Monday, February 18, 2008

Since the last time I blast a rhyme,everybody got wild,
flowing with poems off the dome, you not knowing,
a kid be glowing and lay low, say what you wanna say yo,
I can too, the true poet, style more liquid than moet,
you can not stop me, I 'll a dope mc, dropping the propper,
raps, make you collaps off the map, perhaps you wish that I step,
you fools slept on kid, now I am back with more raps,

I do not care, keep popping those wack raps,
I will be back at my craft perfecting it,
I rule, you clones can not do me none,
I am the number one, steady grinding,
you left behind, my lines are flowing,
on the beats, writing rap sheets,
peep the flow,

it ain't easy to flow, rappers get cheesy so,
I come with dope thoughts, check the rhymes I wrote,
you yap that wack raps, step back it is a fact that,
I am not going to put up with crap, I attack like a wolf pack,
you silly willies can not real feel me because I get you high than a philly,
the iller entrepreneurial rap kid dealing with the real,
you can not see me,


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