Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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I checked the clip of Soulja Boy. I was quite impressed by this song called 'Tell em'. I am not into the new rap music. Especially not the popular rap music. Since I am listening to the radio much often. I hear the commercial rap music. The song of Soulja Boy is nice. I think this song is fresh, because it has a playful vibe.

This song is will get you definitely out of your seriously down mood and lighten up your worries. I have listened to too much of dark rap music. This was a certain era in the hip hop music. I was stuck in, but now I see that there is more popular side of rap music. These are the rap songs with catchy hooks and melodies.

Still this dark era of the hip hop music remain a classical era in the rap music. The new popular rappers can separate their self from the rappers that makes less popular rap music, but they are still creative. I think I got to pay more attention to the radio.



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There are few places I want to go. I have this wish to go to New York. I think this is something hip hop music fans must do. This is because it is the birth place of hip hop music. This city is enormous with 8 million people. What I like about this is a multi cultural environment.

I have to visit the official birthplace of hip hop music in the Bronx. Thanks to kids from the Bronx. Hip hop music has become one of the greatest music genres on this globe. New york has a certain vibe to offer. This is mainly the big city lights, the restaurants and the malls. I am quite fascinated by the lifestyle of New Yorkers. The Wallstreet is one the most famous spots of New York. There are lots of talent coming from New York. I think this city plays a big part in the American culture and of course the Economy. The Broadway is one of the famous spots of New York. The reality is that the gap between the rich and the poor is big. The less pleasant side of the New York city is the violence, drugs and crime.

I wish to go to New York in the near future. I am hoping to buy some fly gear, records and sneakers. This is what I want to buy in New York. I want to check out how New York is and maybe move to New York.



Monday, March 17, 2008

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I am cruising around in my car and having fun. I am listening to pop music on the radio. I am surprised how pop music can give me a feel good vibe. I always resisted any form of commercial music. That is because I thought that pop music is only give people a good feeling and it has nothing to do with the actual reality.

I got to admit only rap music discuss the real ups and downs of hip hop music. The pop music is about love. I think I have been listening to rap music so long that I couldn't hear what pop music got to offer. Although pop music is about the same subjects the melodies can give me a pleasant mood. Especially when I drive around in my car through the beautiful country side. I think this is a great feeling.

I am enjoying music and the nature. This brings me in a wonderful mood. I love the nature. The beauty of the trees and the bushes. The asphalt with white stripes are a great enjoyable view. I would like to ride around the country side of USA. I prefer Autumn. This is because of the colors of the leaves.



Saturday, March 15, 2008

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I think one of the best things about hip hop music is that the rappers can say anything on records. I think this freedom got to be used with responsibility. Because the rappers have the freedom that doesn't mean you can be reckless. I think using this freedom of speech with responsibility can do the hip hop community some good.

This way rappers can easily influence anyone with the message they have to deliver. Let's say if a rapper says we all going to wear clothes made of hemp and this will be more environment friendly. This will contribute to a greener environment. If a famous rapper would promote this in a song. Within in a few weeks the factories can produce clothing made of hemp. If a famous rappers like Nas or Jay-Z would say lets stop the Japanese from killing the whales. Then this would have influence on the activists.

I think only rap music there is the space to express your true feelings and free to speak about issues what is on your mind.



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Lupe had the best year of his life with his critically acclaimed album. It all went downhill when his father passed away, his friend and business associate was locked up for selling drugs. Then his aunty got murdered in a robbery. 2006 was a turbulent year for Lupe Fiasco. His second album shows all the pain and the glory what he has achieved.

On this album Lupe dedicate a song called 'Go Go Gadget' flow to his home town Chicago. He comes with newer flows on this violin laden tracks which is rapid-fire.
This will remind you where he is from. This flow is such as Twista and Psyco drama. The song 'Hip Hop saved my life' tell a story about peddling crack and proverty over a b-boy flow.

Snoop Dogg appear on this album. The song is called 'Hi Defenition'. On the song 'Paris, Tokoyo'. He explaines that being on tour hold him back from seeing his fam. The song called 'Superstar' shows the other side of the hip hop business. The fame and fortune brings tears and fame. The album is filled with dope tracks. I really enjoy listening to it.



Friday, March 14, 2008

I love going on vacation. I love sun, sea and the beaches. The tropics are my favourite destinations. I have been to India, France, Belgium, Germany and few other countries. I would like to go to USA in the near future. I would like to go to New York. This is a city with much attractions.

