Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I would like to introduce this site to you. It is the site of LOX. This is a great website with lots of information about the LOX and the Ruff Ryders. On the home page you can read the info about that they were fighting for freedom in 1999 and Ruff riding into an another direction leaving Bad Boys. They were disappointed at Bad Boy and got them self their own label RuffRyders/Interscope.

While Badboy were more focused on getting commercial success Ruff Ryders were more into the raw street type of rhymes. LOX didn't feel that comfi in those shiny suits that found that they would not cheat their true identity. There are videos featured on this site you can check out. Famous Jadakiss track such as 'Put your hands up'.
There is a track called 'Wild out' of LOX. You can check out the photos of LOX.

You can join the fan forum and discuss the issues about LOX with fellow fans. If you want to hear the dope street rhymes than you know you got to pump the music of LOX. click here to go to the LOX website.


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