Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I think nothing can beat the unique sound that set the mood spinning a vinyl hip hop record. About 10 years I ago I bought this Show Biz and AG record. This record contains the song 'Drop it heavy'. And I could not get enough of this record. The quality of vinyl records bring a nostalgic experience.

But it is possible to reproducing an original digital recording close to the sound of the original one and the it will sound like you are listing to it in a recording studio. This is not the case with vinyl albums. I am a big fan of vinyl, but I do not stick to vinyl only. I also collect CD's. The most important advantage of CD's is the much improved signal to noise ratio. Signal to noise ratio is the measure of the signal strength. With another words the sound of the music. Relative to background noise. These are unwanted sounds caused by the dust in the studio's. The greater the signal to the noise, the better the quality of the sound will be.

Compact disks have a greater signal to noise which is 96 dB. Vinyl has 60 dB . When it comes to scratches the sound quality of vinyl decrease with a one simple scratch. The compact disks are more tolerent. If I have to chose I would go for the qualtity sound of compact disk rather than vinyl. I catch my self being so lazy that I have to get off my seat to flip the record. CD's will save me this effort.


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