Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ease back with your weak chit chat,
Anything crazy dope I spit that,
You ain't going to be with that,
Cause you ignorant can not recognize what,
skills is, first of all you can not think
of this, my mind shine more than ice on your wrist,
I am in a possition you wish, I brag and boast
and host this blog, while you brag about the toast
you pop, you are just lost with no props,
you sound like the last album you copped,
I make the heads nod, I stay quite polite
and head to the bread spot. I got enough rhymes,
to drop you got not, you not hot, Bro... please just stop.

Bro...please just stop. it is the Asiatic brownskin kid with much flavour,
you are a played out, amature wishing to be major, my science guide you,
all that guns, crack and money blind you, Let me remind you that you falling behind
dood!!!! I should not diss you, I should supply you the tools, to wise you fools,
I rule .... Got more knowledge than high school....I won't stop learning,
and earning the jewels, I will fertilze the 40 acres you can keep the meul,
my passion for rapping is burning need no fuel, so keep it cool,
I make moves, tear off the roof, I ain't got nothing to proof,
always got something to groove, you are missing the truth,
I do not need to rap to make the loot, give me a loop I get busy in the booth,


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