits,
Out to get that cake, while the beat breaks I will rake up,
the paper,



Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I am really getting a hang of this blogging thing. I got to admit that I am out to make money with blogging. I do not make any money with this blog. I have another blog, that blog is all about making money online with blogging. It is great to make money with blogging. I think blogging is the way to go when you are out to make money online.

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I am blazing this track up, better back you wack rappers,
I maintain to be timeless, I am just one of the livest,
those who deny this, even can not compete with a kid,
there ain't no surviving, I am out to get props,
the topnotch lyricist, the realest since Rakim,
the grimy rapper, never can be wack or a slouch,
no doubt, I am going to drop this clout,
what this rap kid is about, Out to make hits,
who rips the countless mics like a clepto?

Give me a soul clap bro, I got a aim of a pro,
abel to entertain and reign from my thrown in Asia,
more wicked than a savage for those who lack, I come back,
to attack like a wolf pack, true that, the rugged soul,
more focused than a camera lens, Í blend ,
I strike with immense intense sentence,
the iron lion breaks easily outta of the den,
my friend, I intend to achieve more than cruising in a jeep,
I keep on rhyming and grind to give sight to the blind,

To fine dine with my click, Capture the moment like a Canon,
I am planning to flow and get mad props, if not the money though,
they kind of funny bro, those wack rappers settle for a quick buck,
not seeing why they stuck, I leave a brother star struck,
I am focused to bust a dope rhyme, I have no time to play,
The laid back rapper with the proper mindset,
I bet I wouldn't break a sweat, to wreck the mic with a hype text.



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You might think that you being a dope rapper might get you that phat Jay-Z type of record deal. That is not what counts actually. It is sad but true. It is not about how good you can freestyle. To get a record deal you got to deliver a dope tracks. You got to ensur that you can come up with hit songs that can take the top of the charts. If you can guarantee that you are going to make money for the record label. Then you are in.

You might make songs as a battle rapper to get that record deal, but if your songs don't have that hit potential, you will never hear from the record label again. It is important to get those radio spins and that will boost your record sales. Even MTV, VH-1 or BET can not compete with the attention that radio spins get you.

If you ask your self how you can get your self radio spins. It could be the lyrics that will get you radio spins. It could also be the beats that gets you those radio spins. I can not give you the exact answer. Making a hit song can actually be a hunch. It can make a unknown rapper famous beyond the heaven like a star. There is no guarantee that your music will go blow overnight, but if you follow those the rules below, there is a big chance that your music will gain more attention.

First of all you got to get a clear idea about who you want reach with your music. If you want to reach the people from your neighbourhood than you got to target them, but if you want to be a big time rap artist you do not want to stick to an audience from your neighbourhood. If you want to get attention from the urban youth, black, white and latino's or you want to sell your record to "Thugs" or "Ladies". You would like to market your record to everybody, but this is kind of trying to see through troubled water. People like to hear that a song is specially dedicated to them. So if you say "this is for my thugs" the people who listen to the song will be felt like they are approached personally.


The producer and the rapper got to have some sort of a connection. If the chemistry is there the song can be a hit. The self-produced artists do not have this problem. You got to find a producer who understands you and willing to work with you on a level which is fruitful to drop a good product that delivers to your targeted market.


Having a dope hook can increase the hit potential of the song. If the song is catchy it can turn the song into a hit. The past has proven this. A good hook can do the magic. The best songs has the most memorable hooks. If you are writing a good hook make it smart and make it stand out of the rest. Make sure that the listener wouldn't forget this hook till their 80Th birthday.


It is important to keep your song short and sweet. This means if your song is longer than 3 minutes the radio dj's wouldn't be eager to give that spin, because this means that they have less time for spinning the ads. They will be more likely to spin your record is it doesn't exceed 3 minutes.


Do not be ordinary with your song. Make your self stand out from other rappers, be a rapper that deliver unique sound to the audience. You got to make the record industry people to come to you to give that record deal. If you got a song that will grab listeners attention because it got the looks, then can blow up big time in the streets.



Monday, February 25, 2008

The forex exchange or currency exchange is actually trading one currency for another. It is the biggest market in the world. The trading is between large banks, central banks, currency speculators, multinational corporations, other financial markets and governments. The reason for forex trading market being the biggest is that the average daily trade is 3 trillion USD.

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Through the graphical visualization the trades are represented. You also can find online tutorials. You can get live support. Now you can combine the financial know how and the user friendly interface of This will make it easy for you to monitor, share and discuss your trading activity.



If you love music, you maybe want to rap, produce or manage an artist. It is also possible for you to start your own hip hop label. If you love the music business more than anything. Starting a record label is the the perfect thing for you. Here below you can find the basic steps how to start your own independent hip hop label.

