Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The architect has designed this hotel in a shape of a sail. Burj-al-Arab means tower of Arabia in Arabic. This hotel is acknowledged as one of the best hotels in the world.
It is a seven star hotel. Only the wealthiest in the world can afford to stay in this hotel. The height of this hotel is 371 meters. If you sail by the coast of Dubai. It is impossible to overlook this hotel, because it is like the elephant in the room.

For the best service and the quality fine dining this is the place to go. The chauffeurs will drive you with the newest Rolls Royce to the Hotel form the Air Port.
I only can dream about spending time at Burj-Al-Arab. It seems like a blessing to the Arabs to have a such a oil rich soil. This means enormous healthy economy. I saw pictures of Dubai in 1992, then it was only a desert landscape with few buildings. I also saw pictures of Dubai in 2006. It is unthinkable how fast the city has grown from ghost town to a modern oasis.

You can enjoy the blue waters and the white beaches to the fullest. You can enjoy the outdoor pool and relax in the sun at a private beach. There are plenty of water sports you can enjoy such as Tennis, Windsurfing, Waterskiing, snorkeling, Diving and many more. If you like to have fun you can use the golf course. You can enjoy desert safari, bird watching, city sightseeing, art galleries, international sports events, horse riding, polo and much more. click here to go to the site of the Burj-al-Arab.



Monday, April 28, 2008

Telephone is one of the best ways to stay in touch with the family and friends. Although there is now such things like face-to-face communication through broadband. Telephone is one of the best ways to communicate. If you have family and friends abroad and it is great to stay in touch with them.

If you use your land line that can cost you quite some money. There are much cheaper ways to stay in touch with your family and friends. If you buy a phone card then you can call with much lower rates. This site called therichcom.comTherichcom.com sells href="http://www.therichcom.com">phone cards. It is possible to reach your family and friends from Asia, Middle East to Europe.

This site is very user friendly. If you are looking for phone cards, then you can easily find the best phone cards on this site. With the phone card finder you can find a phone card of your choice with low rates. It is possible to pay for these phone cards with a credit card such as American Express, Visa or Mastercard.
The best phone cards can be obtained through this site. This site is filled with great information and guide the customers through the process how to buy the phone cards.



About month ago I ordered about 6 movies from USA. I ordered the movies that can be played in the region 2. When the movies arrived. I insert one of the movies in my DVD player. I was kind of disappointed to see that movies wasn't playing. On the TV screen it displays an error. It say error region code 2.

I was thinking about to send the movies back, but that could cost me bunch of dough. I tried to play it on my PC. That wasn't working either. I just checked out on the Internet for a way to make the DVDs region free. I was glad to find out that there was a DVD software to make the DVDs region free.

I downloaded this software for free to try out. I want to buy this software. The problem is this site doesn't accept Paypal. I wonder how I can watch movies from States . The movies from States are much cheaper than those form Europe. I think this is, because of the tax system. Anyway maybe I must stick to the movies form Europe. That will save me trouble. If you want to download the free software to make the DVDs region free. click here



Bad credit history can be a nightmare. If you have plans to start your own business or if you want to buy a new car. When you have a bad credit history that can be a major obstacle. The world is not that bad as it seems, thanks to lenders who are willing to give a second chance to people who have a bad credit history. This site called Badcreditoffers.com is a great resource. For bad credit credit cards, bad credit loans. This is the place to go.
bad credit credit cards is available for you even you have a bad credit history.



Few weeks ago I bought the classic TV program called Kung-Fu. In the eighties I have watched it weekly. Then it was quite impressive. What I like about this TV program is the dialog. It contains great wisdom and path to righteousness. This TV program is about a Shoalin monk called Caine. He is half American and half Chinese.

He is wandering and stumble upon various adventures. He is fighting for justice and peace. He seems to be very calm and there no anger to be found in him. Although this is a classic. I think there is not enough fight scenes. His Kung fu moves seems to be not sufficient. I think the main purpose of this TV serie is not to let the audience enjoy the fight scenes, but let them get to know the Shaolin wisdom.

Most of the scenes are shot in the wild, wild, west. You can see that the rail road was build by the Chinese immigrants. I have watched the whole collection. I can remember in the eighties there was a scene that one of the actors can change his face with one move of the hand. I could not find it in this collection. That was my favorite scene. That was the main reason I bought the Kung Fu collection. Maybe I have mistaken it for another TV program.



It can be tough to get a loan if you have a bad credit history. There are some lenders who are still willing to give people a loan even they got a bad credit history. If you have dreams about starting your own business and you do not have the capital to get started or you want to buy a new car then Personal Loans can be a great out come.

It can be terrible to have a bad credit history, thanks to personalloanspro.com. People can make their dreams come through. For a Personal Loan or Unsecured Personal Loan Go to personalloanspro.com and find out for your self how this site can help you out.



I got this album for free. They say that the best things in life are for free. I can not totally agree with that. Anyway this album contains dope samples and the lyrics are dope. I think the beats has lots of soul influences. The song "Sun Don't shine". It is really a dramatic song written well.