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About to bomb on melodic tracks and raise hell with decibels,
I come smooth on a track, but I am wilder than a savage,
glean like claws on Wolverine, out to get the cream I don't have,
the everlasting math I handle this, come like a ancient spirit when the candles lit,
you ain't got no flavour not a little bit,
my lines quite creative speaking the native,
talk and walk it,

The dope hits to drop, I got the thousands of rhymes on my mind,
I spit it quite tight on time, I come with a dope rhyme,
you can not be stopping mine, I combine soul and mind,
dope rhymes that displays the colorful graphics,
I blast hits, the massive tracks, certainly classic,
freestyle rhymes flows tight, I come with tight tactics,

your jealous eyes can not do me non,
you clones do not know me, you all ain't got nothing on me,
keep distance and witness the real *ish,
you can not enter my terrain, you lames claim my thrown,
I hold a steady aim, you know, you get blown.



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If we talk about all the hip hop pioneers we can not afford to forget the lyrical ability of Guru. He an innovator and a legend in the game of rap music. He came with a style soul, jazz and hip hop blended all together that took hip hop music beyond the bounderies. He collaborated with the icons in the hip hop music business.

Guru and the producer Solar is coming with a new project they are putting out a mixtape called Time bomb/back to the future on 7 Grand Records. This is underground hip hop with a modern twist. This mixtape still contains the formula of Hip hop and Jazz. This mixtape is more hip hop than bebop. This album contains features of some of the hip hop's finest such as DJ Doo Wop and DJ Tony Touch, Aceyalon, Mr.Lif, Lord Tariq(Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz).

The beats and rhymes are in perfect balance the jazzy beats reflects the true essence of hip hop music. The originality and quality of this album is necessary to maintain the hip hop culture and preserve it like a culture. There are dope tracks such as 'Who Got It on lock'. Solar's production is dope. It has lots of influence from hip hop classics such as 'Electric relaxtion' and 'Eric B & Rakim'.



Thursday, March 13, 2008

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I really hate r&b music. I never bought one album of those crap. The early r&b was original and the r&b music from the nineties is straight up garbage. I think this type of music is only sung by sell outs who are out for a quick buck. They think they got soul by repeating the same thing all over and over again like a parrot.

And where is the originality and the creativity in these songs. They are singing about love and it has nothing to offer for the audience and absolutely no value. I think this is truly crack heads that makes this kind of music. The buyers are even more ignorant to buy these tasteless music. The technology has made it easy for these crooks to make a simple beat and sing the gay-ass song to eat.

I even hate when my mother is singing in the kitchen. I think if you want to hear some singing you should check out rock music from the eighties. Songs of foreigner are classics. The listeners are fooled by those artists and the media is helping out those sell outs to make a hit. It is only the looks of those artists that sell just a fake image that is created by the record company.



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It was not that obvious the connection between hip hop music and politics. It never happened that Jesse Jackson would appear on a track of Ice-T or Hillary Clinton on a Eminem track. But Q-tip has kicked it really far. He takes the hip hop music to political level. That is going to do a track with Barack Obama. He is the presidential candidate for 2008.

I wonder how this song is going to sound like. Is Obama going to get votes with this song. I red that 70% of Americans hate rap music. I can tell you he is only going to reach a small crowd with this type of moves. It might be something else than what other rappers do. I think getting affiliate with politicians are really minor point for the hip hop culture.

Rap music is the opposite of the established order. Making music with politicians is like blending water with wine. Q-tip might get national attention from the democrats, but I can not imagine that it would impress any rap listeners. However Q-tip does something what others have never done. And Obama also is unique with this move too. I am curious how the new Q-tip album is going to sound like.



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I am still waiting on the tv show called Kung Fu. I ordered this while ago. It got to come from US. I was looking for the collection of Kung Fu. I could not find it around here where I live. This show brings me some great child hood memories. I was also watching Star Trek as a little kid. However when I got older I never watched it no more.

It kind of started to bore me. I am back at a point in my life that I am interested in the galactic stuff. Yesterday I bought the Star Wars Trilogy. This show is great. I can not imagine that people who created this tv show was way head of their time. The quality is topnotch. The scenes are breath taking. Some of the scenes I would rather pause and stare at it.

That is the same with the Jackie Chan movie called 'Killer Meteor'. The fight scenes are shot in open fields. Some of them are shot in front of bushy mountain. The quality of the movie is great the colors are very rare. This really make a infinite impression on me.



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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Now that hip hop culture has grown to numerous kinds of sub-genres. There is plenty of choice for anybody who prefer to listen to rap music. The last couple of years the southern rap music is gaining terrain with mega speed. This all started when Geto Boys broke through and then the big names like OutKast set trends. Now you have a whole new stream.

