Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ourstage.com is launching today after a long time of beta. This is a online talent community. You can vote for the best talent at this online community. There is Artist Access, which will give high ranked artists to work with some well established artists in the industry. I think this will be the spot to be for all the upcoming rappers to get the attention. John Legend is giving advise to one of the top 10 ranked artist.

On the site you can find interviews with Blonde Redhead and Lupe Fiasco. Artists Access is a great opportunities for all the new talent to show the world what they got. I will be visiting this site frequently. If you get valuable advise from the mentor you can break through in the industry.

Monthly there are $ 10000 cash prizes you can win. So get in the booth and record a dope track and shoot a video and let the fans decide, if you are the winner.
You can keep all that money. Go to OURSTAGE sign up and show world your skills.


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