Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I think I am stuck in the nineties. I am only listening to rap music from the nineties. I think this era is so raw and the beats and the rhymes are so dope. I think at the time west coast was dominating the charts was when I first got touch with hip hop. It was around 1994 I think. I am a big fan of Gangsta rap, but later on I thought that I should dig deeper into the history of hip hop.

I got in touch with rappers like Rakim, Tribe Called Quest, Krs-one. These rappers changed the way I thought about the hip hop scene. I think these positive rappers are more responsible and delivering a better message than the Gangsta Rappers. Although I still find some gangsta raps got much flavour. One of my favourite albums of the nineties is Illmatic of Nas. The beat of the song 'Represent' especially is great. I take a daily walk and I listen to this song, when I walk though the counrty side and realize how soothing it is and I enjoy the life to the fullest.

Another nice album of the nineties is 18Th letter of Rakim and this album contains so much great beats and rhymes that this can be labeled as a classic. I think hip hip in the nineties were more raw than the hip hop beats and rhymes of nowadays.


ConneX September 6, 2008 at 1:52 PM  

So true! I don't even go out anymore if it's not an "old school" party lol.
No disrespect to post 2k's rap/hip-hop/r&b but don't yall too get the feeling that music now just doesn't stick? Music from the 90s was the sh!t. You knew the lyrics, the beats made you hyper etc.
Busta Rhymes, Eric B & Rakim, Biggie, 2Pac, BoyzIIMen...
Gotta go back to looking for oldies but Goodies to fill my playlist with!

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