Sunday, September 30, 2007

After going all the way up to the No.1 spot at the Billboard 200 with Kanye west's third album called 'graduation',Now Kanye west also climb to the first place with his single 'Stronger'. He now takes the first place from Soulja boy.
Kanye is now on the first spot at Billboard hot 100. Kanye is on the move the last couple of weeks. First he beats 50 Cent with record sales. And Kanye Takes the no.1 spot on Billboard hot 100. Kanye West's new single sold 205,000 downloads. Now Kanye is slight ahead Soulja boy's single 'crank that'

I think Kanye Got it going on at Def Jam. He is not loosing his original fan base.
It is obvious he is keeping ears to the streets and he exactly knows what the hip hop heads are looking for. Since Kanye's debut album I was convinced that this man is going to add something revolutionary to the game of rap. I know realize that I was not wrong. He is also working on new material with Lupe Fiasco and Pharrel Williams.

Kanye West is one the best rappers out at the moment. Kanye West is born in Chicago and he also worked alot with fellow Chicago rapper Common. Since the early '90 Kanye was writing and Rhyming. He was paying attention to what was going down in Chicago. When a producer called NO I.D advised him to produce tracks with sampling old soul records and adding a new school flavour to it, he just did that. NO I.D was producing for Common at that time. After Kanye got in touch with NO I.D he saw a chance to form and shape his future music career.


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