Wednesday, February 20, 2008

There are few ways you can make beats. You got to decide with what kind of hardware you are going to use. It can be Akai MPC 500 or Apple or Windows. There are lots of producers who rather prefer using a PC because it is easy to get started. The die-hard Apple fans will prefer nothing but the Apple computers to produce beats with.

If I may assume your computer is not older than three years, then it will not be able to make beats of good quality, because there will be minimum specification to run the producing software or an audio work station. If you are a music producer you got to be conscious about the fact that it is not going to be easy using your computer to make beats. It is possible that your sound card is not magnetically shielded. If you connect the microphone in to your computer, than there might be a line interference. Your recording will be of low quality and you will hear unwanted noises such as hum or a him.

You got to look for a pro sound card. If you know how to upgrade computers then you can install an internal soundcard into your motherboard. If that sounds like Chinese to you then there are other solutions such as an external soundcard which you can plug in with a fire wire or through a USB connections. A pro souncard will have a better signal quality and muliple inputs. The basic soundcards have only one input.
If you have a pro soundcard it is possible to input multiple recording sources. This is what they call multiple tracking. Lots of DAW will make it possible for you record each microphone on it's own channel. This will allow you to add effects to the sound. Learning how to use a computer and a soundcard will help you to start your music producing career.


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