Step 1. First of all you need to put together a business plan. Then you can include dates, possible artist additions, venues and financing options. It is real important to write a business plan, because this will get the issues clear what you have to take care of. Click here to learn how to write a business plan.

Step 2. You need to create a setup for your area. For the artists you will have to plan schedule for your projects. If you do not own a studio. It is the best to find a studio and get the rates of the studios. You can achieve much from a home studio. Find out for your self what the best options are when it comes to recording.

Step 3. Once you got your artist project plan set up, business plan and your chose the right studio. Then the time has come to outline the financial projections. Your pages about the financial issues will be empty. There will be no history or anything. It will be totally blank. There is a good and a bad thing about the financial sheet. There will no bank willing to release a loan to you, when you have zero projections sheet. The good news is that there are lots of personal investors who are willing to invest in your record label. The investor will give you the money to start your record label. This will make the investor the C.E.O of your label. If it is no problem for your to give up the leadership, then this is the way to go.

Step 4. It is important to understand that music business is no "fast track" as the media may describe it. The music business is all about finding the right niche and bigging up your potential. Your label will make money from selling CD's, live shows and merchandise. To sell your music, there got to be a well developed marketing strategy. This will make your label stand out from the other labels.

Step 5. Now that you got your plans all together and you got your marketing strategy mapped out. Then comes the legal council. It is important for you to have someone who can draw up papers for you to have an LLC. This offers you all the taxation info for legalizing the transaction you might make. This service must not cost you more than $250.

Step 6. After following these steps you have become an independent record label. Putting your plans into motion will bring you closer to achieving your goals. Following these steps will help you to operate as an independent record label.



Saturday, February 23, 2008

If you are going to move out it can be quite stressful. You got to pick a trust worthy moving company. They got to be careful with your possessions. To decide which moving company to use you can use the following guidelines.

If you are going to move to another local area then it is better to ask around from your friends and family about the best moving companies that offer the best service.
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Last time I moved out was a big mess. I was not hiring the right moving company. I lost my diploma during the moving process.



Time to get this off my chest, I think forward like a game of chess,
I bless the microphone with grown poems and known to rip,
clones skip their heartbeat, my art be original,
the underground rap keeping the tradition intact,
I stack dope raps with more facts which is actual,
the supreme mathematics for you Asiatics,
I am at this, getting props and rock spots,

The truth is I groove and make moves on beats,
and increase my stacks of text, and put this down on wax,
I get higher then a kite and ignite the track,
it will be blazing hot, I 'll be phrasing amazing,
rhymes my lines flow, I would not slow down,
I'll wreck mics and spit raw pal, flow like the Nile,

I come with more styles than Daniel San,
I rhyme for fun, and my mind is on riches,
I am on more fly shit than witches on broomsticks,
I move slick, spit the thick convo and rip,
this is a gift to flow the raw techniques,
I peak to the top with this style of rhymes.



I personally love to work in a well furnished office. It gives me a pleasant feeling, because it is comfortable. If you are a business owner or students, It doesn't matter when you are looking for a site on the net to save money on your office supplies, furniture or computers then this site offers great deals with coupon codes and online promotion codes.

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I think illegal downloads are worthless. If you are fan of a certain artist you do not do such a thing. It is totally unethical. It is like if you are a fisherman you would feed the whole village with your efforts. You would like to get paid for your effort. It is the same for these artists. It is totally fair that they would like to get paid for their creative efforts.

There are lots of sites that offer free downloads and they do not pay any royalties.
This is really in the disadvantage of the artists. If you the site own the DRM and which stands for Digital Rights Management. These rights say that you can download music for free without going bankrupt. If I explain DRM in other words it means that the owner of the music can restrict the ownership of that music file. Those who are for the DRM they believe that this is in advantage of the artist. They get paid everytime their music is downloaded. I think this seems fair. Those who do not believe in DRM they believe that people should have access to download it for free. They believe this will increase the competition in the music industry. Because of the copying technology is advanced it is getting harder for the music owners to copyright the music files and to control who gets the ownership of the original music. If the creators can not control that their music is not getting downloaded for free. This means that it is not possible to control their profits.

It seems logical to me that the creators of the original music product should get paid when everytime someone buys a copy of the original music. This is what the lawyers say. Those who oppose say that it does not create a level to make some people richer in the process, these people say that the artists should not benefit form the future sales. It should be fair for the artist who has been working for years to the record label and perfected their skills and the artist should benefit for these sales. That seems fair to me.



Friday, February 22, 2008

I think education is real important if you want to have a secured future and if you want to start a career. It is important to get an education where the teachers are focusing on delivering quality education.

