Saturday, March 1, 2008

I don't know about some of these producers nowadays. They are so easy with creating a beat. They put up a beat together in matter of minutes. Thanks to the advanced technology they are getting the free hand to put garbage beats. I think it is great for the mankind to achieve technological advancement. But the true essence of the hip hop music is dying.

I am talking about producers in general, there would be too much names to name that those zombie type of dead minds exploiting the hip hop culture and today's youth with putting cony beats on the market to make a quick buck. I think the real will be more recognizable with those uncreative blood suckers are around. They easily rush into the hip hop culture and turned it out into a industry. I can hear that those clones never learned to play a instrument in their live. What I can not understand that they abuse the technology and the art of music to fill their pockets. I think they deserved to be stoned on stage. I think Swiss Beats is one of the weakest producers out exploiting the hip hop culture at the moment. The beats are so hollow and the thickness and soul is missing. I can say for sure that those beats he produce are so synthetic. If you take the LOX album 'We are the streets'. If it is wasn't for the vocals it would go wood. I am not saying that vocals should be more on the front and the beats on the back. I think the beats and the rhymes should complement each other. How the hell are these artist expecting to get respected as a true artist in the hip hop culture. Truly respect is something you got to deserve and the technology made it easy for these fake artist to earn a quick buck than respect. They say you can not eat from respect. But those producers deserves to starve.

I can not belief the these producers sell platinum and gold. The flavour of the rap music listner is minimal. The media gives the most attention to the rappers that talk about how many guns they bust and how many kilo's they sell. I am not able to stop this, but I have the freedom to talk about openly. Where is the originality these days?. Don't we deserve the originality and creativity and these artist acting like they are giving these music for free. The listener is paying for it.


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