Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am still impressed by the beats of Cam'ron's album SDE. I think these are the smoothest beats that I ever heard that represent the Harlem street vibe. The beats are real well produced and the quality is topnotch. I think unlike other albums on Cam'ron. This album shows more quality sound than the first album and the other albums of Cam'ron.

Cam'ron is now known as one of the grimiest rappers of today. I think his Pepsi blue Lamborghini is nice. And that there were carjackers after him to rip the car from is no wonder. I think the diplomats has a lot to offer to the rap game of today. They have a unique style and they deserve props. My most favourite Cam'ron album is S.D.E. That is because of the beats mostly. The piano loops are really dope. Enough props to Damon Dash, Biggs and Jay-Z producing this album. I think this album can be labeled as a classic.

I think Cam'ron is not getting a lot of mainstream attention else where than USA. In USA he is relatively known. I know there are less lyrically unable rappers out there looking for props they will never get. They can see the commercial success that is it.


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