Now you have Christian Rap, Gangsta rap, east coast rap, west coast rap and plenty of more streams. I still find the best music is from east coast. This music is so grimy and the lyrical content is much more mature then the other rap music streams.
I think because the prominent east coast city New York has found out this art of rapping and made it to a global music stream. Nobody can afford to not to acknowledge that east coast rappers was the originators.

Although southern rap music gain more commercial success now. East coast rap music continue to maintain the status of originality and creativity.



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I thought in the past that rap music is just music to entertain people. I was right I was only gaining entertainment from rap music. I was listing to rappers like Ice-T, Mobb Deep, Ice Cube and lots of gangsta rap. I thought this was the lifestyle I have to live. I was impressed by the wealth and the appeal the gangsta rappers got.

Later I found out that I found the originality of gangsta rap music is decreasing. I was hearing the same thing over and over again. I thought I got to find more depth from rap music than the bragging about money, drugs and violence. I found the whole other side of the rap music. It was less glitter and glamour but it made sense and it was more closer to the reality than gangsta rap.

Anyway I think rap music is the only music where you can speak your mind openly about anything. I think this has to be this way. The gangsta rappers are really open about things and tell each other what is on their mind. The other types of rappers are not on that level. Some might consider them realer but I think the alternative rappers are less versatile. I hope that rap music stays a source to express our self openly.



I can say that we are living in a time people are overfed and they are so busy with daily routine to make money and they do not have time to eat properly. People rather go to a fast food restaurant then cooking a healthy meal. If the people are not able to cook the food that is healthy. Then the alternative is to take pharmaceuticals that enhance your health.

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I have finally moved out to my own place. I am happy to have my own place. This demands some self discipline and it offers me Independence. I am renting a room 2 km from where my parents live. I have the chance to eat at my parents. I am kind of glad that I do not have to cook. I am kind of crazy about the food my mother cooks. I can not cook like that yet. I have all the recipes written. My main intentions with these recipes were to publish it as an e-book. I am not ready to publish it yet.

I am enjoying my self at my own spot watching my favourite movies. I have checked out a classic movie yesterday. The movie is called Planet of the Apes. Today I have bought the classic Starwars trilogy. This is a must have. I saw that the Godfather trilogy was for sale for 25 Euro's. These movies are my favourite mob movies of all time.

I have no Internet yet at my own spot. So I am coming to my parents house to surf the net. I can not be without Internet. I have to write post to maintain this blog. I am actually for a short while in this room. I am looking for a house to rent. This can take some time.



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A While ago I wanted to learn html so much that I started to look for information to get a html course. I was looking on the Internet for online courses html. I am kind of getting a hang of this blogging. I want to explore more about web design and start my own business so that I can support my self and make a living online.

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If you prefer a image of a car, celeb or a Spiderman image on your blog then you can add this. If I have to choose I would choose for a car to be displayed on my homepage. I browsed the images of cars and found a image of a Bugatti. This is a real nice looking image for a homepage. Find a nice Wallpaper for your homepage and customize it.



I am still impressed by the beats of Cam'ron's album SDE. I think these are the smoothest beats that I ever heard that represent the Harlem street vibe. The beats are real well produced and the quality is topnotch. I think unlike other albums on Cam'ron. This album shows more quality sound than the first album and the other albums of Cam'ron.

Cam'ron is now known as one of the grimiest rappers of today. I think his Pepsi blue Lamborghini is nice. And that there were carjackers after him to rip the car from is no wonder. I think the diplomats has a lot to offer to the rap game of today. They have a unique style and they deserve props. My most favourite Cam'ron album is S.D.E. That is because of the beats mostly. The piano loops are really dope. Enough props to Damon Dash, Biggs and Jay-Z producing this album. I think this album can be labeled as a classic.

I think Cam'ron is not getting a lot of mainstream attention else where than USA. In USA he is relatively known. I know there are less lyrically unable rappers out there looking for props they will never get. They can see the commercial success that is it.



Monday, March 10, 2008

The best way to unwind is taking a break and going on vacation. Unlike sitting in your back yard and sipping tea. Going on vacation can take a load of your back. I like going to the tropics the most. I am a sun worshipper. This is a great way to keep my eyes healthy and most of it is fun sitting on the beach and drinking cold glass of brew.

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If we mention Nas we can not forget to mention Bravehearts. These rappers are the Queensbridge finest. They represent the grimy street vibe of Queensbridge. New York City. Bravehearts are signed to Colombia Records. They are a part of Nas Ill Will records. Bravehearts consists of Jungle, Horse, Nashawn and Wiz.

