Thursday, September 20, 2007

Recently Keith Murray was in South Africa to work on his latest album with local artists. Keith Murray was robbed in South Africa. The robbers took Keith Murry's laptop with 12 years of work. This is of great worth, because Keith Murray is rewarding a R 50000 to get his laptop back.

Keith Murray was robbed at the recording studio in Parkview, the two robbers robbed everyone for their cash and cell phones. The robbers took 4 laptops. This would not stop Keith Murray from making dope hits. Keith Murray is known for his mad journalism as he calls it. He is actually a protege of the one and only Erick Sermon of the legendary hip hop group EPMD.

Keith Murray released his first album in 1995 it was called 'most beautifullest thing in the world after that he came with a album in 1999. It was called 'Beautiful thing'. He signed on Def Jam and dropped He's Keith Murray. Four years later he was releasing a new album on Koch called Rap-Murr-Phobia.


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