Tuesday, February 19, 2008

One of the dopest hip hop clothing lines got to be Rocawear. This clothing line is real exclusive hip hop brand name clothing line. Rocawear got clothing for men, women, big, tall. Rocawear is for boys and girls. You can buy watches, accessories, Cd's and DVD's.

The co-founder of Rocawear is Jay-Z one of the most successful rappers of all time. He took the hip hop culture far beyond music. The focus of this hip hop clothing company is to provide new trendsetting and beyond the borders reaching clothing. The annual retail sales reaches 700 million USD. This ain't no joke. Rocawear is dominating the hip hop clothing business. Rocawear is not just a national brand name it is recognized clothing line even out side of the US borders. In countries aa Japan, Canada, Europe, Korea, Middle east and Russia is Rocawear seen as a main clothing line. Rocawear continue to grow through the synergy of numerous brands. The marketing strategy of Rocawear is traditional and non-traditional. They advertise on buses, billboards, magazines. Also Rocawear advertise online. These days it is possible to reach a wide range consumers online.

Rocawear is a hip clothing line for nowadays customers. The best clothing lines you can get at Click here to find out about the Rocawear history.


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