There are Nas rhymes featured on the new album of Bravehearts. The whole album is filled with gritty New York raps. There are productions of producers from their hood. The beats has a edge unlike the beats from Nas last album. The beats are some how alternative such as Madlib's beats.

The last album of Bravehearts was some kind of grimy. The lyrics were dope. I think they deserve more commercial success, because songs such as 'Oochie Wally' had a great hit potential and the clubs were crazy about it. Everybody goes wild when they hear that song of Bravehearts. Below you can find the song titles of the new Bravehearts 2 album.

1. Intro
2. A Ha
3. Slide Wit Me
4. I Need 2 Know
5. Good Money
6. Live or Die
7. Pocket or Two
8. Gun on Me
9. Murder Them
10. I Want In
11. Little Bitches
12. It’s Getting Hot
13. What Goes Around
14. Is You Aight
15. Mean Tongue



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Kanye West, Chris Rock, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott and some more artist are the first acts that is going to perform on the Essence Music Festival. This is the largest African American music festival. This event is dedicated to celebrate the black culture. The organisation is happy to announce that mega famous artist such as Kanye West is coming through to perform.

Kanye gained mega attention as a producer. He is one of the nicest acts of now. His last record has sold more records than 50 Cent last album. His first three albums have received numerous albums. He has got nine Grammy awards that means something.
His commercial success is huge. He is the owner of his record label Good Music.

I think the best word to describe Kanye's music is dope. The mascot is pretty unique. The teddy bear is his trade mark. His album covers are different from all the other rap artist. I think a big record label as Roc-a-fella behind him he know to brand him self as mega star.



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Prodigy and Havoc are one of the most influential rappers from Queensbridge,N.Y.C.
They are known for their classic hip hop album Infamous. They are now signed to G-Unit. They rap about the streets. Although they are signed to G-Unit they have not seen any commercial success.

The rap duo of Mobb Deep started with rapping in 1980. They met each other in high school. They called them self 'Poetical Prophets'. Later on they changed their name to 'Mobb Deep'. They were 17 years when they started to drop their first album. 'Juvenile Hell'. Prodigy were rapping and Havoc produced the tracks.

For the eaat coast rap this was a landmark. They branded their self as the streets cats that rap about the vibe and the issues in their neighbourhood Queensbridge, N.Y.C. On the third album of Mobb Deep there is track with Nas. This joint is dope. The song 'Godfather Part III' is one of the dopest tracks of that album.



Saturday, March 8, 2008

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Recently I am kind of into looking movies every night. For about a year I was so busy with other things that I had no time to watch tv. I kind of missed it. Since few weeks I am back to the routine of watching a movie every night. I love kung fu movies. I have a movie collections of Jackie Chan. This collection exsits out of 12 movies.

I have ordered the movie Eragon. I am also into fantasy movies. I have ordered the movie Eragon. I red that this movie is shot in beautiful landscape. I found some great sites online where I can buy dvd's. I found this site called www.dvdplanet.com.
This site offers a wide range of movies. I was looking for Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.

I found this on the site of dvdplanet.com. I was very happy to buy this dvd. I have a whole list of dvd's what I want to have. It is great that to buy dvd's online. I think buying is much cheaper than buying in a store.



On April 6 the Corporate Manslaughter Act will be launched and this a is action against all the companies who are not properly taking care of the safety of their personnel. If there are any cases of death for example in the factories. Caused by the negligence of safety. The company will be prosecuted. This site called corporate-manslaughter-act.co.uk provides great source of information about the act of corporate manslaughter. Find safety awareness & training and more.



It is nothing new. We are constantly looking for someone to blame on. This shows simply a sign of our weakness. That is because we are afraid to take responsibility for our own action. The history is repeating. I think this scapegoating is not going to stop because it is still going on.

The majority of Americans are blaming the rap music for all the problems in the society. I think these problems are only highlighted through the songs. Before rap music existed the problems were there, but the listeners only heard the party vibe and the romantic content in the hip hop songs. Since rappers started to write about the drug problems and the violence that goes on in their neighbourhood. The majority started to think that rap music is causing these problems. I think the violence in America is nothing new. We can see in the cowboy movies how the triggers blow. I think the history is repeating and the urban America is the wild, wild, west.

Rap music is only a reflection of the harsh realities of urban America. If any one do not want to hear the truth. They can listen to anything else they want. Stop blaming the rap music. Blame the politicians who are behind the drug smuggling and all the other criminal activities.



Friday, March 7, 2008

Since I have relatives abroad. I feel like that I have to stay in touch with them. It is great to hear from your family time to time. This way you can get to know what is going on with the family abroad. Talking to my grandmother, uncles and aunties can make my day. Because blood is thicker than water.

