Monday, April 28, 2008

About month ago I ordered about 6 movies from USA. I ordered the movies that can be played in the region 2. When the movies arrived. I insert one of the movies in my DVD player. I was kind of disappointed to see that movies wasn't playing. On the TV screen it displays an error. It say error region code 2.

I was thinking about to send the movies back, but that could cost me bunch of dough. I tried to play it on my PC. That wasn't working either. I just checked out on the Internet for a way to make the DVDs region free. I was glad to find out that there was a DVD software to make the DVDs region free.

I downloaded this software for free to try out. I want to buy this software. The problem is this site doesn't accept Paypal. I wonder how I can watch movies from States . The movies from States are much cheaper than those form Europe. I think this is, because of the tax system. Anyway maybe I must stick to the movies form Europe. That will save me trouble. If you want to download the free software to make the DVDs region free. click here


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