Wednesday, April 23, 2008

As a member of the Likwit Crew Defari has put down some great work. The Focused Daily album is filled with great beats. I think these beats has a futuristic touch and the beats are produced well. The song Focused Daily contains guest appearance of Evidence of Dilated Peoples. The music of Defari goes beyond the typical west coast sound.

The Song called Never lose Touch is a great song with meaningful content. I take this song to my heart. I can say this is one my weaknesses. I got to stay close to home. I can not afford to leave my family behind and go else where. This song is one of my favorite
songs of this album. The song called These Dreams is an attention grabbing song. The song about slavery. I think it is more like a nightmare. He is seeing a slave girl called Jenny in his dreams who gets abused by the master.

The song called Thunder and Lightning is great song with Xzibit. In the beginning of the song you can hear the sound of the horses. It brings a great vibe to the song.
The album is filled with dope vocals and beats.


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