Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Just let me flow like Fat Joe, forget where you are from,
It is all about where you at bro, although foe's out rat so,
I do not care, used to be not aware what was going on,
for me it was nutting but a poem, a dope song I write,
cats bite, I spit tight in a hype,
got my self in full gear, make you can follow my words,
ain't complex texts I am flexing, make sure I bust grimy,
rhyme raw ish on wax, max and chill,
the real deal in rhyming, you wanna do the same,
with a lame crew, I got a precise aim dude,
the beats get me in the mood, wrecking the booth,

they can not see me, I still shine,
I see gold turning into green, is it really
my words turning gold? the true soul,
you phonies can not compete, with a kid,
who flow a sick slick flow, out to get the dough,
That the next man got, I am out get props,
I know they wanna stop my money,
ain't nutting funny about it, for all the ones that doubt me,
same ones wanna crowd me, they wanna know, who got the newest flow,
got these jealous cats frowning me, I just get my flow on,
they want me to go first, I got the crowd thirsting,


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