The song "sing my song" is a song with a simple hook, yet it is fun to sing along.
What I most like about this album are the beats. The many rappers who are featured on this album brings a wide range of talents to the song. The album is produced by Jay-Z, Damon Dash & Kareem "Biggs" Burke. Although there are no vocals of Jay-Z featured on this album.

The song "Got nowhere" is about what the consequences can be if you take the wrong turns in your life. I think this song can teach me something about making wise decisions to maintain and move forward toward a higher quality of life. This album contains dope samples and the lyrics are well written. Most of the beats has a dramatic touch. I would not listen to it over and over again, because the dramatic beats can bring your mood down. It is not a feel good album, however it is based on reality and the reality is not always sweet.



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If you are looking for boat handling equipment than this site called Marine Travellift is the perfect spot online to go.
For Boist Hoist this is the place to go. This company have been in business for more than forty years. The product line of Marine Travellift contains self-propelled transporters, marine forklifts and boat hoists. This company serves the international customers.
For the expertise this is the place to go.



I think LOX is one of the hardest rap crews of nowadays. The vocals are hard. The song F**K You gives me of the regal type of vibe. I think this album is must have if you like hardcore hip hop. I can say this album is kind of wicked like a voodoo spell.
What I like about this album are the vocals. The beats can not impress me anyway.

I got the original album on CD. I think the beats are kind of low quality. I just can not hit me in the right spot. I like the hook of the song Felony N****s. I think Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek are dope vocalist.

I think the album cover is of original design. The song blood pressure is dope. I like the intro that everybody is dissing LOX. This is kind of funny to make fun out of their self. This album gives a impression of the grimy street vibe of Yonkers. LOX and the Ruff Ryders are kind of ruling the Hardcore rap scene right now.



The world is moving fast drastically. Telephone is something of the past. I would like to introduce this site to you. It is called Lifesize, this company makes it easy for you to communicate face-to-face. Lifesize makes it possible to communicate face-to-face through broadband.

This is ideal for any organization to communicate through video connection over the whole globe. Lifesize was founded in 2003 and has more than 100 partners over the whole world. Move your company toward an effective method of communication. Telepresence is the communication method of the future.



As a member of the Likwit Crew Defari has put down some great work. The Focused Daily album is filled with great beats. I think these beats has a futuristic touch and the beats are produced well. The song Focused Daily contains guest appearance of Evidence of Dilated Peoples. The music of Defari goes beyond the typical west coast sound.

The Song called Never lose Touch is a great song with meaningful content. I take this song to my heart. I can say this is one my weaknesses. I got to stay close to home. I can not afford to leave my family behind and go else where. This song is one of my favorite
songs of this album. The song called These Dreams is an attention grabbing song. The song about slavery. I think it is more like a nightmare. He is seeing a slave girl called Jenny in his dreams who gets abused by the master.

The song called Thunder and Lightning is great song with Xzibit. In the beginning of the song you can hear the sound of the horses. It brings a great vibe to the song.
The album is filled with dope vocals and beats.



If you mention the American culture than you can not afford to forget Basket ball, Base ball, American football. Those are the main source of amusements for the Americans when it comes to sport. Americans are not only crazy about those sports, but also about the rodeo.

I think it is quite amusing to see Rodeo. The National Final Rodeo is organized by the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Organization. This is the main championship rodeo in the USA.
Wrangler jeans is the main sponsor of this national event. The people call it NFR. It is also know as Super bowl of rodeo.

The NFR is held at the Thomas & Mack Center at the campus of University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I personally never went to one of those events, but I would like to attend. I would like to get the front seats. I think it is exciting to see how the rodeo riders doing their best to win. I think this takes much focus and practice to become a professional rodeo rider. If you are going to USA it is a must that you attend
the NFR events.

With National Finals Rodeo tickets you can enter the event and have lots of fun. Enjoy rodeo at the University of Nevada.



It is been a while ago that I wrote this blog. I moved to another spot I had to wait till I get the Internet connection. After more than a month I am glad that the Internet is here.
Today I would like to review one of the grimiest rappers that has been passed away. I am talking about the rapper Big L from Harlem. His album big picture contains more melodic beats than the previous one. Lyric wise is the song Ebonics one of nicest songs.

That is because the New York slang is broken down in a song. Anybody who ain't from New York can learn the slang. This is kind of like a street dictionary. I think this is quite original to come up with this kind of idea to let the world know how New Yorker talk.

There are guest features of Kool G Rap, Fat Joe, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac Shakur and some few other artist. The song fall back is dope because Kool G Rap is appearing on it. I think this album contains dope vocals. As a former member of DITC crew Big L gained major attention from the underground audience.

The song Heist is a song about robbing and this is great story about how the underworld works. I think this is amusing. He can tell a vivid story in a realistic manner. The album was released on Rawkus Records in 2000. I got to say the album doesn't contain typical Harlem sound, this is because Big L is not the typical mainstream artist.


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