To stay in touch with them I have few options. One of those is the Internet and not everyone in my family has Internet connection. I am not much into writing letters, because I do not master the language they speak in the country where my family lives. The best option is to call them. Calling can be expensive if you use the regular phone. I use international phone cards to call my family. This saves me a great deal of money.

If you want to call to Ethiopia you can use Ethiopia calling cards to reach your family.



The soulful vocalist, who dope as this man,
that slam tracks and bring facts to chaps,
who perhaps do not get it, beef I dead it,
bread I get it, I have been way head kid,
I rhyme I shine like the rays of the sun,
got my mind on beats and I rhyme for fun,

the ill grammar slinger, the dope on tracks spitter,
live vibe I will be supplying, whack rappers keep trying,
to achieve, talk is real cheap, I peak will rhymes,
and grind to get higher, rappers have lie to get papes,
for god sakes I am out to make it, spotting these fake kids,
who try to fake it, you change I break it,
I take it and spend it on a roach,
my realistic approach to pursuit my dreams,
got me skeeming,

I keep my rhymes clean, my mind glean,
coming with ideas to serve these fiends,
keeps you alert like coffee, stimulate you like saki,
the tracks I am on, I am on it like a athlete,
the elite verbal therapeutic, far from cute *ish,
flipping remedies like Chinese herbs,
my words I get through your dome, I strike back on clones,
for ever I rule,



Thursday, March 6, 2008

I would like to introduce this site to you. This site is a fine custom jewelry manufacturer. This is the place to go for all the equality neck less, earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants.
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Sean Combs we know him as 'Diddy' now. Is one of the big names in the hip hop game. In 1998 he started his clothing line called Sean John. This was dream coming true for Diddy. The market was screaming for sophisticated and quality fashion with the hip hop touch. This reflect the urban street style for the today's youth.

Since launching Sean John Diddy has enjoyed many commercial success and became a international recognized mogul in the game of fashion. Thanks to retailers and the fashion world Diddy has gone from a urban label to an international brand name. Sean John has become a nominee for a the prestigious award for the ceremony for the council of fashion designers. The topnotch group of designers like Marc Jacobs and Helmut Lang is part of the designers crew of Sean John.

The collection is divided into Sean John, Bad Boy sports wear. The products are produced 4 times a year. The fragrance became the best selling fragrance quickly.
I am really curious how this smell. So I am going to buy this fragrance. I can tell you that Sean John is world wide. I was in Asia two years ago. You can get sweaters and jeans.



I am crazy about cars. My first car was a Mitsubishi. There after I bought a Honda civic. This car was quite alright. It was a comfortable car. But I dream about riding a Lexus. I think this is a car with much elegance. I hope to buy it someday. I can not say that I am going to buy one in the near future.

At this moment I have a Mitsubishi, this car is quite old. This car is manufactured in 1989. It is in good condition. Since there are so many beautiful cars and some are affordable the others are crazy expensive. That means I can only dream about it. I hope to have another car, I think it is going to be a Chrysler.
I like this car brand, because it is American. I can not afford to buy this Chrysler, so I will have to find a site to get where they offer car loans

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I can not chill, I got bills to pay, the kid with ill skills,
flow more liquid than a cup of gin, my pen inks, I am sunk in thought,
I am going to the next level, the rebel with live major flavour,
with more visions and insights,
out to flow with the raw styles, pal,
the techniques unknown, the poems are flowing,
mind blowing, I am going on and on with this rap song,
refuse to talk crap, I am straped with dope raps,

check the style of the golden child,
out to rule or reign and maintain,
on the microphone I never come lame,
I got a steady aim like a sniper,
I am scoping weak rappers from a distance,
I wouldn't break down no names, I flip to,
the next chapter in a instance, witness this man,

I got my eye on props, I drop the dope vocals,
bragging and boasting, mad soulful, going global,
writing lines, do not be biting mines,
can be dangerous, I am just flaming cus,
Don't get me started about these cheesy rappers,
and their cheese, please!!!!, I am trying to breathe,
the fresh air and enjoying the sight, please don't bite.



Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It is important to feel comfortable about your self. To feel comfortable about your self you need to feel mentally and physically well. When it comes to feeling comfortable with your body face plays a important part. If you want to know how to minimize the skin aging you can now check this site out. It is called Chevychaseface.com.

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There are plenty of people dreaming about launching their own record label. Some seems to make their dreams reality. The others keep on dreaming and they are not able to take action. However the major labels are ruling the hip hop industry. You can take the alternative route to achieve a music career you ever wanted. Below you can find 10 steps how you start your own indie label.