I found this site called Key Realty school offers education to more than 30,000 students. With its experience the students can be sure that they get the best education. Key realty school is in Nevada, Las Vegas. This school takes the leading position in real estate and business education. The instructors have lots of expertise and knowledge about the field of real estate and business.Nevada property management training is the best in the area.

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50 Cent's willingness to take over the rap game led him to mega success, such as starting his own record label and a his own clothing line. 50 Cent appears in movies and his voice is used in major video games. We can not forget to mention that he owns 10% of the vitamin water. It was bought by the soda drink giant Coca-cola for 4.1 billion dollars. Is this man called 50 Cent get paid or what?

To describe this rap kid in few words would be 'true survivor'. 50 Cent grew up in the cold streets of Jamaica, Queens. He started to sell drugs from age of twelve to make money. 50 Cent was raised by his grand mother after his mother was killed. 50 Cent got shot nine times. It was front of his home in May of 2000. Because of his survival this man made name as a mythical figure in the game of rap. He continue to build his empire and keeps on making hits for the rap fans.

In 2003 50 Cent released his debut album which was sold 870,000 within 4 days. The success came so fast for this rapper, in a instant he was known all over the world. His own label was launched the same year. He has worked with several artists on this album, released his second album "The massacre". It featured songs like 'Candyshop' and 'just a little bit'. 50 Cent sold 5 million copies. He got nominated for a Grammy award. The award went to Kanye West. Both rappers released their albums on 11 th of September. However the media called it a rivalry, it was more like a friendly competition.

To promote his self titled third album he has been touring. It is another 50 cent banger it shows a whole different side of 50 cent. It is appealing to the clubs. This album was well received by the fans and the fans were obviously curious what was on this rapper's mind. 50 Cent announce that this year is going to be a huge year after launching his film company. With a record deal, movie production company and other businesses in his possession, he continues to be one of the most successful rapper of this moment.



I think having a health insurance can take a load off your back financially. Let's face it, when ever you need medical attention and it can cost you quite some money if you do not have a health insurance. When you have one all the costs will be taken care of by the insurance company.

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When exactly did our ancestors decided to develop the art called music. The answer to that question is not known, but music has been around since a long time ago. The musical instruments are one of the first artifacts made by human beings, these musical instruments are made way before the agricultural instruments. The oldest music instrument was created 50000 years ago in Slovenia.

The percussion instruments were created way before that. Music instruments were found in ancient hunter-gatherer societies. Music making is found in every area in the archaeological history throughout every culture. The oldest song is written on the wall of a pyramid in 4,300 years ago. It is possible to find out that it is a song text, because there are images of musicians playing a music instrument beside of this text. This song says "I love and admire your beauty, I am under it". The world oldest music is a hymn put together by the Hurrian People dedicated to the moon goddess Nikkal about 3,400 year before now. The notions were found written on the tablet in Syria. There have been more than 7 attempts to reconstruct the song, it is written in a sophisticated form and the notes are creating a harmony.

The young children are developing a certain taste for music since they are exposed to the music of their culture. I actually never liked no pop music, although there was music channels which airs the pop and rock songs. I got my first tape from a classmate of mine. It was a Ice-T tape. Since then I started to prefer rap music over all the other music streams. Music came along way. Nowadays you do not have read notes or play instruments to call your self a musician. With the technology it is a matter of learning how to work with a MPC Akai or a PC. I think when it comes to hip hop music nothing can beat the Akai MPC. This is the ultimate machine to put together the dopest beats.



Thursday, February 21, 2008

I think sales is an art. I have worked in the retail sector for few years. I have some experience with sales. I got to admit it is not easy. It is actually convincing your customer that they got to buy from you, that they can not afford to buy it from you.


I think everybody is able to sale. It is possible to learn the sales techniques to convince the customer. This site called provide sales trainings and consulting to organizations to increase their sales. They do this by offering trainings on how to get more opportunities, also how to create larger chances and how to get those opportunities quicker.
The methods and facilities used to achieve this are sales training, coaching, mentoring, workshop facilitation, on-line academy. This company has worked with many European, American and other international companies. Using the methods this company provide it is easy to improve your sales performance. The solutions this company offer is this working for all the business environments. This company offers open Sales Training courses and in-company courses. You will learn in the sales training how to stay ahead of the competition. These courses are created to meet the expectations of the client.

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Music business can be a heck of a dillema. For those who are in the music business is the main keyword creating. With another words it can be (songwriting/producing). One half of the brain must function in harmony to find your self in the perfect state to get your creative juices flowing. The other half of the brain can more than what a musician can handle. To make the music become a part of your life is to make it 'Dope' with the less creative side of your brain.

