Friday, September 14, 2007

In a recent interview 50 Cent says that Nas' career is over. 50 Cent is saying that the era, which Nas was ruling the hip hop scene with Tupac, Biggie and Jay-Z is over. 50 Cent says that the hip hop fans do not want to hear the intellectual information any more. 50 Cent is saying that hip hop is not dead, artists who are saying that is dead, said 50 cent. Which he refers to Nas his album 'Hip hop is dead'

50 Cent is saying the current rap listeners are looking for some other type of rhymes and beats unlike the Nas/Jay-Z/Tupac/Biggie used to kick. As the new 50 Cent album hits the stores 50 Cent is getting all this stuff off his chest.

In the same interview with LA Times 50 cent says that Nas is a really smart guy. Nas reads book. During the Nastraudamus tour 50 Cent was touring along with Nas.
While everybody was going to breakfast Nas was reading a book, 50 Cent says.


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