Sunday, September 30, 2007

After going all the way up to the No.1 spot at the Billboard 200 with Kanye west's third album called 'graduation',Now Kanye west also climb to the first place with his single 'Stronger'. He now takes the first place from Soulja boy.
Kanye is now on the first spot at Billboard hot 100. Kanye is on the move the last couple of weeks. First he beats 50 Cent with record sales. And Kanye Takes the no.1 spot on Billboard hot 100. Kanye West's new single sold 205,000 downloads. Now Kanye is slight ahead Soulja boy's single 'crank that'

I think Kanye Got it going on at Def Jam. He is not loosing his original fan base.
It is obvious he is keeping ears to the streets and he exactly knows what the hip hop heads are looking for. Since Kanye's debut album I was convinced that this man is going to add something revolutionary to the game of rap. I know realize that I was not wrong. He is also working on new material with Lupe Fiasco and Pharrel Williams.

Kanye West is one the best rappers out at the moment. Kanye West is born in Chicago and he also worked alot with fellow Chicago rapper Common. Since the early '90 Kanye was writing and Rhyming. He was paying attention to what was going down in Chicago. When a producer called NO I.D advised him to produce tracks with sampling old soul records and adding a new school flavour to it, he just did that. NO I.D was producing for Common at that time. After Kanye got in touch with NO I.D he saw a chance to form and shape his future music career.



Saturday, September 22, 2007

I know there are lots of talented cats walking around with plans to become a professional rapper. If you are one of those people, I advise you to pay no attention to non-believers and sceptic ones. I started rapping around 1995 and dropped raps till 1999, I had to deal with lots of sceptic people and non-believers.
I am born in Sri Lanka and I live since 1990 in Holland. A great country, where you get enough opportunity to explore you artistic horizon. Since the start of the hip hop culture in the States, it was spread pretty soon across the globe, especially
to western countries. So did the hip hop culture got famous amongst the youth in Holland.

Since the early '90 I am crazy about rap music. First rap tape I possessed was one of the Ice-T's albums. My whole lifestyle got influenced by the hip hop culture, it is still that way. Anyway I started rapping in 1995, Me and few kids from my neighbourhood.
We won the second place at a local talent show. We also did a support act for a famous rap group from Amsterdam called 'Osdorp Posse'. We were so proud of our selves. We could not make any progress to get the attention from national hip hop fans. There were people around us saying you will never make it, because rap music in Holland can not put any food on the table.

First of all if you are a rapper and you have plans to go professional, I would get rid of all the non-believers. You should find people who believe in you and who support you. Give 100% of your best shot. Be active and support the hip hop community, through supporting your local hip hop community. Network with the hip hop heads from other cities. The most important thing is motivation and focus on your goal to become a rapper. If you surround your self with people with positive energy, common goal and a nice dosage of motivation, I think it can not be hard to get noticed by a talent scout and you will get that record deal.



Thursday, September 20, 2007

Recently Keith Murray was in South Africa to work on his latest album with local artists. Keith Murray was robbed in South Africa. The robbers took Keith Murry's laptop with 12 years of work. This is of great worth, because Keith Murray is rewarding a R 50000 to get his laptop back.

Keith Murray was robbed at the recording studio in Parkview, the two robbers robbed everyone for their cash and cell phones. The robbers took 4 laptops. This would not stop Keith Murray from making dope hits. Keith Murray is known for his mad journalism as he calls it. He is actually a protege of the one and only Erick Sermon of the legendary hip hop group EPMD.

Keith Murray released his first album in 1995 it was called 'most beautifullest thing in the world after that he came with a album in 1999. It was called 'Beautiful thing'. He signed on Def Jam and dropped He's Keith Murray. Four years later he was releasing a new album on Koch called Rap-Murr-Phobia.



