Friday, February 1, 2008

I bust rhymes doper than dust,
I am flowing mad ruff, This is skillz,
this ain't no luck, I bug, it makes sense though,
It is not about the interest in a Benz yo!!
it is about delivering the value,
so I write to get you in a hype mood,
I got crazy fluid but it ain't soup,
ensure to be pure tear off the roof,

give me a loop, I will proof I can groove to the beat,
move your feet, watch the dancefloor heat up,
speed up the flow, watch the wheels go round like a doughnut,
you know what? I got more rhymes than gold in fort knox,
I will rock spots like Iron maiden,
cats brag about cocking glocks, I am not,
I see through the plot and got lot to loose,
that is why I amuse with pure dosage of dope hits,
blessing kids like the Pope kid,

Leave the mic smoking, watch the crowd get high,
off the rhymes I supply, you know I flow and let the mic glow,
with a dope poem, I am not known yet,
no lame can claim my thrown, It is on,
I zone from midnight to the early morn,
You clones can not compete with a kid,
who hold more styles than a kung-fu fighter,
I write tight and guarantee to blow up,


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