Monday, April 28, 2008

Few weeks ago I bought the classic TV program called Kung-Fu. In the eighties I have watched it weekly. Then it was quite impressive. What I like about this TV program is the dialog. It contains great wisdom and path to righteousness. This TV program is about a Shoalin monk called Caine. He is half American and half Chinese.

He is wandering and stumble upon various adventures. He is fighting for justice and peace. He seems to be very calm and there no anger to be found in him. Although this is a classic. I think there is not enough fight scenes. His Kung fu moves seems to be not sufficient. I think the main purpose of this TV serie is not to let the audience enjoy the fight scenes, but let them get to know the Shaolin wisdom.

Most of the scenes are shot in the wild, wild, west. You can see that the rail road was build by the Chinese immigrants. I have watched the whole collection. I can remember in the eighties there was a scene that one of the actors can change his face with one move of the hand. I could not find it in this collection. That was my favorite scene. That was the main reason I bought the Kung Fu collection. Maybe I have mistaken it for another TV program.


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