STEP 1. Check the local authority to see if they can supply you information about launching a record label. if you need certain licence to start your own indie record label. These government authority know alot about these issues, because they deal often with people who knows too little.

STEP 2. I think if you want to do something properly there are requirements like basic knowledge of the subject. So it is the same for the hip hop music business. More interest you have getting into the hip hop music business and launching your own indie label. More sooner you will reach your goals. So studying about the hip hop music business will get you a whole lot further than walking a path without direction.

STEP 3 Find talent for your label. This means you got to network and find the rappers and producers who are willing to work with you. You got to let the people know that signing on your label means that it is in your own interest. Finding talents can be tough, because these artist got to deliver a good music to get your label the profits. You got to ask your self if they are worth your investment. If they already have build a name in the local scene, then you have a chance to succeed with these people.

STEP 4 Internet is one of the best revolutionary tools of this modern day society. It has more power than other media tools. It is wise to use this in your own advantage. So getting a website for your hip hop indie label is one of the crucial steps towards successful future for your label. You can sell your merchandise online. A website is a perfect way to get your name across the web.

STEP 5 You got to make sure you are delivering a good product. Without a quality songs your label will fall into a bottomless pit. It is easy for you to produce any artist you desire. Eventually it is about making money with providing value to the fans. You have to use your talent must be utilized to the fullest.

STEP 6 If you are on the right track and you are getting big record sales, then you can consider to get a bar code to mark your products. This will keep a track of all the sales. Your album might start selling big and it could hit the charts because it can be tracked.

STEP 7 Create a tight business plan. This is very important if you are looking for funding. It is good to run through the ideas and the goals you want to reach. This gives you a clear idea about how you are standing financially. What kind of investments you have do to get realize your dream. Business plan also give you a clear idea about all the factors of running a indie hip hop label on a daily label.

STEP 8 Keeping an exact record of your expanses and income out of record sales can help you to have insight in the tax payments. You can set up a checking account for all your business transactions. This can be helpful for you. You will be kept up-to-date about your business transactions.

STEP 9 Get some clear contracts. This way all the legal issues will be put down on paper. I will save you the hassle of researching the whole net looking for contracts. Click hereto get a contract for your artists on your indie hip hop label.

STEP 10 Get shiny business cards printed with your hip hop labels name and also the contact info. Including your web adress will make people come to your site and order your album or merchandise from your website. Make sure you have business cards with you to hand it to potential talent and business people.



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I just wanna rhyme and my mind is on fine beats,
I grind and drop these phrases for my peeps,
The ill method of the way I speak, the bro with the sickest flow,
smoother than the slickest though, more glow than the rays of the sun,
I come with a hype flow, the type you never heard before,
more rawer than shushi, do not be confused,
the real deal in rap, I ensure to amuse,
you all, the unique soul, out to ball,
set realistic goals to achieve,
although the hunger makes me strive,

I rhyme and bust lines doper than dust,
it is a must, I got to rock the microphone,
doing this for longer than a decade,
I lust platic plates to rotate, my soul richer,
than the soil of Kuwait, the props I am after,
The laughter is loud, when I see these phonies fake *ish,
I am blasting my clouts for God's sake kid,
the last man standing, brand me as an original MC,
the live wire, hotter than hell fire, guarantee to take you higher,
higer than a kite, higher than a aeroplane or higher than a sattelite,
melt mics with vocals, remain the ill,



Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I think worrying about finances can be very a uncomfortable. I have been in such situations. There are situations which you can prevent this from happening. All you got to do is it take action. In situations such as spilling coffee over your laptop by accident can cost you money. Unless you got an insurance. If you do not have an insurance than you got to pay a new laptop out of your own wallet.

Getting an Insurance can save you lots of hassle. When your DVD player gets stolen from your house. And you do not have an insurance this can cost you money. I can advise anybody who owns a valuable item to get an Insurance. It is wise to ensure your bicycle. It might not cost you more than 100 USD. If you use it often it can be very valuable to you. I am going to move out to my own place. This means I have to buy new stuff for my house. I do not want to pay it my self if someone might sneak into my house and take my Star Wars collection or my LP's. Getting an insurance can save me all these trouble. No matter what you own it is good to get an insurance. It can be a Motorcycle Insurance, car insurance or another insurance.



