Saturday, September 15, 2007

Recently Eminem called up Hot 97, the famous hip hop radio channel from New York and said that Eminem is working on a new album. After 3 years Eminem is back in the studio.

The Last Eminem album was Encore, which was selling good and came on the No.1 spot at Billboard 200. Eminem said he didn't want to go back into the studio, during the last three years, because of some personal issues. Now he is getting out those personal things and Eminem is in the studio working hard on a new Album.

This carismatic rapper from Detroit have been dropping nothing but jewels for the hip hop heads. Eminem is unique with his funny metaphores and tight flow.
I am really curious how the next Eminem album is going to sound. Since his debute album he showed the world what he is made of. He was in the media, because his mother sued him. Dr.Dre knows what dope is, that is why he has been working with him.
The new Eminem album will be released on Shady Records, which is under Interscope. There is no official release date yet.


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