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Who do not know about Run Dmc, got to get to know about Run Dmc. This group is one of the pioneers who influenced lots of rappers and DJ's. The group is formed by Joseph 'Run' Simmons, Darryl 'D.M.C' McDaniels.Last but not least is the DJ Jam Master Jay. They showed cats to 'walk this way'
Which was the title of the hit song with Aerosmith, which was in the charts all over the globe. These pioneers took hip hop from a sub-culture to a mainstream level. They were way ahead of their time with the lyrics and the beats.

All the members of Run Dmc grew up in Queens, New York. Run Dmc was the first hip hop act to get video spins on MTV. The first rap album to go gold was Run Dmc's self titled album. Run Dmc had mega success. The group signed a record deal Profile Records in 1983. Run Dmc dropped albums such as 'Raising Hell', 'Tougher Than Leather', 'Back from Hell'. In 1993 they released 'Down with the king'.
I think there no one yet to beat up tempo rapping of Run Dmc yet. R.I.P Jam Master Jay.



Monday, September 17, 2007

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The most unusual battle in the hip hop history is continuing. Recently 50 cent announced that if Kanye sells more of his new album called 'Graduation' that 50 Cent will retire from his solo career. In the pre-order sale at Itunes Kanye was leaving the Queens rapper behind him. As these two titans compete with each other, the hip hop world is wondering who will win the contest.

Despite of the fact that Kanye has sold more than 170.000 units in the first week, 50 Cent still believes he can beat Kanye West in the upcoming period. 50 Cent says it is too early to deside who has won. Kanye West sold 781.000 units on tuesday, while 50 Cent only sold 603.000 copies of his new album.



Saturday, September 15, 2007

Recently Eminem called up Hot 97, the famous hip hop radio channel from New York and said that Eminem is working on a new album. After 3 years Eminem is back in the studio.

The Last Eminem album was Encore, which was selling good and came on the No.1 spot at Billboard 200. Eminem said he didn't want to go back into the studio, during the last three years, because of some personal issues. Now he is getting out those personal things and Eminem is in the studio working hard on a new Album.

This carismatic rapper from Detroit have been dropping nothing but jewels for the hip hop heads. Eminem is unique with his funny metaphores and tight flow.
I am really curious how the next Eminem album is going to sound. Since his debute album he showed the world what he is made of. He was in the media, because his mother sued him. Dr.Dre knows what dope is, that is why he has been working with him.
The new Eminem album will be released on Shady Records, which is under Interscope. There is no official release date yet.



Friday, September 14, 2007

In a recent interview 50 Cent says that Nas' career is over. 50 Cent is saying that the era, which Nas was ruling the hip hop scene with Tupac, Biggie and Jay-Z is over. 50 Cent says that the hip hop fans do not want to hear the intellectual information any more. 50 Cent is saying that hip hop is not dead, artists who are saying that is dead, said 50 cent. Which he refers to Nas his album 'Hip hop is dead'

50 Cent is saying the current rap listeners are looking for some other type of rhymes and beats unlike the Nas/Jay-Z/Tupac/Biggie used to kick. As the new 50 Cent album hits the stores 50 Cent is getting all this stuff off his chest.

In the same interview with LA Times 50 cent says that Nas is a really smart guy. Nas reads book. During the Nastraudamus tour 50 Cent was touring along with Nas.
While everybody was going to breakfast Nas was reading a book, 50 Cent says.



Thursday, September 13, 2007

I do not understand that the world is constantly looking for a scapegoat. There is now the trend that hip hop music gets the blame for everything that happens in this world. I know you can hold rappers responsible for to a certain level for the effect they have on the youth. I am not saying that rappers do not have any influence on the youth. Rap music was blamed for all the controversy in the '90 and people tried to banned it. I even remember the demonstrators were running over Cd's with a bulldozer. This type of actions were really ridiculous and most definitely senseless, because this has no positive outcome.