The music business is real fascinating. Since the true value is in the eardrums of the listner, the music business can not give orders to the artist to invest the creative engergy. It is sad but true, it is a fact that music business is interested in dollars than the creative efforts of you as an artist. It is pretty obvious that a songwriter must write songs to satisfy the market. So the songwriters have to write songs what people want to hear. For a songwriter it is plesant to write the songs when ever the inspiration strikes you. You even can find more plesure from writing on a certain time of the day. The outcome of this type of writing is that it will bring you towards the goals you set. Eventually you will move closer to the music industry.

Let's say you are a Kung-fu fighter. When you just start out you will learn the basic techniques and as you grow you want to learn more complicated fighting styles. It is the same with songwriting. If every line of the song comes out your pen easily, then there will be no challenge for you in writing new songs.
The main key is to just write your rhyme without being stuck. So make a time table and plan your songwriting activity on a certain time and do this 2 or 3 times a week. This will bring your ideas for your song. You can write down interesting lines. Then you have something to start with.



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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If wonder how you can find free music on the net. Then music search engine is one of the ways to look for a free music downloads. The three search engines you can look for free music downloads are, Sonqza and Seeqpod. These three search engines caters to all the people looking for free music files on the net. It is possible for you to search for your favourite songs by the song title, name of the artist.

Although, there is a legal issue about downloading music through the search engines. Those search engines do not pay any royalties to the artists. These search engines are the new ways to find free downloadable music on the net. They are on dangerous grounds when it comes to legal issues. Although the search engines happen to be guilty, they are still on the net.


The search engines are still able to operate, because the copy right laws are created to please the search engines in a way. So they can still exsist without getting banned from the net. The search engines host the downloadable music files on other servers, so the search engines can not be held responsible for nothing. So because the files are hosted on other servers the search engines can not be sued for contributory infringment either. If you want to make a case aginst the search engines you need to prove that search engines are trying to defraud the royalties of the artists. Those who want to sue the search engines need to prove that the downloader has been searching for a certain file and need to trace the that the file was actually downloaded to the computer.

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DVD is much longer than a CD it has more data capacity. The regular DVD holds 7 times more data than a CD. DVD has much better quality than VHS comes with the dolby surround sound systems. The sound quality is much like the sound quality in the movie theatre.


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There are few ways you can make beats. You got to decide with what kind of hardware you are going to use. It can be Akai MPC 500 or Apple or Windows. There are lots of producers who rather prefer using a PC because it is easy to get started. The die-hard Apple fans will prefer nothing but the Apple computers to produce beats with.

If I may assume your computer is not older than three years, then it will not be able to make beats of good quality, because there will be minimum specification to run the producing software or an audio work station. If you are a music producer you got to be conscious about the fact that it is not going to be easy using your computer to make beats. It is possible that your sound card is not magnetically shielded. If you connect the microphone in to your computer, than there might be a line interference. Your recording will be of low quality and you will hear unwanted noises such as hum or a him.

You got to look for a pro sound card. If you know how to upgrade computers then you can install an internal soundcard into your motherboard. If that sounds like Chinese to you then there are other solutions such as an external soundcard which you can plug in with a fire wire or through a USB connections. A pro souncard will have a better signal quality and muliple inputs. The basic soundcards have only one input.
If you have a pro soundcard it is possible to input multiple recording sources. This is what they call multiple tracking. Lots of DAW will make it possible for you record each microphone on it's own channel. This will allow you to add effects to the sound. Learning how to use a computer and a soundcard will help you to start your music producing career.



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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The mad rhymer, the fine rhyme designer,
the major master mind, grind all the time,
peeps wanna measure with a kid, who rip mics,
and spit nice, flow is priceless, and timeless,
technique is out set trend and invent, the
essence of hip hop for those with interest,
the next style I got it, out to get props,
the topnotch lyricist, you not hearing this,

the visions remain chrystal clear,
I maintain and drop the plain English,
You thought I would sing hits, I bring
the flavour, taste the ingridients,
I ain't crazy or lazy, cool calm kid,
come with the lyrical bomb spit,
still I can spit on a hyper tone,
the grown man with grown plans,

The Asiatic child, Pal check the style,
quite lowkey, you do not know me,
the real deal in rap, tracks for you,
I rep the truth, kept a tool,
which is the pen and the pad,
bragging and boasting the tight raps,
I relax and max, bust dope lines on wax,



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The co-founder of Rocawear is Jay-Z one of the most successful rappers of all time. He took the hip hop culture far beyond music. The focus of this hip hop clothing company is to provide new trendsetting and beyond the borders reaching clothing. The annual retail sales reaches 700 million USD. This ain't no joke. Rocawear is dominating the hip hop clothing business. Rocawear is not just a national brand name it is recognized clothing line even out side of the US borders. In countries aa Japan, Canada, Europe, Korea, Middle east and Russia is Rocawear seen as a main clothing line. Rocawear continue to grow through the synergy of numerous brands. The marketing strategy of Rocawear is traditional and non-traditional. They advertise on buses, billboards, magazines. Also Rocawear advertise online. These days it is possible to reach a wide range consumers online.

