Friday, February 15, 2008

I blast my rhymes like Krs-One, son,
I am from the slums where kids snatching crumbs,
but that would not stop me, rappers are sloppy,
I rock dope rhymes see, I am a free man with plans,
on my mind, so I rhyme for fun and for dough,
never gettting high, my natural high got me higher than,
plane, you cats can not mess around,
I get down with rhymes from the underground,

You clowns better chill, I will get the job done,
no gun busting crap, the freestyle raps to put my hood on the map,
I step in my timbo's, got enough flows to freeze you,
I am so cold, I spit the raw material,
me real, see I Got skills what you punk brother want,
harder than steel, the real deal in rap music
don't be confused, I am here to amuse,

I am down since 1994 and spit the legit raps,
although I look crooked, forget looks and just hear,
I put it in gear, no time to look back,
check the motion of the poetry,
I am flowing these rhymes with techniques,
while the wheels spin like chrome on a benz,
I deliver more vision than a lens.


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