Now the research shows that rap music is the blame for teen pregnancies, psychologists are saying that after a three-year study they came to the conclusion, that rap music has affected the attitude of boys and girls to sex. The reports are saying that rap music encourage early sexual behaviour by treating women as objects in rap lyrics. Dr. Martino led this study. He is saying that 'sexually degrading lyrics' caused changes in adolescent sexual behaviour. He is saying that rap music is the cause of all this. Please.... there we go again the youth is blaming the rap music of their sexual behavior. And what about those porn movies, which every teenager can buy at the bookstore or where ever. I think hearing some one say I have been sexually active with two females last night has more effect than seeing some one have sexual intercourse with two women. I do not believe that.



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Since Nas dropped Illmatic he became a instant lyrical hero. He continued ripping mics and treating the hip hop heads with ultimate fresh songs. No one can deny that every album Nas drops is a classic. This Q.B.C wiz kid of rap have been dropping
albums called 'It was written' 'I am' 'Nastraudamus' 'Stillmatic' and more.

I know he will last for a long time. Nas is coming with a new album. I have no doubts that this album going to be dope lyrical wise, because Nas is known for his dope lyrics, beats on his last album could not impress me. I can not understand he may work with Will.I.Am, I mean Black Eye Peas are making commercial rap music, which is ment to serve the mainstream. Nas is not particularly serving the mainstream crowd. Nas is spitting the truth about the streets, the hood and about the true life stories about the life he is living.

All the hip hop heads have nothing to worry Nas is saying he has finished half of his new album, he still may work with DJ Premier. I hope this is going to happen. DJ premier is the most respected producer from the hip hop scene. There are only a few
that can compose a beat like this man. I hope Nas is going to work with DJ Premier on his next album.



Monday, September 10, 2007

This is something unusual for the hip hop scene. That 50 cent is claiming that he is going to retire if Kanye West sells more than him. I think this is a real healthy competition for the game of rap. So far as I can remember there are always been beef between artists, so long this is going to be settle on tracks it is alright.

Kanye and 50 Cent settle this on a more challenging level. Kanye and 50 Cent battle each other by who is selling the most records. It really does not matter to me who sells more. I thought that 50 Cent would sell more, because in the past he had more commercial success than Kanye.

It seems like that Kanye has sold more, in the pre-order sales. At Itunes Kanye is leaving 50 Cent behind with all the pre-order sales. Kanye's album Graduation is on the 3rd spot at the Itunes. 50 Cent is not even coming closer to him yet. It seem like 50 Cent have to retire from his solo career.



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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ease back with your weak chit chat,
Anything crazy dope I spit that,
You ain't going to be with that,
Cause you ignorant can not recognize what,
skills is, first of all you can not think
of this, my mind shine more than ice on your wrist,
I am in a possition you wish, I brag and boast
and host this blog, while you brag about the toast
you pop, you are just lost with no props,
you sound like the last album you copped,
I make the heads nod, I stay quite polite
and head to the bread spot. I got enough rhymes,
to drop you got not, you not hot, Bro... please just stop.

Bro...please just stop. it is the Asiatic brownskin kid with much flavour,
you are a played out, amature wishing to be major, my science guide you,
all that guns, crack and money blind you, Let me remind you that you falling behind
dood!!!! I should not diss you, I should supply you the tools, to wise you fools,
I rule .... Got more knowledge than high school....I won't stop learning,
and earning the jewels, I will fertilze the 40 acres you can keep the meul,
my passion for rapping is burning need no fuel, so keep it cool,
I make moves, tear off the roof, I ain't got nothing to proof,
always got something to groove, you are missing the truth,
I do not need to rap to make the loot, give me a loop I get busy in the booth,



Thursday, September 6, 2007

I do not know about what you all think of Will Smith as a rapper, but as an actor he is mad talented. I grew up watching Will Smith starring in 'Fresh Prince' He is the follow up to Richard Priyor and Eddie Murphy. I could see some of the styles of Jokes what Eddie Murphy cracks when Will Smith is acting the clown.