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I think nothing can beat the unique sound that set the mood spinning a vinyl hip hop record. About 10 years I ago I bought this Show Biz and AG record. This record contains the song 'Drop it heavy'. And I could not get enough of this record. The quality of vinyl records bring a nostalgic experience.

But it is possible to reproducing an original digital recording close to the sound of the original one and the it will sound like you are listing to it in a recording studio. This is not the case with vinyl albums. I am a big fan of vinyl, but I do not stick to vinyl only. I also collect CD's. The most important advantage of CD's is the much improved signal to noise ratio. Signal to noise ratio is the measure of the signal strength. With another words the sound of the music. Relative to background noise. These are unwanted sounds caused by the dust in the studio's. The greater the signal to the noise, the better the quality of the sound will be.

Compact disks have a greater signal to noise which is 96 dB. Vinyl has 60 dB . When it comes to scratches the sound quality of vinyl decrease with a one simple scratch. The compact disks are more tolerent. If I have to chose I would go for the qualtity sound of compact disk rather than vinyl. I catch my self being so lazy that I have to get off my seat to flip the record. CD's will save me this effort.



Monday, February 18, 2008

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Since the last time I blast a rhyme,everybody got wild,
flowing with poems off the dome, you not knowing,
a kid be glowing and lay low, say what you wanna say yo,
I can too, the true poet, style more liquid than moet,
you can not stop me, I 'll a dope mc, dropping the propper,
raps, make you collaps off the map, perhaps you wish that I step,
you fools slept on kid, now I am back with more raps,

I do not care, keep popping those wack raps,
I will be back at my craft perfecting it,
I rule, you clones can not do me none,
I am the number one, steady grinding,
you left behind, my lines are flowing,
on the beats, writing rap sheets,
peep the flow,

it ain't easy to flow, rappers get cheesy so,
I come with dope thoughts, check the rhymes I wrote,
you yap that wack raps, step back it is a fact that,
I am not going to put up with crap, I attack like a wolf pack,
you silly willies can not real feel me because I get you high than a philly,
the iller entrepreneurial rap kid dealing with the real,
you can not see me,



Friday, February 15, 2008

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I blast my rhymes like Krs-One, son,
I am from the slums where kids snatching crumbs,
but that would not stop me, rappers are sloppy,
I rock dope rhymes see, I am a free man with plans,
on my mind, so I rhyme for fun and for dough,
never gettting high, my natural high got me higher than,
plane, you cats can not mess around,
I get down with rhymes from the underground,

You clowns better chill, I will get the job done,
no gun busting crap, the freestyle raps to put my hood on the map,
I step in my timbo's, got enough flows to freeze you,
I am so cold, I spit the raw material,
me real, see I Got skills what you punk brother want,
harder than steel, the real deal in rap music
don't be confused, I am here to amuse,

I am down since 1994 and spit the legit raps,
although I look crooked, forget looks and just hear,
I put it in gear, no time to look back,
check the motion of the poetry,
I am flowing these rhymes with techniques,
while the wheels spin like chrome on a benz,
I deliver more vision than a lens.



Thursday, February 14, 2008

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If you watch MTV's Run's House than you all know who Vannessa Simmons is. He is one hell of a talented young lady with good looks. She shines in Rev Runs show on MTV. She is living a lifesyle of the rich and famous. I think she has little bit of luck that her father is a major hip hop pioneer, but with her charms and looks she is able to build a career of her own.

She is not only an actress, but also a model and entrepreneur. He has broke into the world of fashion as a model. She has started a fashion brand called Pastry. She is acting in a soap opera, but soon will be getting on stage as a rapper as Lil' Tease in the Actor's rapper. She looked up for famous female rappers and found inspiration to create a rapping character for the show.

She got advice for her father about playing the role as a rapper. She says she is comfortable with playing a role as a rappers, because she is a whole different character in the reality soap of Rev Run. She has gained enough experience acting in the soap opera. This prepared her for for the role of lil' Tease.



