Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rap music is driving college students towards sexism, but it is not certain that it causes sexism. The conclusion is that rap music causes sexism amongst the college students. It is examined the effects of rap music on college students. Many critics of rap music say that it causes sexist beliefs, but the researchers say that the link found between rap music and sexism is not a direct cause and an effect.

It can be explained like 'If you hear the word chocolate and you are in desperate need for a candy bar'. The study manifest those students that were asked to listen to rap were more likely to be sexist, thus they have a higher level of sexism. The students those who listen to rap once and a while use less sexist language than those who listen rap more often. It was the same for the females, the females who listened rap music with less sexist language were less sexist than those listen to rap music with more sexist rhymes. The sexist believes are part of the modern day culture and sexist rhymes are activate the pre-existing awareness of sexist beliefs.

The association between rap music and sexism is researched by studying a group after listing to rap music with sexist content, they also listened to raps with non sexist content and explicit content. There after the students sexism were measured, but they were not aware of the true purpose of the study. The students were asked to listen to a song of Eminem which was 'Kill You'. And the students were asked to listen to the raps of Beastie Boys. The group who listened to the song of Eminem was more sexist than the other group.

The females who listened to the song of Eminem rejected sexism, because they were the target of this song. Like the study says that rap music has a negative influence on the society. I think that some rap music is just stimulation to be sexist. Sexism is deep rooted in the society. Just take for example cooking and cleaning these task are outsourced to women, while these tasks don't require any skills that only females posses. Even these studies are not a support for an argument. I think the rap music only reflects the realities of life and the life is full of sexism and violence. I think a censorship can only a decrease a sexism only in a little part of the society. There is only a little percentage of the world population who listen to rap. Maybe decreasing sexism amongst these people can not influence the sexist beliefs of rest of the world.


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