Thursday, September 6, 2007

I do not know about what you all think of Will Smith as a rapper, but as an actor he is mad talented. I grew up watching Will Smith starring in 'Fresh Prince' He is the follow up to Richard Priyor and Eddie Murphy. I could see some of the styles of Jokes what Eddie Murphy cracks when Will Smith is acting the clown.

Recently Will Smith was chosen as the most powerful man in Hollywood, I wonder what the createria are to get chosen as the most powerful man of Hollywood.
He had enormous success in block busters such as Independance Day, Bad Boys and I Robot. My Favourite was Independance Day. Great action, the moral of the story is meaningful.

Now Will Smith is starring in a new movie with Charlize Theron. Will Smith is playing a role of a superhero,the weird thing is he is drunk and homeless not very usual for a super hero. The movie is called John Hancock. I rather see Will Smith acting than hear him rapping. Enough props for the man playing a super hero. All you crooks out there watch your back!!!! Will is back ...I mean John Hancock.


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