Sunday, September 2, 2007

I got to admit no matter how big Tupac was I never was a big fan of his music. I thought it was a trend, that thug life. There was even some beef going on the town between some kids claimed that west coast hip hop was more gangsta than east coast hip hop.

How ever those kids claimed that west coast hip hop was more gangsta were mainly dressed like the gangstas from the west. I thought they were acting this way, because west coast hip hop was getting major attention in the media.

Now I can understand why rappers like Tupac had massive success. The songs like 'keep ya head' was really contentful and delivering a good message to the hip hop fans. Yesterday I was checking this song'keep ya head up' on the internet.
How the song starts, give the darkskin people the confident by saying 'darker the flesh deeper the roots' this gives us to think about our African roots. I red while ago why the so called Indo-european people also known as the Asiatic brownskin people is called this way. I now realize that all the human beings should realize they are from Africa.


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