Recently Will Smith was chosen as the most powerful man in Hollywood, I wonder what the createria are to get chosen as the most powerful man of Hollywood.
He had enormous success in block busters such as Independance Day, Bad Boys and I Robot. My Favourite was Independance Day. Great action, the moral of the story is meaningful.

Now Will Smith is starring in a new movie with Charlize Theron. Will Smith is playing a role of a superhero,the weird thing is he is drunk and homeless not very usual for a super hero. The movie is called John Hancock. I rather see Will Smith acting than hear him rapping. Enough props for the man playing a super hero. All you crooks out there watch your back!!!! Will is back ...I mean John Hancock.



Wednesday, September 5, 2007 is launching today after a long time of beta. This is a online talent community. You can vote for the best talent at this online community. There is Artist Access, which will give high ranked artists to work with some well established artists in the industry. I think this will be the spot to be for all the upcoming rappers to get the attention. John Legend is giving advise to one of the top 10 ranked artist.

On the site you can find interviews with Blonde Redhead and Lupe Fiasco. Artists Access is a great opportunities for all the new talent to show the world what they got. I will be visiting this site frequently. If you get valuable advise from the mentor you can break through in the industry.

Monthly there are $ 10000 cash prizes you can win. So get in the booth and record a dope track and shoot a video and let the fans decide, if you are the winner.
You can keep all that money. Go to OURSTAGE sign up and show world your skills.



Tuesday, September 4, 2007

This is a great group in hip hop music, who have a awesome feeling and the touch to produce dope tracks. There are only a few groups in the game of rap which have so much perfected skills to shine. The group was formed in 1998. In Duram NC,USA the heads got together and formed a hip hop collective called Justus League.

Since I heard 'The Listening' I was realizing that these cats are going to influence
the next school of rappers who are going to hold down the underground. I think there are far from average. The production is tight. I spin this record a lot.

Although 9th Wonder left the group. Big Pooh and Phonte continue to drop a new album.
The album is coming out on 25 September 2007. The name of the album is 'Get Back'
I am really curious how this album is going to be. I think you are also waiting to find out how tight this upcoming album of Little Brother is going to be. Please let me know what you think of the album 'get back'



Monday, September 3, 2007

I was browsing the hip hop blogs. The author of a blog was saying that Talib Kweli and Mos Def is coming out with new Blackstar album. I think this is great news for the hip hop heads. You know how dope this duo is on the microphone. These cats take you to a higher plateau. This Brooklyn duo is shining on the mic that is why they are called 'Blackstar'. The last album was really dope, the lyrics were tight and the beats were laced with extra swiftness by DJ Hi-tek.

I think when the next 'blackstar' album comes out, heads going to bumrush the stores.
Mos Def and Talib Kweli influenced me through their rhymes. These two cats were proving that dedication is the tool to achieve your goals. This Brooklyn duo do not brag about the steal they pack or crack they sell.

The Blackstar duo is a social responsible cats, who are moving the movement to keep the hip hop culture alive. I know they are not out for the money, they are out to stimulate the hip hop heads to become more aware about their social and economical situation.



Sunday, September 2, 2007

I got to admit no matter how big Tupac was I never was a big fan of his music. I thought it was a trend, that thug life. There was even some beef going on the town between some kids claimed that west coast hip hop was more gangsta than east coast hip hop.

How ever those kids claimed that west coast hip hop was more gangsta were mainly dressed like the gangstas from the west. I thought they were acting this way, because west coast hip hop was getting major attention in the media.

Now I can understand why rappers like Tupac had massive success. The songs like 'keep ya head' was really contentful and delivering a good message to the hip hop fans. Yesterday I was checking this song'keep ya head up' on the internet.
How the song starts, give the darkskin people the confident by saying 'darker the flesh deeper the roots' this gives us to think about our African roots. I red while ago why the so called Indo-european people also known as the Asiatic brownskin people is called this way. I now realize that all the human beings should realize they are from Africa.


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