Wednesday, February 13, 2008

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I got to flow on, with the dope song,
you know it is on, I ain't got my hand on the chrome,
the grown lyricist, not illitarate without gimmicks kid,
rather a perfectionist, I continue to rip,
mics, get rice kid I am nice, I do not claim to be the badest,
the classic version of a slick dope rhyme flower,
forget about status, class I have you wish you had this,
I master the techniques, blast with vocals written on my rap sheet,

Just check this out, I got mad clout,
to kick, you doubt me your sick, test me
not, the best be hot, I wreck the mic with,
freestyle flows and ensure to hit,
those with legit rhymes that fit,
their needs, my rhymes go click clack,
say cheese, on the streets kids have trees lit up,
but I rather not, It is all a plot, I am not getting got,

I got enough rhymes to flow on, just hold on,
my poems are writen to be hitting, I admit
there no rapper who can be spitting this tight,
aight, you biters I rhyme to iginite your state of mind,
to be original your rhymes are cony, you have nothing for me,
I mean no value, I kick raps from here to malibu,
the truth is too bitter true, I make moves forget glammer and glitter,
It ain't no riddle how I maintain.



Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Monday, February 11, 2008

I would like to introduce to you to the founder of the anti-aging serum called Ethocyn. It prevents aging of your skin. She made this invention in the early eighties. She was able to find this serum to make the skin more younger.

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I am watching more movies the last couple of weeks. For a year I have did nothing but blogging. I have now more time to watch tv. I am a movie fan but I download no movies. I have bought some movies last Friday.

To be exactly the 5 movies for 5 Euros. This movies are very mediocre. For that price I can not accept more. I have watch four of them now. The first movie I watched was The Deal with Christian Slater. I can not believe that Hollywood is putting out this kind of junk. The title might sound like a it is a Gangsta movie, but it is about the corporate bullshit. Another movie I bought was the movie The Robbery. This was also a dissaster, Wesly Snipes playes the role of a crack head father who beats up his son. The script is so poor. It does not offer any value to the viewer. I think this is the last time I buy these cheap movies. I expect more from the movie called Eden, because this is actually about the beginning of the country Israel.

I am going to watch this movie tonight. I hope to learn somthing form this movie.
I am interested about the country Israel so I hope to be edutained.



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There were rumours going around the new label of Jay-Z. It is now certain that Jay-Z and Steve Stout have join forces to open an advertising company. They are offering this service to the companies to attract more muti cultural consumers.

The company has major clients such as General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, McDonalds and Reebok. Steve Stout said that Jay-Z came from Marcy Projects and went from rags to riches. This shows that Jay-Z and Steve Stout are true entrepreneurs. They want to help the companies to with advertising their products to people of different cultures.

We know Steve Stout for his production work and Jay-Z is a hip hop mogul he has dropped major amount of no.1 albums. I personally think that his rhyme style is really plain without complex rhyme styles. This make him unique.



Saturday, February 9, 2008

I am not only a record collector, but I also love to go to live concerts. I went to live concerts of Rakim, RUN DMC, Gangstarr, Nas, Mos Def and Talib kweli and some other artists. If you like to enjoy your self then going to a live performance of your favourite artist can be nice.

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The slick thick rhyme talker, you jokers watch,
how I uplift these kids like a glass of scotch,
leave the mic alone hops, I perform hot and rock spot
blast harder than shots from glocks,
I doubt your route your yada yada has no content you clown,
the iller verbal individual, lyrical and spiritual,
I got clout to spit, I ensure to serve the words you never done heard,

I have no time for that shit your spit,
time is money, I have not got lot of it,
so I got to come with the proper hits,
the work I put in ain't that hard kid,
just nod and play your part let me show the art,
I have been dropping the pure lyrics from the start.
I am a hard head nuff said, I will do this till my fam can break bread.

Cross waters and borders and indeed peep the evil eyes upon us,
working to become the owners and bosses,
my clan wilder than mob of Gambinos,
eyes on the c-notes, check the rhyme I wrote,
tight and dope, the hyper flow, I am nice bro,
wise your mental like a aristocrat,
You know where I am at, right here!!!



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In 1992 Dogg Pound made their first debut on Dr.Dre's album. They appeared on various song. They also appeared on Snoop's classic Doggy Style. In 1995 they released their solo album . They sold three million albums. The album contains sexual and voilent content.

In 1996 Dogg Pound appeared on Tupac's album 'All eyes on me'. In 1998 Daz and korrupt focused on their solo success. They left Deathrow and Kurrupt started his own label it is called Antra Records. Daz also started his own label it was called D.P.G records. In 2002 there were arguments between the two when korrupt decide to sign with Deathrow. Later they released the album Dillinger and Young Gotti in November 2005.

In 1995 they released the album the Dogg Food that is my favourite Dogg Pound album.
I think the beats are very dope. It is not that typical G-funk but it is a mix of west coast beats with Gangsta rap.