Just let me flow like Fat Joe, forget where you are from,
It is all about where you at bro, although foe's out rat so,
I do not care, used to be not aware what was going on,
for me it was nutting but a poem, a dope song I write,
cats bite, I spit tight in a hype,
got my self in full gear, make you can follow my words,
ain't complex texts I am flexing, make sure I bust grimy,
rhyme raw ish on wax, max and chill,
the real deal in rhyming, you wanna do the same,
with a lame crew, I got a precise aim dude,
the beats get me in the mood, wrecking the booth,

they can not see me, I still shine,
I see gold turning into green, is it really
my words turning gold? the true soul,
you phonies can not compete, with a kid,
who flow a sick slick flow, out to get the dough,
That the next man got, I am out get props,
I know they wanna stop my money,
ain't nutting funny about it, for all the ones that doubt me,
same ones wanna crowd me, they wanna know, who got the newest flow,
got these jealous cats frowning me, I just get my flow on,
they want me to go first, I got the crowd thirsting,



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There are lots of rappers and producers find their self stuck in situation that they are not able to get a records deal or a record company to promote them. If you are one of those artists do not worry. There is a possibility to record your own album without much of trouble. You can do it your self. It is not that difficult to get your music recorded, because there are lots of great production tools you can buy. If you are willing to invest some time and money.

Maybe you have not recorded a hip hop album before, with the following steps you can record your own hip hop album without any problem. One of the most important things is that your music sounds dope on the microphone. First you got to make sure that your recording equipment is working properly, this will save you time editing your music later on.

When you start recording your music, you must make sure that you save your music to a back up tape. This will prevent your music getting lost. Every take should be recorded to a back up take. You should not overdo the engineering. To keep the actual beauty of the beats and the lyrics. You should not add to much of external effects on it. Once you have recorded your music. You are ready to duplicate your music. This can be done by a duplication service. To make the nicest profits with your music. You got to distribute your music to the people who are willing to buy your music. click here to go to an affordable cd duplication service.

Because you are not recording in a known studio, then you can face some issues with distribution and promotion. To solve this problem you should find out about the stores who keeps indie labels. To get your record into a record store you can pay a small fee to the distribution company. If you like you can sell your music online. The promotional aspect has become much easier through the Internet revolution. You can easily upload your music to appropriate websites.

Following these steps you can get your music to your listeners. Now you can put the major companies collapse off the map. So forget about record companies, became your own boss.



Monday, March 3, 2008

Identity theft is a serious issue. We have the rights to protect our identity from those want to abuse it. This site called lifelock helps you to protect your identity. For a small fee of $10 a month you can use this service.

You can decide to do this your self or you can use help of the experts that do it for you. If you think why pay an accountant if you can do it for free your self. If you think like this you would not have a life. That means you have to do everything your self. You have to grow your own banana tree to eat bananas. Because this is free. Or you can let lifelock take care this for you.

There is a company called Experian is suing the Lifelock, because Lifelock is the leaders in the market that will stop the credit agencies to charge their fees for their own mistakes. Lifelock is out to stop those mistakes from happening and taking over the profits of Experian. Once you become a victim of a credit fraud you will realize that you are not getting your time and money for free to fix these problems. Lifelock offers an amount of $ 1,000,000 service guarantee if something wrong might happen with your credit. Click here to go the site.



The Asiatic child is phrasing the amazing rhymes,
for the whole nation and the globe,
putting the poetry into motion and flow,
yo!! I drop the raw raps, I never slow that,
down, got the math and I got more science than a chemist,
got the recipe, peace to the people blessing me,
I represent the essence see,
cook up the flavours, guarantee to be live major,
plans are advance to get props and more,
I from the core of the rap game, the source, I am deep rooted,
make the dance floor hot, move to the groove kid,
smooth hits for you,

Here the real deal in rap, while you only appealing that,
I am ill with thoughts and my pen ink quotes doper than narc you snort,
I got my words to make a living, the villain,
giving real feeling or should I say a rush,
It is a must, I bust the real ish,
make the heads spin like a wheel, kid,
wreck the mic with techniques,
flex the texts on wax, every rhyme is unique,
I am on some Illmatic stuff like Nas,
out to get props, cause I flow nice,
my eyes on the crowd, spitting the clout.



I have been renting rooms when I was studying. I never felt pleasant for the fact that I was actually robbing my own wallet. What I mean is renting in general is not good for your financial situation. However renting is the only option if you are not meeting the requirements to get a mortgage. The advantage of buying a house is that it is going to be your property after paying off the mortgage. This is not the case when you rent a house.

I red this article about that the recent mortgage approvals has risen in January. This was revealed by the latest figures of the Bank of Scotland. The amount of approvals increase from 72,000 to 74,000 in January. An economist at Capital Economics says that the housing market has established. It is visible through the amount of household borrowing figures. The predictions of the experts say that the number will fall to 70,000. Since 1999 the numbers were the lowest. The acceptation was that the housing market will get weaker this year. The financial market of the country will be affected.

