Saturday, February 23, 2008

I think illegal downloads are worthless. If you are fan of a certain artist you do not do such a thing. It is totally unethical. It is like if you are a fisherman you would feed the whole village with your efforts. You would like to get paid for your effort. It is the same for these artists. It is totally fair that they would like to get paid for their creative efforts.

There are lots of sites that offer free downloads and they do not pay any royalties.
This is really in the disadvantage of the artists. If you the site own the DRM and which stands for Digital Rights Management. These rights say that you can download music for free without going bankrupt. If I explain DRM in other words it means that the owner of the music can restrict the ownership of that music file. Those who are for the DRM they believe that this is in advantage of the artist. They get paid everytime their music is downloaded. I think this seems fair. Those who do not believe in DRM they believe that people should have access to download it for free. They believe this will increase the competition in the music industry. Because of the copying technology is advanced it is getting harder for the music owners to copyright the music files and to control who gets the ownership of the original music. If the creators can not control that their music is not getting downloaded for free. This means that it is not possible to control their profits.

It seems logical to me that the creators of the original music product should get paid when everytime someone buys a copy of the original music. This is what the lawyers say. Those who oppose say that it does not create a level to make some people richer in the process, these people say that the artists should not benefit form the future sales. It should be fair for the artist who has been working for years to the record label and perfected their skills and the artist should benefit for these sales. That seems fair to me.


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