Friday, February 8, 2008

I was looking for some Window Blinds online. I found this great site it is called This site sells a wide range of Window Blinds. My favourite is the Basswood Wood Blinds. It creates a natural ambiance in your house. This company offers a life time warranty. offers 24/7 customer service. They will ship your blinds for free. There are also Faux wood blinds, Mini Wood blinds or Verticle wood blinds.



I can not understand how these cats fake moves,
they do not have a clue how easy it is too fool them,
with moves that is thoro, I got to let you all know,
I got to flow and let the mic glow, if you do not,
believe me you must be believing the hype bro,
I might blow with this type of brag and boast,
host the party make everybody move their body.

I am about beats and rhymes, leave these whack rappers behind,
cause they dumb deaf and blind, lead the fleet of supreme mcees,
call me the black Jesus, my thought are peaceful,
yes I come with the tight rhymes, do not bite mine,
read between the line on the streets the nines are going off,
forget that I am bringing the real hip hop back,
this is far from a act, your wack pack of wolfs can not compete,
with a king of the jungle, I come through your city, I never mumble,

I deal with real life while you just a sloppy Hollywood act,
I am about to stack these rhymes on the beats, Yes indeed,
please ease back with your weak crap, I am sick so I spit,but quite legit,
just not the average crook kid, the street smart rap artist,
the hardest just nod while I am dropping this,
the hunger moves me to get this loot,
the truth shall be heard, I give these punk rappers the boot,



I hope that everyone who reads this post will realize how important an education is. An education is the basic for a secured future. I speak to plenty of people who wasted their time with other things than getting a proper education. These people regret that they never realized how important an education is.

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Blazing tracks for your ear drums, while the rhythem hits,
I continue to spit the lines off my dome,
rip the microphone with grown rhymes, poems are fine,
flowing with unique techniques, I wreck these tracks,
with countless mic checks, I got next rhymes designed,
like a architect, whack rappers fronting on me ain't heard nothing yet,
can not wait till I put this on plastic,
the massive rap hits solid like rock,

yes indeed I come with fresh raps for my peeps,
I speak no evil on the mic, I am like the best kept secret,
flowing with a style which is free, rappers are cheesy like brie,
take it easy, my steezy is plain English,
I rhyme to ignite the dancefloor, enlighten the listner,
got the game on lock like a convict,
I am a calm kid, I am down with real kids,
who ensure to ill on the beats, I walk the streets,
which is hot, I see through the plot, while you get knocked,

You are a Hollywood act, kicking crappy raps about cooking crack,
you lacking the real, I am spitting while the wheels spin,
what the deal? I am not running or busting guns at cops,
not slinging rocks like a Palastanian, I set the scene with the pen,
visualize the mathmetical graphics for your ears,



Thursday, February 7, 2008

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Eminem is also known as Slim Shady he is one of the most famous rappers of nowadays. This Detroit rapper has build up his name from the underground and became an rap icon. Dr. Dre has heard of him on a mixtape and gave him a record deal on the Aftermath records. He is not only a successful rapper, but he is also an actor. He is a multi grammy winning recording artist.

He has sold more than 70 million records worldwide. His lyrics are known for its conterversy and antiestablishment. He has won 4 grammy awards for the album of the year. Eminem released his first album called Infinite. He says that he was quite influenced by rappers like Nas and AZ and he was developing a rhyme style of his own.
Later on he dropped the album Slim Shady LP. This was more mature and had more style of it is own. This album was triple platinum. Eminem and Dr.Dre are friends and label mates and have dropped great songs. The second album of Eminem is Marshall Mathers LP. This album has sold more than 2 million copies. Eminem's third album Eminem show was released in 2002. The fourth album was called Encore. There after he dropped a double cd called 'Curtain Falls'. In 2006 Eminem dropped a compilation called Eminem Presents the Re-Up.

Eminem was acting in the movie 8-mile as an underground rapper who is trying to make it in the hip hop world. I think this is a good movie about the lifestyle of the upcoming rappers and those with dreams who want to make it in the hip hop business.



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I have family abroad and I think it is important to stay in touch with them. There are few ways to stay in touch with them. Writing is kind of a problem, because I can not write the language that well what my family speaks in Sri Lanka. I think calling is the best solution.

Calling with regular telephone line can be quite expensive. I would like to introduce this site called This site provides international calling cards which you can be used for calling to your family or friends abroad. Start saving money on phone cards buy calling cards from

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I think I am stuck in the nineties. I am only listening to rap music from the nineties. I think this era is so raw and the beats and the rhymes are so dope. I think at the time west coast was dominating the charts was when I first got touch with hip hop. It was around 1994 I think. I am a big fan of Gangsta rap, but later on I thought that I should dig deeper into the history of hip hop.