If you are thinking about buying a house then you can get a Mortgage Quote at Earth.co.uk. For all the resources about mortgages, bad credit offers, commercial mortgages and more. Go to Earth.co.uk.



If you want to leave the mediocre level of your hip hop career into to more exciting and lucrative music business. Here below I can give you eight reasons why you are not on a level to be a successful in your hip hop career.


You got to ask you self, what success means to you? You must be prepared to deal with all the issues what it takes and what you can get from a hip hop career. If you belief that working hard is going to get where you want then you are on the right track. If you are lazy then this article is not for you. There is nobody, who is going to hand you a career. A rock solid determination and motivation succeed the main characteristics you must own to get you on the path towards a fruitful hip hop career. Once again this article can not do you any good if you are not willing to put skills, patience, energy, money, effort and talent into action.


Are your image, presence, skills, demo and other important factors representing your best work? If this is not the case, you need to focus on improving the next four fields such as business skills, oral presentation skills, writing skills, your musical talent is also one of the important things.

Effective communication skill is also one of the main skills you must own. You must be able to write promotional material. It is essential to explain to why your music is about and run this like a business. You must practise the communication skills. To run your music career as a business you must recognize the chances and use it to in your own advantage. You got to realize that music business is all about using all of your stamina, skills, knowledge and talent and you got to practice it and master this.


It is sad, but there are few artists who really do not understand what it is about. These producers focus on producing music and they are not concentrating on selling their music. If you are concentrating on getting a dope guitar loop on your record than getting you a record in to the fans hands. Then you better wake up and smell the aroma of cup of coffee. I can say it is mad fun getting busy in the studio. Working long hours. Producing the tracks and engineering it. It is more important to get your music distributed and promoted to those who need to hear your music.


To succeed in the hip hop music business you need to have your sales letter, broucher, pictures, biography, releases, sales letters and contracts to promote your music. It is impossible for you to succeed in the hip hop business without these material. The upcoming rappers should put more attention into promoting and marketing to get their music delivered into the listeners hands.


To succeed you got to give up somethings in your life. It is not possible to have a full time job, a family and a social life. You got to realize that all your energy got to be invested in the vision you have which is in this case your musical career. It is a fact that something got to give. It is up to you to decide what it is going to be. This sounds very cold. If you are chasing your dreams, then you got to give up something to have everything you want. There are people dying to achieve their goals.



Saturday, March 1, 2008

It can be terrible to have a bad credit history. There are people finding them selves in certain situations that they are not able to payback the loans. This can give you a bad credit history.

If you are looking for a place on the net to get Bad Credit Loans. Then this site called Completeloansource.com can help you. You can get autoloans, personal loans, payday loans and cash advance. These people at Completeloansource.com is willing to help to get the best credit loan possible. Bad credit loans can help people who face bankruptcy.It is also possible to get a personal loan. It doesn't need any large collateral requirements.

For the Bad Credit Auto Loans go to the site.



I don't know about some of these producers nowadays. They are so easy with creating a beat. They put up a beat together in matter of minutes. Thanks to the advanced technology they are getting the free hand to put garbage beats. I think it is great for the mankind to achieve technological advancement. But the true essence of the hip hop music is dying.

I am talking about producers in general, there would be too much names to name that those zombie type of dead minds exploiting the hip hop culture and today's youth with putting cony beats on the market to make a quick buck. I think the real will be more recognizable with those uncreative blood suckers are around. They easily rush into the hip hop culture and turned it out into a industry. I can hear that those clones never learned to play a instrument in their live. What I can not understand that they abuse the technology and the art of music to fill their pockets. I think they deserved to be stoned on stage. I think Swiss Beats is one of the weakest producers out exploiting the hip hop culture at the moment. The beats are so hollow and the thickness and soul is missing. I can say for sure that those beats he produce are so synthetic. If you take the LOX album 'We are the streets'. If it is wasn't for the vocals it would go wood. I am not saying that vocals should be more on the front and the beats on the back. I think the beats and the rhymes should complement each other. How the hell are these artist expecting to get respected as a true artist in the hip hop culture. Truly respect is something you got to deserve and the technology made it easy for these fake artist to earn a quick buck than respect. They say you can not eat from respect. But those producers deserves to starve.

I can not belief the these producers sell platinum and gold. The flavour of the rap music listner is minimal. The media gives the most attention to the rappers that talk about how many guns they bust and how many kilo's they sell. I am not able to stop this, but I have the freedom to talk about openly. Where is the originality these days?. Don't we deserve the originality and creativity and these artist acting like they are giving these music for free. The listener is paying for it.


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