Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If wonder how you can find free music on the net. Then music search engine is one of the ways to look for a free music downloads. The three search engines you can look for free music downloads are, Sonqza and Seeqpod. These three search engines caters to all the people looking for free music files on the net. It is possible for you to search for your favourite songs by the song title, name of the artist.

Although, there is a legal issue about downloading music through the search engines. Those search engines do not pay any royalties to the artists. These search engines are the new ways to find free downloadable music on the net. They are on dangerous grounds when it comes to legal issues. Although the search engines happen to be guilty, they are still on the net.


The search engines are still able to operate, because the copy right laws are created to please the search engines in a way. So they can still exsist without getting banned from the net. The search engines host the downloadable music files on other servers, so the search engines can not be held responsible for nothing. So because the files are hosted on other servers the search engines can not be sued for contributory infringment either. If you want to make a case aginst the search engines you need to prove that search engines are trying to defraud the royalties of the artists. Those who want to sue the search engines need to prove that the downloader has been searching for a certain file and need to trace the that the file was actually downloaded to the computer.

There are other website such as, they are on a saver plateau when it comes to legal issues.


Anonymous June 27, 2008 at 9:46 AM  

The amazing white reggae singer Ava leigh has released her first single
Mad about the boy available on itunes with her version of the notorious
Song Mas Que nada from the new next advert.

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