I got in touch with rappers like Rakim, Tribe Called Quest, Krs-one. These rappers changed the way I thought about the hip hop scene. I think these positive rappers are more responsible and delivering a better message than the Gangsta Rappers. Although I still find some gangsta raps got much flavour. One of my favourite albums of the nineties is Illmatic of Nas. The beat of the song 'Represent' especially is great. I take a daily walk and I listen to this song, when I walk though the counrty side and realize how soothing it is and I enjoy the life to the fullest.

Another nice album of the nineties is 18Th letter of Rakim and this album contains so much great beats and rhymes that this can be labeled as a classic. I think hip hip in the nineties were more raw than the hip hop beats and rhymes of nowadays.



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The last periode it became a trend to run a poll on your website. It can attract visitors to your site. I found this site it offers high quality polls which can be found on the web. To make your site more interactive it can be great to add a poll to your site. You can sign up for free and get a myspace surveys for example.



I refuse to talk trash, I walk the path,
which is a blood bath, I write down the thoughts,
you never thought of, I am quite dope,
tight rhymes I drop, and pop off the dome top,
the lyrics are hot, no gimmicks to get my props,
my poems are nice, on me you got your eyes on,
I roll like dice, realize you can not mess around,
with this wise guy, I am mad fly.

There are nuff rhymes for me to drop,
there ain't not enough beats for me to rock,
In the past I have been street struck,
what ever you want I got it, I kid you not kid,
I rock the hot beats form here to San Pedro,
I never play though, I lay low, hey yo!!
hear me, I tear off the roof, I give you the truth,

I maintain to entertain and reign with tactics,
more magic than the rabit and hat tricks,
I am at this to bring the ruckus, please step back you crab kids,
you lack and bringing the wack hits,
I am back with lines on the beats,
peace!!! I take you higher than trees,



I have family abroad and it is nice to keep in touch with them. Calling them is one of the best ways to stay in touch with them. It is not cheap to call long distance. The best solution is to get a long distance calling card.

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Dr.dre is one of the most influential rappers of the west coast. He is an actor, rapper, producer and C.E.O of Aftermath records. He was one of the former co-owners of Deathrow records. Dr. Dre is known for his street rhymes and he has produced for some of the biggest rap stars such as Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, 50 cent, The Game, Nate Dogg, D.O.C and Busta Rhymes.

Dr.Dre was one of the inventors of the hip hop style called G-funk. This hip hop music style dominated the whole style US charts in the early nineties. The main characteristics of this music style is it is heavy and slow. It is created on the synteseizers.

I think Dr.Dre's album 'The Chronic' was one of the best albums of the era which the G-funk dominated the charts. This album contains major hits and the productions are tight. Hip hop music drastically changed after Dr. Dre's former crew blew up. There were no provanity in hip hop until now. NWA was the group who dropped rhymes about the black gangsta lifestyle.



Friday, February 1, 2008

I have plenty of plans to for this year. I hope that I reach those goals I set. I would like to start an online business. I have been planning this for a year. It is easy to plan and dream about starting a business or reaching the goals you want. It is about how realistic your goals are.

I would like to start an online business this year. I do not have any start up money. I have to find a way to get there. I can not ask my parents to help me out with that. I am finacially stable, but I have no money to invest in an online business. That why I have thought about getting a loan. I found this site it offers Secured loans, you can compare credit cards on this site.

I hope that I can start an online business this year with help of a credit loan.



I bust rhymes doper than dust,
I am flowing mad ruff, This is skillz,
this ain't no luck, I bug, it makes sense though,
It is not about the interest in a Benz yo!!
it is about delivering the value,
so I write to get you in a hype mood,
I got crazy fluid but it ain't soup,
ensure to be pure tear off the roof,

give me a loop, I will proof I can groove to the beat,
move your feet, watch the dancefloor heat up,
speed up the flow, watch the wheels go round like a doughnut,
you know what? I got more rhymes than gold in fort knox,
I will rock spots like Iron maiden,
cats brag about cocking glocks, I am not,
I see through the plot and got lot to loose,
that is why I amuse with pure dosage of dope hits,
blessing kids like the Pope kid,

Leave the mic smoking, watch the crowd get high,
off the rhymes I supply, you know I flow and let the mic glow,
with a dope poem, I am not known yet,
no lame can claim my thrown, It is on,
I zone from midnight to the early morn,
You clones can not compete with a kid,
who hold more styles than a kung-fu fighter,
I write tight and guarantee to blow up,


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